Largest US Companies by Employees

Largest US Companies by Employees


American companies are credited for their growth, market capitalization, and employing more than millions of employees both locally and internationally. It’s obvious to have several employees working for a big company. The workers employed by the company include both skilled and unskilled workers, but ultimately the company contributes to providing employment. But have you wondered which the largest US companies in terms of employees are? If yes, then here we are, with a list of companies that have made themselves to the list of highest employee count. So, let’s know the Largest US Companies by Employees.

List of the companies that have become the largest companies in the employee count

  1. Walmart: 

Walmart is the largest US Company in terms of employees that it hires. It is a chain of retail stores present not only in the USA but all over the world. It is proud to host an employee family of almost 2, 200, 000 people. The company has made a unique name in the consumer product market. 

Since it operates several departmental stores spread over twenty-eight countries, it is quite obvious to employ a large number of people for managing and working at its stores. The official website of Walmart is, and you can easily check the employee count there. 

  1. Amazon: 

There’s hardly anyone who is not familiar with the name of the famous e-commerce platform, Amazon. Amazon had made headlines when its CEO Jeff Bezos became the richest person. Although the richest person on the Earth tag is no longer with its CEO, it remains an important company in terms of the employees that are working with it. 

Amazon has recently ventured into other areas like cloud computing, space programs, digital streaming platform Prime Video, etc. Due to all this expansion all over the globe, it is obvious to have it in the list of the largest company in terms of employees. 

  1. Kroger: 

Another popular retail company that has made it to the list of highest employee count with almost five lakh employees, is Kroger. The company provides various grocery items in its 2900 stores spread across different locations. The company besides providing grocery items has also ventured into fuel centers, jewelry stores, pharmacies, dairy and bakeries operating under different names like Fred Mayer, Smith’s, The little clinic, Roundy’s, Ruler Food, King Soopers, etc. thus you can see that the company will require a large number of employees for the smooth functioning. 

  1. Home Depot:

With an employee count of four lakh plus, Home Depot, one of the most popular home improvement retail companies is no behind when it comes to the hiring of a large number of employees.  The company is famous for its construction products and services, home improvement goods, various tools, and much more. The company mostly operates in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The company has made a good name in the market and is proud to have a market capitalization of 291.4 USD Billion. You can check other details of Home Depot Company on its official website 

  1. Berkshire Hathway Inc

Berkshire Hathways Inc. working in the financial sector also hosts a large number of employees. It is a multinational company and the owner of various other prominent companies like GEICO, Duracell (popular electric cell brand), various Airlines (like Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Pilot Flying J, Delta Airlines, etc.), Helzberg Diamonds, Pampered Chef, etc. 

Thus we can see that it has a huge presence in various popular retail, home furnishing, newspaper publishing, encyclopedias, etc. Owing to this much presence in the market, the company has to hire several employees (almost 391500 employees) in several departments as a result of which it has got a place in the present list. 

  1. Target Discount stores

Target Discount Store Company is one of the largest US retail companies that have several stores (almost 1900) in different areas of the USA. It provides various services like grocery, food, beverages, furniture, pet food, home products, etc. at discounted prices. This is why the target company gives employment to almost 368000 employees for operating its various products and stores. 

  1. IBM: 

The next on the list is IBM (International Business Machine) which has almost 352600 Employees. The company was founded in the year 1911 and it provides Information Technology services all across the globe. The company is a pioneer name in hardware, software, and computer parts manufacturing. Due to its highly researched product and services, it gained global recognition. As a result of this huge demand, the company managed to employ such a huge number of people. 

  1. Starbucks: 

If you are a coffee lover, it is highly improbable that you have not heard the name of Starbucks. Starbucks has restaurants or cafes all over the world and the beverages served by the company are in huge demand. 

Due to its multinational character and various coffeehouse chains, it employs almost 346000 people in various countries. The beverages and snacks that are famous in Starbucks include hot and cold drinks, juice, tea, pre-packaged food, sandwiches, and much more. Besides this, it also provides some alcoholic beverages in Starbuck evenings. 

  1. UnitedHealth Group: 

Working in the healthcare sector, UnitedHealth Group is also proud to host a family of 325000 employees. It is considered one of the largest healthcare companies in terms of global revenue. At United Health Group, you can get various health insurance and healthcare services. The two subsidiaries of United Health Group are United Health Care and Optum. You can check out various plans offered by the company on its official website ‘’. 

  1. FedEx Corporation: 

Freight and logistics are an integral part of any company and this company engages in the same. FedEx Corporation also called Federal Express, is a multinational company and employs almost 324000 people. It is renowned for various courier services, office services, ground services, air freight services, etc. Owing to the huge presence in the United States of America, the Caribbean, and Canada, the company has managed to achieve a market capitalization of almost 70 Billion USD. 

  1. Lowe’s 

Another home improvement retail company that employs a huge number of employees is Lowe’s. The company dealing in home improvement services has almost 3 lakh employees and became one of the largest US companies in terms of employees. The company’s foundation stone was laid in 1921. It also sells various hardware and construction goods, garden decoration materials, tools, furniture, and much more. The company is also a renowned name in terms of e-commerce and digital marketing. 

