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Enneagram Podcast

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we will be going through an Enneagram Podcast, How does an Enneagram Podcast Works, Steps to find your type of Personality through Enneagram, Podcasts that builds the Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Vibes, Benefits to humanism Enneagram. This article bridges how humans can attain self-actualization by building their personality to match the life and growth purpose.

A raised person from his mother’s womb carries certain hierarchical traits of the mother and father followed by the family members. It wouldn’t be surprising that millions of humans have different qualities of traits, their being, character, charisma, nature of speaking, everything followed by psychological well-being.

Imagine a person who is tediously working for a company, right the day he wakes to go for the office, sits in front of the computer, types out the task given, giving an update to the boss, meeting the clients, attending conferences or meetings, team lunch, etc. and again coming to the home, spending time with the family, story reading for kids, having peaceful dinner. The cycle doesn’t stop, and it repeats. What we have to note here is, the person has different roles to play here. He plays as an employee working in an office, a consultant for his clients, assistant for his manager, best pal to support friends, husband, dad, son-in-law, etc. and more than these roles are still played by a busy person in his life who is willing to stay-on working on the responsibilities.

The important understanding is that the person doesn’t behave in one way. As they carry multiple roles in life, they seem to be a practitioner, enthusiast, passionate, ambitious, angry, anxious, gregarious, romantic, lovable, etc. Still, these depend upon the role they are acting upon; in general, their genetic umbilical relation peaks out naturally to showcase their original traits. That is completely immutable, and they keep reacting as it inherently stays with them. But there are ways of reshaping the personal qualities that help a person to grow in their life to attain a glistering life which they can live upon.

We all hear at least some people tend to change their behavior and jump on the wrong track, closing their lives and stumble to get over those traps. This is where the genetic and adult growing personalities come into play. In this case, sometimes the person is originally born from a criminal background that set forth him to have some traits of criminal doing or else the person when raising with unwanted surroundings and experiencing something that makes them do wrong things which tend to be the ruining factor. In such cases, the personality can be shaped through counseling, teaching, educating them in mass programs.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

This is the place where Enneagram comes into the picture!

Many philosophers, teachers, practitioners, and business people follow this enneagram as part of their lives and consider it for shaping their lives to develop in their personal and professional qualities. Let’s jump in further and get to know more about the Enneagram, what it does, how it gives solutions in making the proper decision, carrying them when matching with the standard of living, and much more.

What is an Enneagram Podcast?

Enneagram Podcast is a personality shaper podcast that helps determine the core traits and assisting traits that help build other essential qualities that can be inherited and advanced to the core traits. This is normally called a typology as it explains the human traits and uncovers all the psychological needs necessary to alter the traits.

The Enneagram is divided into 9 types of personality that stay in multiple kinds of humans. This is the basis of all the common personalities that exist today in most human beings. The split meaning of Enneagram is “9” types of personalities “written.” Oscar Ichazo was the pioneer of finding out this personality check seemingly working with today’s contemporary world of existence. Post Ichazo, most authors, researchers, teachers, and philosophers interested in this biblical personality shaper started to include their personality traits and the founder.

Enneagram is shown in a circular figure with a center triangle connecting 9-3-6 followed by an unstructured hexagon figure matching the numbers 1-4-2-8-5-7 inside those circular figures. Altogether, they represent 9 types of traits that interrelate in nature and decode the mixed traits that a person impel in their life. 

How does the Enneagram Podcast Work?

Initially, we just need to understand what are the 9 types of traits explained in this Enneagram:

  • Type 1: They are called the “Refiners’ ‘ who like to be perfectionists in their working ability and living a perfect life, showing all the serene and goodness to others.
  • Type 2: They are the “Givers’ ‘ who tediously like working for others and seek pleasure in helping others with modesty.
  • Type 3: They are called the “Doers” who are striving to have the desire of achieving and performing in their lives with all authentic aspects.
  • Type 4: They are called “Free Runners’ ‘ who tend to love their uniqueness and feel that they stand out from others. They manage to balance all sorts of emotions that are leaked.
  • Type 5: They are called the “Explorers,” who can observe tiny things that give importance to them and are not attached to others. 
  • Type 6: They are the “Supporters” who remain loyal beings, and they show all the love and support in the form of guidance and are courageous.
  • Type 7: They are the “Admirers” who are often called to be enthusiastic and love staying in the moment and get excited for what they love to do.
  • Type 8: They are the “Challengers” and bothered to be truthful to what they deal with challenges. They like to be pure and guilt-free.
  • Type 9: They are called the “Peacemakers” who tend to seek the wholeness state of mind procuring peace and are fragile in moving things around.

Along with these 9 types of personalities, it is important to understand connecting each other to know the interrelation of all those traits in a human. We need to understand a term called “Wing” associated with this concept. A Wing acts as an assistive trait to the core trait; for example, if Type 1 is your personality, then Type 2 and Type 9 are the wing types, which tend to exist along with the core trait but do not change the original core traits.

Another term is called “Link lines” or “Connecting lines,” which tells about the stress and security lines linking the core traits and exhibits some traits relative to the core trait. If we calculate the rough number of traits, it tends to have 4 and more traits(Two wings and Two Lines). Therefore a human exhibiting traits are more than 4, and it alters the human personality in several situations when they are acting in different roles.

We can now understand that the podcasts about the enneagram work with these components and concepts of revealing human personality. Therefore, we need to choose what core trait we possess. That is the next topic which will be discussed now.

Steps to Find the Type of Personality Through Enneagram

We all initially wouldn’t know our personality if we hadn’t checked with the Enneagram concept of traits. Here are a few steps to understand our personality”

  1. Open an Enneagram Test Site: There are lots of paid and unpaid sites that get good results after taking up our test. So, you need to choose the desired site that gives you the results of your personality.

