Latest Housekeeping Experience Certificate Ideas 2021

Housekeeping Experience Certificate IDeas

We are a level 5 essential services digital hospitality business focusing on our guest’s comfort and their experiences, where we take short-term to long-term fully furnished rentals, with Netflix, internet access, and of course, housekeeping services. This document is aimed at United States (US) citizens traveling to South Africa once President Biden’s travel ban is lifted and for #greensidebnbs to ensure our US guests’ well-being, especially in keeping their area as hygienic as possible, especially in the age of COVID19. Therefore, this document verifies the Housekeeping Experience of Knowledge Ncube certification for our housekeeping efforts, which will implement housekeeping measures to ensure our guest areas and services are hygienic. We will discuss Housekeeping Experience Certificate ideas in this article.

Housekeeping Experience Certificate Ideas


Knowledge will change your bedding and do your laundry weekly; we will need you to leave your room between 9 am, 12 am (SAST / South African Standard Time) or 2 am and 5 am (EST / Eastern Standard Time).

Knowledge respects guests, guests’ privacy, and personal belongings while cleaning their private area, or as we call it, the guest ‘bubble.’ She often gets positive comments from our guests for her services, and we have now taken extra precautions due to COVID19.


After two weeks of quarantine in your ‘bubble,’ Knowledge will be able to service the guests’ private area weekly while she wears appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure COVID19 precautions are always adhered to.


If you would like your laundry done, please arrange in advance with us, and it will be added to your invoice; knowledge will collect all laundry (personal laundry and bedding) at 9 am (SAST) or 2 am (EST) to ensure all washing is done early to prepare for drying and ironing. 

For our laundry services, it costs $2 (Two United States Dollars) per 2lbs (two pounds) and ironing services at $2 (Two United States Dollars) for 2lbs (two pounds) – or approximately R30 (South African Rand) for 1kg (one kilogram).


Knowledge will clean your area thoroughly, change your bedding, and conveniently take care of your laundry needs, with the scent of only cleanliness to welcome you to your ‘home away from home’. She will only enter your area once you have confirmed you have left, and Knowledge will be wearing PPE at all times.


Guests have access to a kitchenette, a place to prepare meals, a coffee and tea station, with a microwave, refrigerator, and toaster. Thanks to our partnership with Clenergy, a restaurant on the same road as #greensidebnbs, who specialize in Keto, Banting and general healthy meal plans, they can deliver meals directly to our guests for free, for any order over $7 (Seven United States Dollars). Clenergy offer meals that can be frozen, defrosted, and heated, as well as fresh off their menu delicacies.


Knowledge will be able to assist with the deliveries from Clenergy if prearranged, and she will ensure that your clean dishes and cutlery are also replaced, kept clean, and will clean appliances to ensure your kitchenette stays as clean as possible.


We recommend using our Uber-like service during the COVID19 lockdown to ensure your contact with other individuals is minimized. We can collect you from the place you land and take you directly to #greensidebnbs while keeping you connected in our vehicle.


Knowledge will clean and sterilize the inside of the vehicle used for transfers to and from the airport, general transfers, and tourism. Knowledge will ensure hand sanitizer is available in the car, and she will clean the vehicle after use to ensure the vehicle is an extension to your ‘bubble.’

If you’d like to tip knowledge, please use her PayPal account: [email protected] 

Certificate to Verify Housekeeping Experience

Knowledge is a hardworking and trustworthy individual with a good work ethic and will ensure that while you stay in South Africa at #greensides, it will be convenient, comfortable, and cleanly. Therefore knowledge has been awarded the following certificate to verify her housekeeping experience at assisting in hosting international guests to South Africa, be it business or pleasure at #greensidebnbs.

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Latest Housekeeping Experience Certificate Ideas 2021

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