King Soopers Careers-Opportunity and salaries


King Soopers is the largest grocery retailer company located in Rocky Mountains 1947, in Arvada, Colorado, United States. The company founded by Lloyd J. King and Charles W. Houchens. 

They sell products like Bakery, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Meat, Pharmacy, General items/Groceries, See foods, Snacks, and Liquor. 

A career at King Soopers

 Let us see some facts about King Soopers, like Jobs requirement and career information. 

King Soopers is an American-based largest grocery retail chain company.

 A grocery retailer chain store wants enthusiastic, multi-talented, and customer-oriented employees.  This company offers employment opportunities for both entry-level and career-minded candidates.  A part-time job at King Soopers could be the best option for job seekers to earn and build careers. 

Minimum age limit to get a job at King Soopers.

If you want to work at King Soopers, the minimum age should be 16 years.

A working hour at King Soopers

Associates of King Soopers works 24 hours a day for seven days a week. 

How long does it take to get hired at King Soopers?

It takes around three to four weeks at maximum to select a candidate as their employee.

Drug Test at King Soopers

Yes, the applicants of King Soopers go through the drug test during the hiring process.  The test gets conducted through an oral swab/ saliva test. 

Requirement (Employees should have)

  • They must be optimistic and self-motivated. 
  • Good communicator
  • Multi-talented and Teamwork spirit 
  • Ability to work in fast pace environment
  • Flexible and Passionate about their work.
  • Must have integrity and friendly nature. 
  • Must have physical stamina 

Available Positions at King Soopers

There is various job position where the candidates can apply according to your desire. Let us see the job positions available at King Soopers.

They are: 

  •  Store Manager,
  • Assistant Manager,
  • Sales Associate, Stock
  • Clerk,
  • Cashier,
  • Meat Cutter,
  • Produce Clerk,
  • Bakery Clerk.

Tips before applying for the job at King Soopers 

Apply online by vising the career page at King Sooper’s official site.

Make a simple, catchy but professional Resume/CV.

If possible, visit the company’s location and submit the form. 

Be confident during your interview. 

King Soopers Job opportunity 

Being the largest grocery retailer company across the United States needs employees in numerous amounts for handling various job roles.  The company offers both part-time and full-time. Job positions like cashier, produce clerk, the courtesy clerk do not require any prior experience. The upper-level job seekers like Store managers, district managers, sales representatives need to have working experience of several years and a high school diploma. 

The company looks for a kind candidate, has integrity, respecting co-workers, and is ethical for entry-level job roles. Entry-level jobs are basically for part-time earners. 

Services like store managers, assistant managers, sales associates, and others must be customer-oriented, super friendly nature, and fast in their work. These job positions eventually find a full-time career in the store or supermarket. The full-time professionals get good pay and have heavy working loads and responsibilities. 

King Soopers popular position 

The company offers some popular Positions for the candidates.

These are the most common job postings at this company. Before applying for a particular job position, ensure you have enough qualifications for the upper-level job roles. Candidates without any working experience or high school qualifications can only apply for entry-level job roles. 

1- Clerk:

Each department needs to have a job position as a clerk. Their responsibility is to look after the records and accounting of the store or supermarket. The average salary of a clerk in King Shopper is $8.00 or $9.00 per hour. The experienced clerk gets a high pay as peaks as $17.00 per hour. 

Their responsibility at King Shoppers are:

  • Welcoming and assisting customers
  • Assists customers in browsing inventory
  • Restocking office supplies
  • Responding to emails and phone calls.

2- Cashier:

Their responsibility is to help customers to find items restocking shelves, and accounts. Sometimes they also help in the unloading of the truck and organizing the storeroom. The cashier at King Soopers gets an average salary which starts from $8.00 and uplands till $16.00 per hour. 

They perform several duties like:  

  • Responsible for processing cash.
  • Checking of transactions before night deport.
  • Handles customer’s checkout with 
  • They perform general tasks assigned by the manager.

