Salary Negotiation Email Examples with Counteroffer

Negotiate Salary with Counteroffer Email Examples

Salary Negotiation Email Examples with Counteroffer – You have a bid for employment, which implies you effectively explored the interesting prospective employee meeting measure. Well done! 

You realize you ought to arrange your compensation presumably, and that implies beginning with a counter offer. However, how would you answer an offer letter or verbal bid for employment to start arranging your compensation? What do you say? Would it be a good idea for you to send a counter offer email or haggle on the telephone?  This guide will tell you the best way to arrange your compensation over email with a bit-by-bit measure. To start with, we’ll examine why you should try arranging your compensation by any means. At that point, you’ll realize whether the ideal approach to arrange your proposition for employment is through email or on the telephone. At that point, you’ll get a nitty-gritty illustration of a counter offer letter alongside a basic interaction to fabricate your case and compose your own counteroffer email. 

Rudiments of Counteroffers – A counteroffer is a proposition made by a task candidate to a business because of an unacceptable bid for employment. Occupation candidates can present a counteroffer to a business in a couple of ways: 

  • Meet with the business for an in-person exchange. 
  • Talk with the business via telephone. 
  • Compose a counter offer letter. 

Perhaps the most well-known technique for making a counteroffer is to compose a counter offer letter—a composed or email reaction by the candidate to the business’ unique proposition for employment. In a counter offer letter, applicants normally express their proceeded with interest in a position however express that they want an adjustment in the conditions of the first offer. 

When to Write a Counter Offer Letter? 

Consider composing a counter offer letter when you are not happy with the remuneration bundle a business first offers. For instance, you might need to make a counteroffer if the compensation offered is meager for your necessities or experience, or you think the advantages bundle needs basic advantages, for example, a sufficient number of paid get-away days. Organizations will regularly engage a counteroffer; however, they may not acknowledge all (or any) of the solicitations in the offer. For instance, private ventures, which will, in general, have restricted financial plans, may dismiss your offer if they can’t surpass a specific compensation range for your job. Furthermore, organizations of any size can renounce counteroffers on the off chance that they are insulted by or loathe your solicitation. Since workers taking all things together states (aside from Montana) are “utilized voluntarily”— that is, both the business and boss reserve the option to fire the work whenever—managers can lawfully pull out a bid for employment whenever.

Would it be a good idea for you to arrange your proposition for employment? Regardless of whether it’s now very acceptable? 

Indeed. Be that as it may, you were presumably searching for somewhat more data, right? On the off chance that you talked with well and tried not to share your current or anticipated compensation, the organization’s offer is intended to persuade you to join their group  Yet. Most bids for employment—even solid ones—have some squirm room if you choose to arrange, so you should counter-proposal to check whether there’s a squirm room and how much squirm room there may be.  Indeed, arranging your beginning compensation is a decent method to get paid what you’re worth. Indeed, arranging will give you the best chance to get other extra advantages like get-away time or marking rewards.  However, the best motivation to arrange is that you could, in a real sense, be leaving cash on the table on the off chance that you don’t test the organization to check whether there’s space to arrange. 

Would it be advisable for you to arrange your compensation through email or a call? 

We suggest arranging pay over email as long as you can, yet you’ll wind up haggling via telephone before the finish of the interaction.  Sending a counter offer email is better for you since you can be more intentional with each word, you can cautiously verbalize your counteroffer and put forth your defense, and because messages can be coursed inside among the leaders who may have to support a more significant pay for you.  At the point when you counter proposal on the telephone, you’re bound to commit errors because of apprehension or a basic absence of knowledge of the exchange interaction. It’s additionally hard to concisely express your case for why you’re an uncommon contender for the position when you’re apprehensive and feeling hurried on a call.  Also, regardless of whether you articulate your case well, at that point, you’re helpless before the enrollment specialist to convey your case to the next leaders. You’re not kidding “The Telephone Game” with your compensation exchange. Miscommunications during a compensation arrangement aren’t close to as amusing.

The most effective method to decide on a counteroffer !

Pay is a significant factor to consider when settling on a counteroffer—explicitly, the amount you need to address your issues in where you reside easily. Be that as it may, it’s judicious to consider the entire remuneration bundle when choosing a counteroffer. Consider other non-pay changes that you can request, for example, movement costs, protection, marking rewards, get-away and days off, and different advantages. Likewise, you can incorporate office-explicit advantages, for example, your office space, hours, or working from home choices.

What to Include in a Counter Offer Letter? 

Make it simpler for the business to address and acknowledge the ideal changes to the first proposal by expressing them in clear terms in a simple-to-follow design: 

  • Header: Put your letter in standard business letter design. Incorporate a header with the business’ data and your contact information. Address the letter to the business. 

  • Presentation: Begin by underscoring your advantage in the organization and a couple of key reasons you are ideal for the work. This will remind the business why they needed to employ you and why you merit the additional cash and advantages. 

