Enneagram 1W2 – Type One With Two Wings

Enneagram 1W2

It is not a surprise for anyone to understand that choosing the right career is no easy task in an individual’s life.

Enneagram 1W2 – It does not just depend on our educational achievements and degrees. Rather, our own interests and passion also influence our decision. Unless there comes a desperate situation where we are compelled to select an uninteresting job for ourselves, we also observe the other factors involved in our choice. For example, let’s assume that you are a very private person who wants to have a nine-to-five desk job for themselves but ends up getting a job that requires a lot of traveling and good. Of course, you will not enjoy it. Flexibility is necessary for an individual to adjust themselves in different situations. However, one cannot just completely change their personality for the sake of their job.

We know that our personalities play a significant role in helping us decide where our interests lie. All of us are different from one another after all, so there is no questioning that we will share common views and preferences. This article will discuss one of the personality types, i.e., 1w2 enneagram, and the best and worst career choices.

SO, WHAT DOES A Enneagram 1W2 MEAN?

If you have ever taken a personality test and are well aware of the different personality types, you must have heard about the 1w2 enneagram. It is also possible that you are one, and that’s why you are here. To understand the meaning of enneagram, though, it is similar to the various personality types we are aware of. However, it is considered as a paradigm that encapsulates the personality types. According to this system, all the personality types have a specific view of the world who contemplates the world around them via their own filters or lens. Through this, we can understand how and why people tend to show a certain behavior in certain ways.

In the case of enneagram 1w2, or simply saying Type one with two Wings, the people sharing this personality type are said to be very idealistic. They believe in equality and advocate for social justice for all. They are also very empathetic towards others, which them very compassionate and kind. Because of this characteristic, these people are very much connected to their own emotions and try their best to be emotionally available for others during the time of need. Their warm and caring nature provide aid to others. They can also form a strong emotional connection with others and do not like to show any regressive behavior and unwanted thoughts of hatred and anger. Although, their circle of help is not invasive and has boundaries. They show warm love and strive for the greater good with sensitivity. Because they are also very open and accepting about their own emotions, they also believe in self-love and care, considering that all people, including themselves, need such positive emotions as much as others.

They desire to make this world a better place, and that’s why they possess a wish to help others and be humane. They try their hardest to make sure that the less fortunate people can make full use of their rights and usually like to volunteer for such communities. They are also very good at terminating their negative emotions while handling a difficult situation.

The strength of an enneagram 1w2 lies in their idealistic viewpoint. They are always motivated to do their best when it comes to helping others. They defend the people they care about and take a stand for them. Because of their emotional attachment, they are able to understand others’ problems. Their wish to provide the best solution to others’ problems encourages them to do give the best they can and bring improvements around them. Their creative mind always comes up with new and unique solutions that help others during dire situations. When it comes to doing something for a better cause, they are even willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Their basic fears include being corrupt or evil and defective as these actions will go completely against their morals.

However, their personality also comes with a few cons. It is true that their strength lies in their idealistic mind but sometimes, their overly emotional mindset can also bring harm to themselves as well as others. They can become self-righteous which can make them think that they are doing the right thing in every situation. This self portrayal of a redeemer can backfire as they start to think that only the opinion of the God and theirs are the rights ones and other’s viewpoints should not be taken into consideration. If any task regarding fixing something is not given to them, they can become extremely frustrated and can even raise their voice for the “unjust” treatment. They feel like their work is not appreciated enough by others and their courage and understanding of the world is noteworthy and should be propagated. There are also chances that if they fail in one of their tasks, they can become very stressed and would blame themselves as well as others for it. They become critics who keep pointing the bad side of themselves as well as others.

Their strengths, as well as weaknesses, have their own effects which can influence them in both positive and negative manner respectively. It is up to that individual how they want to use their traits in the best way possible.


Now that I have given you a brief description of the enneagram 1w2 type, let’s look at a few career choices for them. But before that, here are a few key qualities which they show at a workplace, making them stand out from the crowd:

1. PRINCIPLED: As I mentioned above, type one wants to do what is right morally. They stick to the value of truth, believe in justice, and want to be fair, objective, and ethical during every situation presented in front of them.

2. RATIONAL AND REASONABLE: Even though they can be very emotional, type ones are considered to be logical who try not to make hasty decisions during a dire situation. Instead, they prefer to analyze the situation before coming to a conclusion, making them stand out at the workplace because of their objective mindset.

3. HONEST AND RESPONSIBLE: For type one, honestly matters a lot and that is why they are often in search of the truth. They do not encourage injustice and believe in the power of honesty. They also tend to be responsible towards others as well their own tasks and are very dedicated.

4. PURPOSEFUL: Not only are they well-organized, but type ones also tend to spend a lot of time thinking about their actions and what can be the consequences of them on others. They try to reach almost every single possibility and remain very careful regarding it.

5. OPTIMISTIC: Even though they can be called realists, type ones are mostly considered as optimists because of their positive attitude towards different situations. They always strive to make improvements in the world which act as a booster for them to keep working for their as well as others sake.