  1. CVS Health: 

With almost two lakh ninety thousand employees, CVS Health that offers various healthcare plans has also become the largest US Company in terms of employees. It provides various pharmacy retail products, medical drug prescriptions, health insurance, and other such medical care facilities. 

The company has almost nine thousand stores spread across various parts of the USA. Various specialized arms of CVS health include CVS pharmacy (for pharmaceutical goods), CVS Caremark (for prescription benefit services), CVS Specialty (pharmacy division for chronic and genetic therapies), and Minute Clinic (a retail medical clinic). 

  1. TJX Companies Inc.: 

TJX Companies is also a multinational company that specializes in various apparel. You get various discounts on the apparel sold by the company. The TJX company stores are spread all over the USA, Canada, and various parts of Europe. The company has become a renowned name in clothing items, bedding, footwear, beauty products, jewelry, housewares, etc. the company has almost 286000 employees working in various subsidiary brands of TJX Companies like TJ Maxx, TK Maxx, Marshalls, Home Sense, Sierra, etc. 

  1. Cognizant: 

Cognizant is an Information Technology services company that has a presence in different countries like the USA, Europe, and South America. With almost 283100 employees, including 15000 remote employees, Cognizant has also registered itself in the list of largest US companies in terms of employees. The three types of services provided by Cognizant include Digital operations, digital business, and Digital Systems and Technologies. 

  1. Wells Fargo: 

Wells Fargo is a multinational company dealing in various financial services and diversified banking. The company was started in 1852 and presently it hosts almost 274900 employees. The company has its headquarter in San Fransisco, California but the chains are present in various countries (almost thirty-five).  The various kinds of services offered by Wells Fargo are wholesale banking, community banking, brokerage services, wealth and retirement plans, etc. With almost 13000 ATMs and 8000 branches, the company has made a great name. 

  1. Albertsons: 

Albertsons is a US company dealing in Grocery store items. It operates various grocery stores and supermarkets in different regions. The company’s foundation stone was laid in 1939. Presently it has almost 270000 employees and 2200 stores. The brands under Albertsons include Safeway, Vons, Show’s, Jewel-Osco, Acme Market, and some other private brands in fresh and frozen foods, pet food, hygiene, soft drinks, decoration items, valued items, and much more. 

  1. Pepsi Co: 

Pepsi which has established itself as one of the most popular soft drinks all over the world employs almost 2 lakh sixty-seven thousand people. Besides beverages, the company also specializes in some food and snack items. The company was started in the year 1898 and has achieved huge milestones since then. In its journey, it acquired various new brands and products and established itself as one of the largest drink companies. Some of the brands operating under Pepsico. include Tropicana products, Pepsi drink, Quaker Oats, Gatorade, etc. 

  1. UPS (United Parcel Service): 

UPS is a package delivery company that has gained international recognition. The company was established in 1907 and since then it has expanded itself in various countries. The company efficiently delivers all the packages through its well-developed supply chain and air freight services. Some of the freight services operating under UPS include UPS Freight trucks, UPS Airlines, UPS Flight Forward (drone services), etc. The company has registered itself in the list of largest companies in terms of employees with an employee count of 260280. 

  1. JP Morgan Chase: 

JP Morgan Chase has diversified banks and operates various investment banks in different parts of the world. The company thus offers various financial services to different people in different countries. The company was started in 1799 and made New York its headquarters. It has gained the title of the world’s largest universal bank due to a long period of inception. 

Besides that, it has registered itself in the list of companies with a huge employee count with almost 256358 employees operating in various departments. JP Morgan Chase group offers various services like retail and commercial, investment banking, private banking, asset management, treasury services, etc. 

  1. Synnex: 

Another popular Multinational company specializing in Information Technology services, Synnex, has employed a large number of people. The company website says that Synnex presently has 252000 employees providing various business and IT services. The company’s presence can be immensely felt in the USA, Canada, Japan, etc. where it sells various IT systems, pieces of equipment, software, and other such technological products to resellers and retail customers. Its outsourcing services are on the boom because of its specialized arm Concentrix. 

  1. Raytheon Technologies: 

The company works in the field of Aerospace dynamics and defense products. It is a multinational conglomerate that undertakes research and based on that research develops various up-to-date aircraft engines, aerocrafts, avionics, air defense system, missiles, drones, etc. the company also provides cybersecurity and engineering solutions to various clients. The interesting thing is that it is not only dedicated to the defense of a country but also the commercial sector. 

To undertake various research and manufacturing projects, Raytheon Technologies requires a huge staff. That’s why the company has made it to the list of largest US companies in terms of employees with an employee count of 243, 200 people. 

  1. Jabil: 

Jabil with a huge staff of two hundred forty thousand people provides manufacturing services to different people globally. The main work of the company is to design electronic components and engage in design engineering, supply chain services, material technology services, etc. the company is not limited to a particular sector and delves into manufacturing of various healthcare, scientific, defense, automation, computing, and consumer products. It also provides network and telecommunication services. Since it operates in so many things it has not limited itself to the USA and provides services in almost thirty countries. 

