Does JCPenney Drug Test Their Employees?- All About JCPenny

Does JCPenney Drug Test Their Employees?

JCPenney is an American Limited liability company or LLC that is known for running department store chains in over 49 US states and about 600 locations. JCPenney sells merchandise from jewelry and clothing to housing Sephora’s beauty products and InStyle salons. Today’s topic- Does JCPenney Drug Test Their Employees?

Though usually located in suburban shopping complexes, JCPenney has a few free-standing stores as well. Along with this, JCPenney has been on the retail market through the internet since 1998.

The company offers countless opportunities to their employees including jobs at several positions. JCPenney offers both full-time and part-time jobs to the employees. The company offers the employees a flexible work schedule to help them manage work and personal life better along with other commitments that they might have outside their jobs.

Careers at JCPenney

JCPenney offers several job opportunities to job applicants. The company seeks dedicated, loyal, and approachable employees. The hired employees are expected to be passionate and eager to provide their best customer service. They are expected to be creative and imaginative and eager to share new and innovative ideas to benefit the market performance of the store. 

JCPenney along with being a place for style is also a place where customer satisfaction and employee growth are given equal importance. JCPenney tries to create to the best of their abilities a healthy and flourishing work environment, where employees of different races, religions, ethnicities, sexualities, and sexual orientations can work together.  


JCPenney offers its employees, jobs at various positions. These include positions at instore jobs as well as the jobs in the corporate. The job positions are divided into categories: customer service, supply and distribution, and corporate. 

  1. Customer Service: The job comes with responsibilities such as: taking care of customers and ensuring that they are satisfied by the services of the store and resolving the issues that customers might have. This category includes positions like customer care director, customer care manager, training supervisor, etc. The jobs in this category are paid for regularly as well as hourly. 
  1. Supply: like customer service, this category also has job options that are both hourly and regularly paid. Regularly paid jobs under this category are supply chain supervisor, maintenance manager, human resource specialist, IT supervisor, etc. 
    The hourly jobs are that of the security officer, safety coordinator, warehouse associate, etc.
  1. Corporate: Jobs under this category include positions like textile graphic designers, field and art managers, talent development managers, recruiters, engineers, and auditors.

Other job categories are of the InStyle salon professionals as well beauty experts at Sephora. The job positions include hairstylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, beauty advisors as well as salon managers, and receptionists. 


JCPenney pays $7 an hour for a beginner salon employee and about $60,000 a year for managerial positions. The company offers jobs at entry-level positions as well as corporate jobs that require higher education and work experience. 

Sales: employees at this position make $12 to $13 an hour. Although the wage is minimum at the beginning of the job, the salary increases with the gain of experience. The employees must be skilled at problem-solving and also good team workers. The responsibilities include restocking displays and providing customers with assistance regarding information about the products. 

Stock associates: These employees are paid about $9 an hour. The employees must be sharp-witted and quick problem solvers. The responsibilities include rearranging and organizing stock and supply units.

Loss prevention associates: These employees are responsible for maintaining the store’s security and preventing thefts. The employees are expected to be level-headed even in stressful circumstances. This is a full-time job that pays about $12 hourly. 

Benefits of working at JCPenney

JCPenney offers several employee welfares programs along with several other perks. Among the many perks are employee discounts on merchandise and retirement plans. Along with these the company offers many other perks that are listed below.

  • Health coverage
  • Paid sick leave and vacation.
  • Paid off time
  • Stock options
  • Product discounts.
  • Life and disability insurance.
  • Flexible work schedule 
  • Paid training and orientations.

Application Process

To apply for a Job at JCPenney one can follow the following instructions. 

  1. Register with JCPenney careers by signing up for an online account on the careers page of the JCPenney website.
  2. Create an account with an email address and a password.
  3. Use these profiles to check on the application status.
  4. On the careers page of the website, the applicants are provided to search for the desired job by searching through keywords. These can be the name of the job position or the location desired.
  5. Select the job and click apply.
  6. Fill in the application form with personal details like name, address, etc.
  7. Upload the CV. 
  8. Click apply to register the application.

Hiring Process: Drug tests and background checks.

The hiring process comprises of an interview. The questions asked by the recruiter, are asked generally for the applicants to introduce themselves. The recruiters often ask the applicants to state their strengths and weaknesses during the interview to get an idea of their capabilities. 

Commonly asked questions at the interview

  • How did you come across the job vacancies at JCPenney?
  • Describe your previous experience in the field?
  • What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you plan to work on your weaknesses?
  • In what ways can you benefit the company?

Drug Testing:

Workplace drug testing has recently become very prevalent in the corporate hiring process and even after the hiring process. Some companies do not conduct the test while the interviewing process. JCPenney is one of the companies that do not drug test the employees on hire. 

The company however may conduct post-hiring drug tests. This is done so that the employees can be tested randomly and a correct result of their drug test can be obtained to get a more accurate idea of their alcohol or drug usage.

 These tests are also conducted post accidents at the workplace so that the company can make sure that drug usage wasn’t a factor contributing to the injury.

What is the drug testing used to determine?

Drug tests help determine the presence of substances in the body of the person being tested. A minimum measure or a cut-off is decided for these tests, therefore, the tests result positive, only if the traces of substances are present in amounts greater than the cut-off.


JCPenney does not drug test their employees during the hiring process, though the right to conduct these tests at any time during an individual’s employment is well maintained by the company. The company however does run thorough background checks on the applicants. Therefore, the applicants need to provide correct information about themselves while filling in the application.


  1. Are there ways other than online applications to apply at JCPenney?

Jobs can be applied for at JCPenney both via online applications as well as by calling the store in person. The online applications, however, are preferred.

  1. At what minimum age can an individual apply for a job at JCPenney?

The minimum age to start working at JCPenney is 16 years.

  1. Does JCPenney employ ex-felons?

JCPenney employs ex-felons after running background checks on them. It provides a great opportunity for these individuals to restart their life.

Does JCPenney Drug Test Their Employees?- All About JCPenny

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