  2. Start to Take the Test: There will be a list of questions you need to address related to the personality-based at the measuring level from Agree to Disagree.

  3. Submit the Test Results: After filling up the questions, hit on the submit button to receive the results based on that.

  4. Check out the Results: Once you submit, you can check results via the website or through the mail. It depends upon the site you take up the test or straightly download the results if the site is offering.

  5. Study the Results: After getting the results, go through it entirely and make sure that the trait is fitting to your natural quality because it must match the core trait that you possess. If that is not fitting, you can go with other websites or sources.

  6. Analyze with the Enneagram: Now that after confirming your core trait, check with the Wings and Link lines traits to develop the extra traits that can help you in building your personal or professional life or both of them.

  7. Tune to Podcast: There are 1000’s podcasts available to know in-depth about your type of personality as per the results you get. There are experienced persons in this field to elaborate on the type of personalities that can guide you.

  8. Changing Personalities: Start noting the traits or qualities that you need to change and the traits that you need to develop based on your living. This could help in changing the attitudes and behavior of a person.

  9. Applying the Changes Made: Now that you have figured what needs to be changed in your personality, apply it to your life after studying your trait behavior.

  10. Feel the Change: You can surely figure out the difference between how you behaved before and how you behave after following those subtle changes which shaped your behavior. The real benefit is when you get feedback from the people you already know and feel the change that has helped grow your life.

10 Best Enneagram Podcasts Change Your Life

Here are some lists of podcasts that you can listen to and help out in knowing about all of the personality types. And if you want to improve your personal, professional, and spiritual development, that could enhance your attitude and behavior. 

  1. Enneagram Mom: This is an audiobook from Tess O’Driscoll. The specialty about the content is the author explains about the families. Raising children to know their personality types would help every parent nurture good attitudes and give them a great life. All of those goal-setting aspects, gifting habits are all practically explained along with the different personality types.
  1. Enneagram & Coffee: This podcast is lively, like meeting a friend for lunch, having a healthy talk understanding each other. The audiobook author is Sarjana Case, who briefs along with the 9 types of personalities. The discussions would be made generally along with the famous Enneagram Enthusiast, teachers, Pastors, etc., who are more experienced and sharing those instances they had in real-time.
  1. The Modern Enneagram: The author of the audiobook is Kristy Fountain and Gina Gomez. They have 10 years of experience in this field, sharing their views, and few special lectures with enthusiasts and professionals available in this audiobook. The podcast covers the content relating to the contemporary needs fulfilled by the audiences seeking to build their passion and profession.
  1. Your Enneagram Coach, the Podcast: This podcast is widely popular across most places where people feel more engaged and interested in knowing to shape their attitude, which helps alter their added traits. The podcast is explained by two amazing experienced stalwarts named Beth and Jeff Mccord, who share personal instances that will help them understand their personality to change their professional life. The audio is more in biblical aspects.
  1. Big Hormone Enneagram: This audiobook is much more sensitive to the in-depth content of psychological aspects triggering to laugh, feel deeply, and take other actions related to shaping the behavior. The authors of this podcast are John Luckovich, Emeka Okarafo, Nancy Walter, David Grey. They have created this along using the 9 traits concepts and interpreting them in an emotional way that impacts the audience.
  1. Living Enneagram: The podcast is related mostly to creating a good lifestyle for the audiences who had been struggling with all the fear, danger, uncertainties, and Callie Ammons has dived into the 9 trait concept of deeply knowing about the personalities and later connecting them with the problem of the audience who needs a growing lifestyle to enhance their living way. The author has consulted with the audience mindset to drive a proper solution and tips with great authenticity.
  1. Do it for the gram: An Enneagram Podcast: The Author Milt Stewart is very much trained in this enneagram technique and fond of speaking about the personal and professional career impact in the perspective of the growth factor for every individual provided following the tips given by the author which purely focuses on what kind of personalities does need shaping or growing additional qualities to support your personal and professional life.
  1. Enneagram and Marriage: Christa Hardin is the author of this podcast series who had deeply helped out in giving after marriage advice for the couples that gave a good relief and resolved their complex decision-making process mutually and following the author tips had been valuable insights which changed most of the people’s life. The author has well-versed in blending the enneagram and couples issued living together and has done a good job in this field.
  1. The Enneagram of Personality: Logan Jones explains the enneagram in a more biblical aspect and his major domain of looking and dealing with the audience to motivate them in terms of spiritual attainment and the growth mindset of young blooming millennials and baby boomers too. Those seeking to develop a tier improvement of traits listen to this podcast deeply, enhancing the spiritual mindset to move things forward.
  1. Typology: The podcast is said to be popular among most of the audience as the author, speaker, and motivator Ian Morgan Cron have handled discussions with famous philosophers, teachers, theologians, authentic leaders, business people, artists, psychologists, neuroscientists who had shared their experience which took part in their lives. Audiences also had a great opportunity to interact with them by sharing their question on official websites and remained a great source.

Most of these podcasts mentioned here are lively, friendly suggested, and focus-driven changes that impact shaping your attitudes that help change your behavior. Have an eye on all of these podcasts and get the best from them.


As we headed to the final portion, I’m here to suggest following all the steps of finding out your personalities and note down your Wings and Link Lines for your respective core traits and think through to connect your traits with your personal and professional career deeply. Find out the qualities that you need to develop with your core traits, which help you grow in your desired path that benefits you. Check out all the audiobooks which I have mentioned in the previous section and shape your life.

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Enneagram Podcast – List of Podcasts to Listen

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