Excuses to Leave the House: Tips and Examples

Excuses to leave the house; Tips and examples.

99.9% of college students are guilty of a crime. It’s called a “lie.” Yes!! Most college students are guilty of this because of their choices at some points in their lives. Excuses to Leave the House for a day or two often lead to lying simply because a reasonable parent wouldn’t allow his/her kid to leave the protection of their homes. It can be very annoying and frustrating when your parents barred you from leaving home to visit a friend or party. Everybody has been there at one time or the other, pacing through their rooms and trying hard to come up with near-truth excuses that are plausible enough to allow them to slide out of the front door unstopped. That’s why most people often lie or give excuses as a way to leave home and enjoy some freedom before it’s being taken again.


But do you know that some parents are just too strict, especially those that are a little overprotective, that even with the best convincing excuses, it still wouldn’t guarantee you a pass ticket to leave home? 

Leaving home is not an easy thing, and sometimes the best excuse can also prevent your parents from allowing you to step out of the house.

So, are you pacing around in your room right now trying to come up with the best excuse because you are bored of staying at home all day with nothing exciting to do and needs a change of environment? Or maybe because you have a date or party to attend?

But the more you think about excuses to give to leave home; you just can’t seem to come up with the best ones, and there’s no way your parents will allow you to take a step out of the front door if the reason isn’t genuine enough.

That’s sad, but don’t worry, you are in good hands. That’s why you are reading this article so you can learn about tips to escape from home, giving the best convincing excuses.

If you are going to give an excuse to leave home, you have to give a genuine, impressive one which must be close to the truth when people hear it. You wouldn’t want to give a weak excuse that can be easily falsified.

Since you already know this, here are some tips that can help you leave home unchallenged and unstopped by your parents, guidance, or anyone you’re living with.

Tips on Excuses to Leave the House

Here are some of the tips you can apply when you want to leave home unchallenged. Although they are not guaranteed to secure your pass ticket, they’ll help you a lot. You might be lucky to get the pass at the end of the day.

  1. Move out when no one is around: The best way to avoid confrontation and challenging questions about your leaving home is to leave the house when no one is around. Leaving home this way won’t cost you any explanation or excuses. But leaving home is not always possible, especially if the person you cohabitate with is a remote worker or doesn’t go out for social functions and gatherings. Check through your parents’ daily/weekly schedule and plan your trips and outings on those days they would stay long at work or won’t be around for some hours.

  2. Come up with convincing excuses: There are several convincing excuses that you can come up with that will give you a pass ticket to leave home. No matter how hardhearted your parents or living partner is, when you make up lies and excuses that fit in, they’ll have no option than to hold the door wide open for you to go out. Some excuses and lies are so flimsy that instead of getting a pass ticket, you’ll get a detention ticket Instead. You must be selective, calculative, and think it through before making up any excuses.

  3. Be honest about it: This is hard, right, especially if you’re going out on a date or to grab a drink with friends and you’re not even 18 years old yet. Sometimes, honesty helps, and sometimes it doesn’t; if you are going, to be honest about where you’re heading to, you must make sure the place you’re going is safe and permissible. Telling your parents you’re going to see a friend next door, going to a friend’s birthday party, or the library is an honest excuse that parents wouldn’t decline, no matter how overprotective they are.

  4. Set the scene and pick the perfect time: If you want to seek your parents’ permission to leave the house, you need to set the scene and pick the perfect time. The perfect time means the time they are excited, relaxed, and have nothing bothering them. The mistake most people make when seeking permission to leave home from their parents or living partner is choosing the wrong time. If your parents are fuming over something and that’s the time you decide to ask for a leave-home permit, you’ll only get lashed at as they might transfer their aggression on you. Set the scene, make sure they are replaced and in a good mood before you tell them about your outing; this might get you the permission you seek.

  5. Work your charm on them: “Hey Mom, I brought this ice pack for your swollen feet. Come here and let me apply them on your feet so you can be relieved of your pain.” Doing a little thing that can melt your Mom’s heart and give you anything you want whenever you ask. When you work your charm on your parents/partner, do things that impress and melt their heart, they won’t refuse you when you ask for permission to leave home.

  6. Use the truth vs. lie method: This is some tactic of dying the truth and mixing it up with a bead of lies. You know that telling the entire truth might not work out every time, and that’s why you have to combine it with a lie. For instance, assuming your friend, whom your Mom knows very well, is hosting a free drinking party and you don’t want to miss it for the world, you can tell your Mom you’re going to see that friend to help her plan her upcoming internship program. As simple as that.