3- Management:

The person who works in the management department coordinates and administrates the employees to do the task to achieve the goals. This position is the upper-level job offered by King Soopers. The Managerial officer gets a salary of $17.00 to $19.00 per hour. 

The store manager gets an average median salary of up to $75,000 per year. 

They perform several duties like:  

  • They plan and decide to organize the store. 
  • Motivates the employees to work efficiently
  • They supervise the team to fulfil the customer’s needs.

4- E-Commerce Associate:

They are responsible for scanning, preparing, and delivering online orders. They must have a great smile, be customer-oriented, operate smartphones, and have basic maths skills. E-Commerce associate also requires training. 

King Soopers Job Application

Search for the official website and fill the form by going to the company’s career page. The steps below will instruct you about the online application to get a job at King Soopers. 


  1. Step 1: Go to the Dollar Tree official website or click on the career option or enter the link given below into your URL bar.
  1. Step 2: An official page gets open. Now, scroll down the page and find the search section (at the end of the page). 

 Enter the required keywords in the first input field in the search box. (Inside the skin-colored box).


Enter the postal code in the second input field of the search opportunity box. (Inside the skin-colored box)

The job title box gets reschedule (According to your given postal code or keywords). 

Find the job of your choice by clicking on the job title to the next step. 

  1. Step 3: Review all the job descriptions with the following sections: 
  • Job title summary
  • Job functions
  • Minimum qualification for a job position
  • Desired previous job experience
  1. Step 4: Click on the APPLY NOW box (outlined in red) and fill in the email address. Forgoing to the next step, press the START button. 
King Soopers Careers
  1. Step 4: It takes you to the page which asks you to create a profile by filling the form, which asks
  • Email address
  • Password (Of your choice) 
  • Verify password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Zip code
  • Once you fill the form, click on the NEXT button.
King Soopers Careers
  1. Step 5: Accept the data privacy statement after reading it. Press the NEXT button. 
King Soopers Careers
  1. Step 7: It takes you to the Application page. The first section of the form asks you to submit 
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • CV/Resume (Optional) 
  1. Step 8: The second section asks you to provide the following details: 
  • First name (Legal) 
  • Middle name (Legal)
  • Last name (Legal 
  • Primary phone number
  • Email address
  • Suffix
  • Preferred first name
  • List all other Names used
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Alternate phone number
  1. Step 9: Fill up all the remaining sections of the form: 
  • Work experience (Mandatory)
  • Qualification details (Optional)
  • Certificates and licenses (Optional) 
  1. Step 10: Press on the SUBMIT button to end the form filling process. 

Application status 

Applicants can check their hiring status by phone call, email, by vising the nearest Dollar Tree location or logging into a personal profile account made during applying for the job.

The HR team of King Sooper may contact you within two to three days for an interview.

They may call you for an interview via phone call or email. 

Employees Benefits at Dollar Tree

The company offers a wide range of benefits and perks to its employees and their families.  These benefits start from the day they join the company. The list given below is the benefits that King Sooper employees receive. Let us have a look at them. 

1- Health and wellness benefits

    Dental insurance

    Version insurance

    Virtual medical visits

    Wellness program

    Life insurance

 2- Leave benefits

     Paid time off (PTO)

     Paid volunteer time off

     Maternity and paternity leave

     Travel assist program

3- Financial benefits

    401 K retirement plan

    Disability insurance


4- Career benefits

      Career planning

      Tuition reimbursement

What happens in the interview?

The company conducts the first interview through a phone call. It may be either a voice call or a video call. 

If you get selected in the first one, they call you for the onsite interview via phone call or email. 

The Onsight interview contains topics like

  • Working experience
  • Why selecting King Soopers
  • How will you handle the demand of the customer? 
  • Your strength and weaknesses. 
  • Available hours
  • The onsite interview is typically a behavioural and personality check session. 

Tips before going for the interview

  • Must have a soft smile and direct eye contact. 
  • Have friendly and confident
  • Candidates should be well or formally dressed.

King Soopers Salaries

How much do employees of King Soopers get paid? 