  1. AT & T

AT&T was started in the year 1877 and provides various telecom services. It is a multinational company and employs almost two hundred thirty-four thousand six hundred thirty people. Operating through AT&T communications, the company provides fixed telephone and mobile services in various parts of the USA. The famous mass media brand Warner Media is also a subsidiary of AT&T communications. You must note that Warner Media is the world’s largest entertainment and media company. So one can estimate the huge revenue and employment opportunities generated by the company. 

  1. Walt Disney Company: 

Disney, one of the most popular TV channels among kids for various popular cartoons like Mickey Mouse, also employs a huge number of people. The company has ventured into different fields including digital streaming (in collaboration with Hotstar) and earned huge revenue. The company was started in the year 1923 under the name of Walt Disney Company. 

Presently the company has become renowned as the largest mass media and Entertainment Company. The company also deals in film studios through its two arms 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios. Other prominent subsidiaries of Walt Disney company include Walt Disney park, consumer products, cable television network, video-on-demand service (Demand+). Owing to such a huge network and subsidiaries, the company employs almost 223000 people and is considered as one of the largest US companies in terms of the number of employees. 

  1. Walgreens boots Alliance: 

Walgreens boots Alliance deals in the healthcare field and owns various pharmaceutical companies specializing in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale production of pharmaceutical products. The company has a presence in twenty-five countries and gives employment to two hundred twenty-three thousand people. The three popular arms of Walgreens Boots Alliance are retail pharmacy USA, retail pharmacy international, and Alliance healthcare pharmaceutical wholesale wing. 

  1. Bank of America: 

Bank of America with a population of two hundred eleven thousand employees is also amongst the largest US companies in terms of employees. The company is popularly called BofA. The bank has gained a global presence and specializes in investment and financial services like corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, and wealth management. 

The company started in 1784 has its headquarter in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank has almost forty-six hundred branches and fifteen thousand nine hundred ATMs in various regions of America. The company’s market capitalization is more than 208.6 Billion USD and other details can be checked on the official website 

  1. HCA Healthcare: 

HCA healthcare, as the name suggests, provides various medical care facilities through its various hospitals and other health care facilities. The company has a huge presence in the United Kingdom and the USA with almost 180 hospitals and more than two thousand facilities. The list of facilities that you can expect in HCA healthcare includes surgery centers, clinical research centers, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, clinics, etc. the company has earned the title of ‘the world’s most ethical companies. To gain its presence status, the company has employed a staff of two hundred ten thousand employees. This is why it has become one of the largest US companies in terms of employee count. 

  1. Citigroup: 

Citigroup Inc. popularly called Citi is also amongst the largest companies in terms of employees due to a huge staff of two hundred nine thousand employees. The company has a presence in various countries (almost one hundred sixty countries) as an investment banking and financial services company. The company started in the year 1812 and has its headquarters in New York. From capital origination to corporate banking, Citigroup deals in various services like private banking, treasury, securities market, trade solutions, retail banking, branded cards, mortgages, and much more. 

  1. General Electric Company

General Electric Company, also called GE, has almost two hundred five thousand employees. The company deals in engineering goods and specialty industrial machinery. The foundation stone of the General electric company was laid in the year 1889. Since then it has ventured into the aviation industry, power generation, renewable energy, nuclear energy, finance and asset management, etc. 

  1. McDonald’s: 

McDonald’s has become a global name owing to its fast-food services. Its french fries and various other snacks are popular among the youth. The company was started in the year 1940 as a single restaurant but presently it is the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue. Besides revenue, the company is also one of the largest in terms of employees because it has a staff of two hundred five thousand people. The company serves almost 69 million customers in almost a hundred countries. 

Rounding up: 

Employees are of utmost importance for any company. Therefore we also look at the largest companies in terms of employees besides revenue and market capitalization. To put it in a nutshell, the largest US companies in terms of employees include various pharmaceutical, financial, retail, engineering, healthcare, food, and grocery store companies like Walmart, Amazon, UPS, JP morgan, TJX companies, Starbucks, Pepsi Co, Bank of America, Walmart Disney, General electric, and much more. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): 

Ques 1: Which companies are considered the top ten companies in the world? 

Ans: The top ten largest companies in the world include Walmart, Amazon, Apple, CVS Health, United Health Group, Berkshire Hathaway, Mckesson, Amerisource Bergen, Alphabet, and Exxon Mobil. 

Ques 2: Which company topped the Forbes list, 2021 globally and in the USA? 

Ans: Globally, ICBC, a Chinese company with 190.5 Billion USD is on the top of the Forbes list. In the USA, JP Morgan Chase (with sales of 136.2 Billion) USD topped the Forbes list followed by Berkshire Hathaway. 

Ques 3: Which company is the largest US technology company in terms of revenue? 

Ans: Apple is the largest US technology company in terms of revenue. 

Ques 4: Which non-US companies employ the largest number of employees?

Ans: Volkswagen, a German car manufacturing company employs almost 662,653 employees and is the largest non-US company in terms of employees. It is followed by Deutsche Post (Germany), Compass Group (UK), and Accenture (Ireland). 

Largest US Companies by Employees

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