Enneagram Type 3 Careers: Which Career Option Should You Go For?

enneagram type 3 careers

Best careers for enneagram type 3 are Executive, Attorney, Agent, Sales Manager, News Journalist, Coach, Actor, Producer

Taking a personality test can help you know a lot about yourself. You may be able to pinpoint facts that you thought were trivial before and would start working on yourself a little more. Every individual comes with their strengths and weaknesses, and if someone is willing to learn more about themselves to achieve their goals, they sure will work hard to make progress. As we all know, individuals vary from one another, and so do their personalities. Their life choices, preferences, interests- all are more or less a result of their overall personality. This article will be talking to enneagram three personality types and are the best career options for them. If you are thinking about looking for a job, I am sure this article will help you.

But Before We Begin, What Is An Enneagram Three Personality Type?

To emphasize this question, let us understand what makes type three different from other personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. If you think you can relate to these traits, then be sure to read further in the article.

Enneagram Type 3: An Overview

Among the nine types in the enneagram, type threes are considered to be the sophisticated ones who are goal-oriented. Known as “The Achiever” or “The Performer,” these people are supposed to be competitive and pragmatic in nature who wants to achieve what they desire. They have a taste for nice things, which makes their sophisticated personality visible to other people. They have a no-nonsense attitude who does not like to wait around or beat around the bush. They are straightforward in their goal; there is no stopping them once they start working for it.

As the Achiever, type threes desire to be remembered for their work, which makes them very ambitious. They are hard-working and set high goals for themselves to reach their destination. They push themselves really hard to achieve their goals. For them, the concept of failure is not present; in fact, it’s not even an option. Their ambitions and competitive nature encourages them to give their best in any field they choose. They are very confident in what they do, and because of that, they want to be remembered and appreciated for their ideas and discoveries. They want to be the best in everything.

Because of their confident, energetic and ambitious nature, they can also be called workaholics. They constantly like to work on themselves to achieve their goals. Their schedule has literally no gaps, which only confirms the fact that they prefer not to take any break. Their dedication to their work is admirable and motivating for others who watch them work day and night. As they want their work to be appreciated, they constantly focus on its details to give their best performances.

As I mentioned before, their desire for appreciation and success is easily visible through their hard work and performance. They don’t like to wait for the deadline; if something needs to be done, they do it immediately. For them, “planning” and “thinking” about something for a long time are only going to delay their work.

As for their interpersonal skills, they are very good at making conversations with others. In fact, they can be friends with anyone because of their observation skills. Their intuitions and truthful nature help them understand the person standing in front of them because they can say things that they want to listen to. This also helps them expand their circle, which can be proven resourceful for their future success. Achievers are very much associated with the world’s reality, which helps them bring the most authentic side.

When it comes to their sophisticated and polished appearance, it is only a reflection of their success, which they like to wear. Even though they are humble, they tend to dress well and enjoy materials and experiences that project an image of wealth or success. And honestly, this trait of theirs very much compliments their personality.

However, when it comes to their weaknesses, it mostly tells others how much they desire validation from others to understand their own worth. To them, their own worth is almost non-existent as long as they hear people complimenting their works. One of the reasons they work so hard and push themselves to their limit is because they fear failure. They believe that if they fail in something, they may never appreciate their work and eventually be forgotten. This is one of their biggest fears and weaknesses that can be considered very harmful for them.

They may be ambitious and are good at interacting with people for their own sake, but when it comes to making actual bonds with other people, they hide. Type threes are not very emotionally open and like to suppress emotions such as grief and struggle. They portray a well-defined image of themselves in front of others to even neglect their own struggles. Not only are they unable to form connections with other people because of that, but they also fail to understand themselves completely during crucial moments. They want to succeed after all, and focusing on their own emotions may look trivial and distracting to them.

Even though they are truthful and loves to speak about what they want with confidence, their ambitious nature can also appear malicious and selfish to others. Because they are constantly focused on their work and want to bring the best results, they may hurt someone’s feelings associated with that work. Their personality can also appear untrustworthy to others because they prioritize the most of their own success.

Achievers don’t know when and how to take rest. They may be energetic and ambitious, but they often put themselves through immense stress and starvation. They are so focused and success-oriented that even following these necessities don’t affect them. They are very ignorant about their emotions and health, which only results in harming them eventually. They want to increase their productivity level so much that they end up forgetting about their own body.

While type threes have their strengths and weaknesses, there are also certain parts on which they should work a little. Sometimes, these individuals need to take a break to comprehend what is actually going on. They may seem good at holding conversations, but they also need to practice active listening. Only if they can do that can they form much stronger bonds with others.

Their habit of beating themselves up to achieve their goal can also backfire. It may not be easy for them to understand, but they need to understand their worth and stop impressing everyone around them. Seriously, they are not obligated to anyone!

Apart from these, they also need to accept their own emotions and vulnerabilities. Accepting our weak side does not make us weak. Rather, this is what helps us built ourselves in a new and better manner. And that’s what type threes should start doing if they want a more balanced out life for themselves.

Best Careers For Enneagram Type 3

As I mentioned before, every person differs from one another. And so, the career choices they make are also based upon their personality. Surely, someone is not going to dove right in for a job that does not suit their personality in any way possible. When it comes to the Achievers, the case is the same.