The average salary of King Soopers employees including, base and bonus, is $114,028, which means $54 per hour. The highest-paid income of employees in the company is $220,795 annually for a Group Product Manager, while the lowest-paid in the company is $48,616 annually for an Admin Assistant. Employees with different job roles earn different salaries. 

Dollar Tree salary by the department

Salaries at Dollar Tree vary from the department as well as job positions.

Let us see the average salary of different job positions of various departments at Dollar Tree.


Director of Product- $189,473*

Group Product Manager- $220,795

Senior Product Manager- $144,056

Product Manager- $98,344

Jr Product Manager- $98,460


Director of Engineering- $198,938

Group Engineering Manager- $170,572

Principal Engineer- $161,562

Lead Engineer- $131,033

Engineering Manager- $148,186

Data Scientist- $111,402

Senior Developer- $131,658

DevOps- $126,710

Developer- $95,635

Mobile Developer- $118,819

Sales Engineer- $139,917

Senior QA- $97,697

Scrum Master- $112,925

QA- $97,499

Jr Developer- $71,995


 Director of Marketing- $158,386

Senior Marketing Manager- $158,599

Marketing Manager- $99,079

Brand Manager- $115,974

Content Strategist- $130,095

SEM Manager- $81,602

Social Media Manager- $74,927

Marketing Operations- $108,271

SEO Specialist- $73,932

Email Marketer- $79,106

Content Manager- $86,639

Community Manager- $77,543

Data Analyst-$102,935

Business Analyst- $78,633

Copywriter- $68,129

Event Planner- $91,081

Marketing Associate- $74,174


Creative Director- $170,725

Principal Designer- $160,269

Senior Designer- $130,873

Senior UI/UX Designer- $111,417

UI/UX Designer-$104,526

Designer- $102,286

Web/Visual Designer-$95,984

Graphic Designer- $78,343

Jr Designer-$67,865


 Director of Operations- $163,698

Business Analyst- $78,633

Operations Manager- $95,236

Office Manager- $61,177


Executive Assistant- $70,774

Admin Assistant-$48,616


Director of Business Development- $203,371

Account Executive- $111,024

Business Development Manager- $182,760

Account Manager- $90,068


Accounting Manager- $96,694

Senior Accountant- $90,895

Accountant- $70,086*

Business Analyst- $78,633

Financial Analyst- $77,151


Customer Service Manager- $91,145

Technical Support- $79,909

CS Rep- $54,259


Director of HR- $184,115

HR Manager- $108,058

Recruiter- $103,175


IT Manager- $116,696

Project Manager- $107,835

SysAdmin- $90,217

IT Support Engineer- $98,362

Desktop Support- $56,050


General Counsel- $213,122

Corporate Counsel- $147,619

Contracts Specialist- $90,585

Paralegal- $70,577


Director of Sales- $219,646

Sales Manager- $168,773

Sales Engineer- $139,917

Sales Rep- $119,332

Sales Associate- $64,226

CarMax Career: why to work for this company?

  • They offer great career opportunities to their employees. There are several career paths like retail, management, finance, sales, and many more, in which the employees can flourish their passion.  
  • They promise to take care of their associates through benefits/perks and competitive pay.
  • The company provides training and guidance after the hiring process. 
  • The company supports its associates in skill development and career growth. 
  • The company offers a respectful and collaborative working environment
  • The company is growing its business with integrity and transparency. 

King Soopers Ratings

The overall rating of the company is 3.2 out of 5. The rank is shown based on the average ratings of 2000 reviews on Indeed. 

  • Work-Life Balance: 2.9 stars
  • Pay & Benefits: 3.1 stars
  • Job Security & Advancement: 3.0 stars
  • Management: 2.7 stars
  • Culture: 3.0 stars 


  • Good benefits
  • Weekly pay check
  • Discounts 
  • Good working environment
  • Friendly colleagues


  • No work-life balance
  • No appreciation for hard work
  • Bad management
  • Short break 
  • No seniority
  • Understaffing


King Soopers Careers-Opportunity and salaries

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