  • Body of the letter: In the body, you can demand a gathering with the business and be general about the progressions you need until the gathering. Or, on the other hand, express the particular changes in the actual letter. On the off chance that you go to the last course, incorporate a short passage for all aspects of the pay bundle you need to arrange. In each passage, obviously express the first offer, your counteroffer, and why you accept the counteroffer is proper. For instance, after you express the first compensation and your ideal compensation, clarify that their offer was beneath the public normal compensation for the work. 

  • End: Emphasize your solicitation’s sensible idea and rehash that you are so eager to work at the organization. You may likewise need to offer to meet the business face to face to talk about further or advise the business to reach you. 

  • Title: If you send the counter offer letter as an email, the Subject Line of your message should be your name and the explanation you are writing in the arrangement “Your Name – Job Offer.”

Salary Negotiation Email Examples with Counteroffer

Here are our five samples which you can look at and gather some information:

  1. Title: Shia – Regional manager

Dear Mr.Roose, 

Much obliged to you for your proposal of Regional Manager of Product Development for the Tekashi Company. I’m intrigued with the profundity of information on your advancement group and accept that my experience will amplify the office’s benefit. I might want to meet with you regarding the compensation and advantages you have offered before I settle on an official choice. With the abilities, experience, and contacts in the business that I would bring to Tekashi, a further conversation of my remuneration would be fitting. 

Thank you kindly for your thought. 



Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 555-555-1234 

  1. Dear Ms. Monterey, 

Thank you kindly for offering me the situation of Senior Sales Associate at The Roosewalt Company. The chance looks extremely intriguing, and I am certain that I would discover the position as fulfilling. I’m trusting that we can talk about the chance of adding a 5% commission to my base compensation, as my 15-year history in deals and Rolodex of contacts will empower me to carry extra income to the organization. If it’s not too much trouble, let me know whether we can examine this before I settle on a choice about tolerating your offer. Much obliged to you for your thought. 



  1. Hello Michelle, 

The Rose company appears as though an extraordinary organization and this specific chance is an energizing one for me since I’m an incredible met for [company name]’s requirements at present and it’s an extraordinary possibility for me to keep developing as a receptionist. 

Much thanks to you for broadening an offer. It is to some degree baffling as it is by all accounts a piece beneath what I’ve seen for comparable positions in my statistical surveying. This is an energizing chance, yet I need to be certain this move is a stage forward for me in my profession. Are there enhancements that can be made to this offer so I can think about them? Much obliged for your time! 


[email protected]

  1. Greetings Bethany,

I trust you had an incredible end of the week! 

I’ve been thinking about Tom’s proposal throughout the end of the week, and everything sounds great, even though I might want to examine the base compensation segment. 

I believe I’m an especially decent counterpart for this position, where I would enhance ACEC Corp and Tom’s Practice from Day One. I have a solid specialized foundation and have assembled and overseen groups of specialized individuals. I’m outstandingly acceptable with customers and have shown short seminars on building compatibility with and overseeing customers. I have an MBA and have effectively overseen numerous business arrangements in the Widget Making industry in recent years. I’ve been working with MITC company for more than two years and have insight into many of their organization supervisors and initiative group. I have a solid specialized composing foundation and can both make and represent good insurance production rapidly and productively. 

These characteristics contribute straightforwardly to the center segments of this specific position. That is why I’m energized for the chance to work with Tom and his Practice in this limit at ACEC Corp. 

Tom offered $50,000, and I would be more agreeable on the off chance that we could choose $56,000. Some mirrors the significance and assumptions for the situation for ACEC Corp’s business and my capabilities and experience as they identify with this specific position. Much obliged for your time, and I anticipate chatting with you on Monday morning at 10:30 ET! 

The very best 

Joshua Hong 

[email protected]

  1. Dear Shia, 

I’m Hoshi, from Yale University. I got a proposition for an employment letter from your association to lead your organization’s North Zone workplaces. I’m happy to get the offer and experienced the terms and states of the agreement a little while ago. 

I’m currently posted as Chief Zone Supervisor at NOE Pharmaceutical and am searching for a superior proposition. I comprehend that the work requests successive travel to investigate and control every one of the units, as I am now playing out a comparable profile. The work would not be a troublesome one to deal with my 7 years’ involvement with a similar profile. You have offered me a bundle of 10 Lac with execution-based motivators. My present CTC is 10.25 Lac, and I am getting acceptable advantages at my present place of employment. I certainly anticipate a CTC around 11 Lac with the impetuses. Additionally, I anticipate the taxi for true use; and the movement passage at true cost. During the movement, I desire to get the organization visitor house booked pre-hand instead of anticipating that I should meander around to check for convenience. Generously experience my proposition and close me for your last offer. I will be glad to hold hands with your association with a superior arrangement. Anticipating a positive reaction. Thank you.

