Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons – Riddle, Explanation, Answer, and Variations

Someone's Mother Has Four Sons - Riddle, Explanation, Answer, and Variations

Riddles are always exciting to solve. They are perfect for giving your brain a boost of thoughts. Riddles have been there for centuries, and over time, some are really popular today. One such riddle is this one:

“Someone’s mother has four sons – One, Two, Three. What is the name of the fourth son?”

The correct answer to this riddle is ‘someone.’ The riddle mentions that ‘Someone’s mother’ has four sons. If the three sons’ names are One, Two, Three, the remaining son must be Someone. This riddle checks whether you can think out of the box, move your thoughts beyond logic, and read the statements well.

The Riddle

This small and simple-looking riddle actually checks if your brain can process read things well enough. Human brains have this tendency to go according to logic without reading sentences well. Riddles were previously found in books, newspapers, and magazines and sometimes heard from our elders. These brain games were there since early civilizations started to grow. Nowadays, riddles can be found in the digital world too. There are lots of applications that contain hundreds of such riddles to solve. They are fun to read and solve. Plus, patients with mental disorders use these as therapy. This is because riddle-solving has the same effect on the brain as puzzle solving.

Apart from applications, riddles can also be found on social media. WhatsApp and Facebook are great sources for such riddles. There are new riddles that are made often and are fun to solve. But most of the riddles are famous and have been popular for ages. Riddles are short, poetic or puzzling, and generally have the answers in the questions themselves. Solving a riddle is nothing but extracting the answer from the question.

Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons Riddle

One such popular riddle is this: “Someone’s mother has four sons – One, Two, Three. What is the name of the fourth son?”

You may have heard about this riddle. It has numerous variations, which mostly include name changes. Here, the names of the three sons are One, Two, and Three. In some cases, you may find the riddle with the sons’ names as One, Two, and Three. Sometimes, the same riddle is written as: “Someone’s mother has four daughters, April, May, June. What is the name of the fourth daughter?” In all the cases, the answer is the same. Wondering how you can know the name of a kid in an unknown family? The hint lies in the question itself. Read carefully and try to answer the question. We recommend that you try solving the riddle before scrolling down to check the answer.


If you cannot figure out the answer to the question, don’t worry. Riddles are meant to be difficult, and there is no harm in admitting defeat when it comes to solving riddles!

The answer is Someone.

Still didn’t get it? Scroll down for the explanation.


The riddle says, “Someone’s mother has four sons – One, Two, Three. What is the name of the fourth son?” Here, we need to read the sentence well and understand the twist behind it.

The human brain tries to be logical every time. Hence, when we look at the line, the first answer that comes to our head is West. Why? Because Four is the closest thing that can come to One, Two, and Three. But again, this is a riddle, which means the answer is obviously not simple. Looking carefully, we see that it is written “Someone’s mother.” While ‘someone’ can be a pronoun, it can also be a name. Remember that a riddle is not reality – stop thinking if ‘Someone’ can be a real name or not. Moreover, the word has the starting letter in a block, meaning it can well be a name in this context. Assuming that Someone is a name, if we try to reread the sentence, what will we see? Someone’s mother has four sons. Three names are already given to you. Only one son remains. Now, the mother has four children, and three names are already there. Therefore, she is Someone’s mother. So, obviously, the name of the fourth son is Someone.

Other Variations of This Riddle

This riddle can be changed, primarily just by changing the names of the sons. However, the names should be such that the reader gets confused and is driven to think something else. For example, using day or month names can work. Or, you can use numbers. There can be a wide variety of examples with this riddle. Also, you can make the riddle easier by directly telling them the answer. This can work if you are telling a kid to solve this riddle:

“Crystal’s father has four daughters – Katie, Charlie, and Angie.  What is the name of the fourth daughter?”

The names of the three daughters should sound alike but different from the fourth daughter. This is how a riddle is built. See if the kid can answer this question. The answer is obviously Crystal.

Alternate Version of This Riddle

“Someone’s mother has four sons – One, Two, Three. What is the name of the fourth son.”

Wondering what is different in the riddle? Check again. The question mark in the firsts riddle statement has been turned into a full stop now. This is enough to change the answer. According to this new riddle, the last line is no longer a question. It is a statement. This riddle does not question the reader. It just tells you that What is the name of the fourth son. As an answer, you can say that the names of the four sons are One, Two, Three, and What. Funny.


Riddles are always fun to solve and can help people pass their free time effectively. Solving riddles is very good for your brain, however funny you think the answers are. There are lots of riddles available today, and some are really entertaining. For example, ‘Someone’s mother has four sons’ is popular today and is best spoken rather than written. It tells you whether the listener pays attention, remembers detail, and thinks over a subject before answering. Riddles are meant to be answered wrong so that you can have some minutes of laugh and fun too!

Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons – Riddle, Explanation, Answer, and Variations

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