Examples Of Convincing Excuses to Leave the House

Here are some of the selected best convincing excuses you can give to your parents or living partner whenever you decide to enjoy personal freedom outside the home. When applied at the right time, these examples you’re about to read will surely get you an unchallenged pass ticket to leave home. Here they are!!

Example #1

Need to go to the town/school library.

If you want to escape from house chores or just have fun with your friends at a party/gathering, you can use this excuse. 

As a college, your parents would want you to perform excellently well and come out of school with flying colors. No parent will prevent their kids from doing things that will enhance their academic performance, especially if it’s about books.

Making this kind of excuse is one of the most convincing things you can say without being checkmated. No matter how protective your parents are, they wouldn’t call to ask the library attendance if you are in the library or not.Or will they?

Here’s an irresistible example: “Mom, our exam comes up in a few weeks, and I need to prepare as much as possible. You know you always asked me to be serious, so I can make you proud; I’m going to the library to read; I might stay a bit longer as I have many things to cover.”

Example #2

An extra class or extracurricular activities in school.

Trust me; if you are a college student, your parents won’t give it a second thought anytime you mention anything relating to school or books.

Telling your parents, you have an extra class or extracurricular activities to attend in school gives them the idea that you are a serious and hardworking student. 

Be careful, though. If you want to make this excuse, your parents might just pick up their phone and call your teachers to confirm if it’s true or not. It depends on the kind of person you are. 

If you are unserious with your studies and you make this kind of excuse to leave home, you might end up in trouble. Just wait for the next example.

Here is what you can say: “Dad, I will be returning home late tomorrow from school because we have an after class lesson. The physics tutor says we are lagging in this semester’s schedule, and to cover more grounds, we will be having after class lessons.” 

Perfect, isn’t it?

Example #3

Group project with a fast-approaching deadline

Every parent understands that group projects are part of school activities that often foster teamwork, which can only be done in the school.

Your parents wouldn’t expect you not to participate in the group project or expect your team to work on the project in your home. Therefore, this is a convincing excuse to give to leave home unchallenged.

Here is a sample: “Mom, while we were having a lecture on sociolinguistics at school today, the lecturer grouped us into five categories and assigned us to work on different projects. My group will be going to the hospital to learn about how people use language in the hospital and the terminologies used. We will be going from school to the hospital tomorrow as a way of completing the group work. I don’t know why we have to work in groups; it’s demanding.”

This will not only impress your mom but also make her chip in the benefits of working together as a team on a project. You have succeeded in getting a pass ticket, and instead of going to the hospital as you said, you can tour around the world.

Example #4

You are going for school outreach as a volunteer.

Volunteering for a cause is one of the best things you can do in this lifetime. It will help you lend a helping hand to others and see the world in a new light. You can use this excuse if you have a party to attend if you want to go to the cinema.

Here’s what to say: “Dad, there’s this NGO I joined on campus, it’s called HELP Foundation, a youth non-profit organization that advocates for the restructuring of the educational system in the country.We will be going to some secondary schools on Thursday to organize an educational training and speech contest. It’s a way of creating awareness and changing people’s views about education. I am one of the excos, and so I am expected to participate.”

Example #5

A friend’s family is moving out to a new home and needs a helping hand to pack some of the loads.

Example #6

You need to see the doctor because your tooth/stomach/chest aches, and nothing you do to relieve the pain seems to work.

Example #7

You have an internship letter to deliver at the post office.

Example #8

You feel heavy, weighty, and need to hit the gym for some minutes to burn off the fat.

Example #9

Your friend needs someone to read with as the examination is fast approaching. You both will be going to the school to read ahead and prepare adequately for the exam.

Example #10

You are going to the cinema, the house feels hot, and you need to feel free because you have been reading all day. All work and no play.

These are convincing excuses that will give you the chance to leave home for dome hours without being disturbed or monitored. Parents can be a pain in the butt; sometimes, they are way too overprotective.

Everybody deserves to be free, enjoy the fresh breeze, and see more of life. Being stuck in your room for hours every day will prevent you from becoming social or see more of life. You shouldn’t let life pass on like that without it feeling your existence.

Go out and have the fun you crave to do badly!!!

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Excuses to Leave the House: Tips and Examples

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