  1. Dear Mr. Raven,

Much obliged to you for offering me the Software Developer position. I’m exceptionally eager to begin adding to the Lebroeu company. Before I can acknowledge notwithstanding, I might want to talk about the organization strategy of pay sections. I comprehend that I have more insight and capabilities than different engineers in my group, which is why I was put at the highest point of pay section 4. Nonetheless, it is harder to switch pay sections than climbing in a similar compensation section. Consequently, I might want to demand being put at the lower part of pay section 5. 

Albeit the compensation is a little lower than my present offer, I intend to remain for quite a while, so I might want a superior possibility of getting raises. I’m sure that I can carry a great deal of significant worth to the organization; I trust that we can share understanding. Thank you.


Hema Stanley

Circling back to your counteroffer email 

When you hit Send on your counteroffer email, you’ll inhale a little moan of alleviation because your work is finished. At that point, around 30 minutes after the fact, you’ll feel anxious and figure, “For what reason haven’t they answered at this point?!” It’s ordinary to feel along these lines, and it’s typical for the spotter to require a significant period to hit you up. 

Most selection representatives are speaking with a few up-and-comers at some random time. They’re extremely occupied. So, it very well maybe a couple of hours before they even see your counteroffer, and afterward they’ll probably have to contrast it with the affirmed pay range for the work you’re seeking after, and conceivably converse with Finance or the Hiring Manager about your counter-proposal to perceive the amount they can oblige you. These things all require some serious energy. 

You’re centered around this specific offer, and it’s critical to you since it will, in a real sense, influence the following quite a while of your life from numerous points of view. You are such a lot of that you read a long article on the best way to arrange your compensation over email, painstakingly chose the correct counter-proposal for your circumstance, composed and altered your counter offer email, sent it to companions or family to get input, altered it, lastly sent it back to the enrollment specialist. 

However, on the off chance that you haven’t heard back from them following a few business days (ends of the week don’t tally!), it may assist with sending a short email to connect, move your arrangement to the first spot on their list, and ensure you didn’t miss an email or call eventually. 

To: Montagne

Subject: Re: Shia – My thoughts on tom’s offer 

Hello there Mr. Montagne, 

Simply meeting up to check whether you had any inquiries concerning my last email and to be certain you’re not looking out for a single thing from me. If you have any inquiries or in case you’re looking out for me, just let me know! 

The very best 

Shia Tiara 

[email protected] 

You don’t have to add how they feel about your counteroffer, regardless of whether they can oblige it or anything like that. You don’t need them to realize you’re perspiring the exchange—you’re simply nonchalantly registering to ensure they’re not looking out for you.

Tips for Writing a Counter Offer Letter 

  • State clear reasons sponsored with research. You will be bound to get a positive reaction on the off chance you give clear motivations as to why you think you merit more cash or extra advantages. Convey your ideal remuneration bundle regarding your experience level, market rates for the position, and the typical cost for basic items in the locale. Setting expectations that are well outside of industry standards can make you resemble an unserious candidate. 
  • Impart other propositions for employment. If you have a contending bid for employment, pass it on to the business to boost them to raise the stakes and offer a superior remuneration bundle to hold you back from going with the other work. 
  • Accentuate your sought-after abilities. Having abilities that are elusive in your industry can make you more significant, according to bosses. Make certain to specify these sought-after abilities to fortify your case for getting more cash or advantages. 
  • Figure your needs as solicitations instead of requests. Be firm in imparting what you need, yet don’t utilize a forceful tone. 
  • Utilize considerate, nonpartisan terms. Focus on language that doesn’t warn your passionate state, for example, “I’d be more agreeable with…” instead of “I truly need…” Likewise, don’t affront the organization or the individual taking care of the arrangement. 
  • Alter and confirmation. Altogether alter your letter before sending it. Consider having a relative or companion take a gander at it, as well.

Advantages of Writing a Counter Offer Letter 

  • There are a couple of reasons why a task candidate might need to make a counteroffer through a letter as opposed to meeting or calling a business, including: 
  • It can comfort you: Writing a counter offer letter is ideal for candidates who feel apprehensive about haggling face to face. 
  • It might play to your composing qualities: Strong and viable authors are in the best situation to compose a counteroffer since they can unmistakably explain what they need in strategic terms. 
  • It’s not difficult to archive the trade: Conversing recorded as a hard copy likewise leaves a valuable paper trail. With a trade of letters or messages, any settled upon changes are solidified recorded as a hard copy.

Wrapping it up

When you receive an offer letter, the first thing you’re ought to do is ask for some time to consider it. At that point, assess your bid for employment comparative with your base adequate compensation for deciding whether you can arrange to utilize standard methods or if that you’ve gotten a lowball offer that may profit from an exceptional strategy.

If you don’t hear back following a couple of days, you should follow-up to ensure you’re as yet on the spotter’s radar and that you didn’t miss any messages or calls. I hope you had good insight through this article, have a nice day.

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Salary Negotiation Email Examples with Counteroffer

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