Because of their energetic, challenging, and ambitious personality, type threes can excel in many fields and bring the best out of themselves. Here are few career options to look at it you are an enneagram type three:

1. Executive:

The job of an executive in a legal field is all about implementing laws. They have the power to enact them and speak regarding what is right and what is wrong about a specific matter. They are practically the boss on whose command certain actions are being taken.

This job is the perfect fit for a type three because it matches with their ambitious and bossy personality. As they want to give the best results in any field, here as well, they are given a chance to prove themselves by working on these challenges. They can be the leader of a group of people and can make decisions. They want to achieve their goals, and that’s why the more challenges, the more they move forward to reach their destination.

2. Attorney:

The job of an attorney is full of challenges and complications which test their abilities. These individuals are challenged on an intellectual level, which demands their knowledge and concentration regarding the case. Attorneys are said to be confident in their job and represent their clients during any legal matters. And this job seems perfect for Achievers.

There is a number of traits that an individual requires, and type threes have almost all of them for becoming an attorney. Their ambitious nature will always push them to work hard and give the best results, and here as well, the job of an attorney demands the best results for their clients. They love challenges, and because they are supposed to be energetic, they are always ready to face them head-on with all they have got. Apart from this, attorneys can also be recognized for their work worldwide. The fame and recognition they can receive from others can also attract many types of threes. The validation and agreement they get can track their path of success.

3. Agent:

Whether we are talking about sports, real estate, literary or anything else, an agent’s job can be very interesting and experience gaining for type threes. For an agent, their biggest asset is their interpersonal skills. As these professionals speak to another party on behalf of someone else, they need to make a good impression to get the work done. Agents should be charismatic and have good communication skills, and all of these traits are readily available in type threes.

As type threes are also known as the Performer, they are charismatic, which can easily communicate with others. This trait helps them leave a good impression on others, which can be very beneficial for them and the company they are working for. Apart from that, this job can also say to be challenging because of its fickle nature. There is no guarantee that every client would agree with them in a snap. This makes the job for them all more interesting as they work hard and add new experiences to their list to achieve success.

4. Sales Manager:

A job in sales is no easy feat, especially when someone is given the post of sales manager. This position not only requires a goal-oriented mindset but good leadership qualities as well. They are typically in charge of recruiting other sales staff members, creating an overall sales plan that the team will work to accomplish, and reporting all progress to other company managers. And to fulfill this role, type threes can make great candidates.

As I said, this job requires a goal-oriented mindset and good leadership skills, and Achievers seem to have all these traits present in them. They can also make great leaders for their charismatic and confident outlook, motivating the team to work better and reach their goals. The plans made by the team can come up with a lot of challenges, which only help type threes to work better and reach their goal before the deadline. This is a thrilling job that requires confidence and experience, making this an ideal career for type threes.

5. News Journalist:

To spread the happenings going around the world, the media plays a significant role in keeping the public aware. And here, news journalists play their own part who make sure to speak in front of the camera and let the public know about the things going around the world. Journalists are bound to be confident who can scoop the truth out and present themselves in front of an audience. And type threes can do that pretty well too.

This job is about confidence and is also full of challenges, which pushes type threes to work better to achieve success. If they do a great job in this field, their work will definitely be appreciated by the higher-ups and can also gain fame among the public. Presentable, confident, ambitious, and ready to learn from new experiences- Achievers can make great news journalists once they start to give their all in this career.

6. Coach:

Being a coach, one may not be a part of the game, but their guidance is what the players require to win. They are the ones in charge of the team who assist the players regarding the game and how they should play. They keep track of the team’s progression and regression and work on it with the team to achieve success.

For type threes, this profession can be very interesting as it allows them to lead others and give them some excellent opportunities to show and implement their skills. The things they teach the team and how they observe their performances allow them to take control and see the consequences of collective teamwork. If the team succeeds, it also means that the coach has succeeded too.

7. Actor:

For becoming an actor, the most basic of the personality traits required for an individual is confidence. Of course, while acting in front of a camera and showing your performance in front of a large audience, this career option is all about being confident with your skills and achieving success as one progresses in this path. Not everyone can handle the spotlight, but if it’s a type three we are talking about, they would be delighted to stand under one.

As they are known as “The Performer” and “The Achiever,” type threes can make great actors for their energetic and charismatic confidence. They are ambitious by nature, and this is what motivates them to reach their goal. And if they can achieve success in this field, they are recognized by others for their work. And what is more motivating for a type three than getting a standing ovation from the audience for their amazing performance!

8. Producer:

A producer’s work is completely different from an actor’s as they can be called the whole project supervisor. Whether it is a film or a music video, it is the producer’s responsibility to look after its production and how things are being handled in this situation.

When it comes to type threes, this seems like a very good career option for them as they are allowed to take control over a definite project and engage themselves in other works of art. After all, a producer is one person during the making of a film who engages themselves in the construction, direction, and delivery of a work of art. And once they are done with their work, their reward comes in the form of validation from the audience, who happens to love the team’s collective work.

So, here are a few options from which you can choose if you are an enneagram three type. Along with the strengths and weaknesses, I also mentioned a few things you should improve on. The options above may seem easy to get for you, but to achieve anything, one is supposed to keep working on themselves. And so, you should do that too. I hope these will help you out a little if you have any confusing thoughts regarding your career options.

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Enneagram Type 3 Careers: Which Career Option Should You Go For?

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