If you have a 1w2 personality type and you are looking for a few career options for yourself, here are a few suggestions that can tell you how much suitable you can be for the job:

1. AS JUDGES: Because of their faith in justice, 1w2 will make great judges. Type one personality has the characteristics to believe in the truth, maintain objectivity, and have a lot of integrity which are often seen in judges. Judges always want to make a fair decision while promising justice to the victims and that is one of the basic ideas of an enneagram 1w2. They value truth and do not want to make an unfair decision that harms someone else. They have a sense of responsibility regarding the right and wrong and it is their tendency to give the best solutions possible to others. And that is exactly what a judge strives to do- always choose the truth and then make the right decision.

2. AS POLICE OFFICERS: The job of a policeman is no easy feat. It may look like a heroic job, but like we all know, “with great power come great responsibilities.” A 1w2 type always wants to follow the right path and punish evil. And what better job can be for them than becoming a police. Along with catching criminals and cleaning the trash away, they want to improve society and make it peaceful. Their desire to bring justice to the victims while punishing the wrongdoers is what they strive to do. Their integrity and morality encourage them to strive forward and provide support to the people in need. They are disciplined, and because of their dedication, they make great police officers who uphold the law.

3. AS PROFESSORS: Professors are supposed to passionate, orderly and well-organized when they are genuinely teaching their students. And all these traits come under the 1w2 personality type. They strive to maintain high standards and give their best to uphold them in schools and colleges as professors. They have a purpose to teach and share their knowledge with the students. A 1w2 wants to help people and support them grow into a better person and as professors, that’s exactly what they want to do. They want to encourage their students to do better in their studies while trying their best to give their support.

4. AS ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALISTS: We all must have seen how environmental specialists work with the idea of changing this earth into a much healthier world. They work day and night trying to teach others about the dire situation our earth is in right now. We are seeing everyday how pollution is slowly killing this planet’s life while us human beings continue to exploit it to its very core. Environmentalists are reformists which is a trait often seen in 1w2 personality types. They work with the idea to improve and change and if you are a 1w2 who wants to contribute their share of work to mother earth, then this option is the best one for you.

5. AS SOCIAL WORKERS: If you have ever been a part of a NGO or have seen social workers working in your neighborhood, you must be well aware of how passionate they are towards the cause they are working for. They work with the purpose to bring a change in the society while helping others who were wronged by evil people. They want to leave an impact on other’s life while being realistic and trying to come up with the best solution possible during urgent situations. A 1w2 shares a lot of traits which can be very helpful for them to become a social worker. Because they are so attached with the idea of goodwill, they want to try their best to make this world a better place. And as a social worker, they will be able to fulfill all the wishes they have always had. Yes, it can get a bit rocky from time to time but a 1w2 never stops until they reach their goal.

6. AS DETECTIVES: When you were a child, you must have read a few books about the infamous character, Sherlock Holmes. In the story, he is a detective by profession who is obsessed with the truth. When they get a case, their one and only priority is to reach the truth in every way possible. They try their hardest to reach every possibility, look at all the given information and then do they come to a conclusion. A 1w2 type can make great detectives for their desire to learn about the truth. They are passionate and hard-working, one of the most important traits for becoming a detective. They can spend all their time, digging more and more about the case until they reach the truth. They believe in justice who, just like police officers, want to catch the wrongdoers and help others during an urgent situation.

7. AS NURSE: In a medical field, nurses play a very significant role in handling and managing the patients while providing assistance to the doctors. Because 1w2 types have a very compassionate nature, they make great nurses. Along with providing their assistance to the doctors, these professionals are also able to connect with the patients. They are properly skilled when it comes to their work but are also able to become an emotional support for the patients which help them stay happy and hopeful in such a gloomy environment. A 1w2s biggest desire is to help others and support others during the time of need. If you are one of them who is willing to look for a job in the medical field, the profession of a nurse will make a great choice for you.

8. AS DOCTORS: Just like nurses, doctors also work with the desire to help others and save lives. These professionals are hard working who try their best to give the best service possible to the patients. Type One also has the trait to provide help and support in the time of need. And when it comes to saving someone’s life, a doctor is what we all need. 1w2 will make great doctors for their hard working and supportive attitude as they will always strive to make someone’s life better again.

9. AS JOURNALISTS: When you open your television and look at any of the news channels, you find journalists speaking about all the happenings that are going around in the world. The work of a journalist is not to just spread the news to the masses but also to make sure that people are aware about it properly. They are passionate about their jobs who are striving to bring change in the society and make it a better place for the people. If you are a 1w2 type, then this job will be quite fitting for you.

10. AS REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Type ones are also challengers who like to be the boss. It is not like all of them desire to show their dominance over others but rather wants to work freely while talking about their ideas and even stepping up for the challenges presented in front of them. As real estate agents, they are driven and always try their best to provide assistance to people in need. Even though the job can be stressful at times, with their passionate attitude, 1w2 types can pull this job properly.

The given ideas above can be the ideal job for a type one with two wings. Their idealistic yet realistic attitude is pretty rare to be found. They are helpful by nature and their passion for the work they do make them a force to reckon with.

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Enneagram 1W2 – Type One With Two Wings

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