What is the Accenture Termination Policy?

Oracle Termination Policy

Accenture plc. Is one of the leading IT companies in the world. It is an Irish-based company. It has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. It is a multinational organization and deals with IT consulting and services. Here we will see the Accenture Termination Policy.

Accenture believes in doing the right thing. The organization believes in creating shared value for its clients and shareholders and provide opportunities to the people. It encourages its associates to follow ethical behavior. It aims to live the core values at the global stage, putting integrity into action. It believes in high standards of core values and addresses strict actions when these standards are not met.

Core values

The core values define the character of Accenture and provide greater detail on expected behavior. Accenture always acts with integrity and in compliance with the law. It believes that adhering to the core values improves the performance and attracts and retains high talent.

Accenture’s core values are-

  1. Client value creation– The organization aims to build good relationships with clients consistently. It aims to be more responsive and deliver value to its clients consistently.
  2. One global network– The organization aims to deliver services to its clients with the help of collaboration, insights, and good business relationships.
  3. Respect for the individual– The organization believes in diversity and inclusion. It believes in fostering trust and respect for people.
  4. Best people– The organization strives to provide a collaborative and supportive work environment. It aims to attract and retain the best talent for the growth and development of its business.
  5. Integrity– Accenture believes in developing trust and being responsible at work. It believes always in ethical behavior.
  6. Stewardship– The organization believes in making itself stronger and better. It aims at the growth and development of present and future generations of people and the environment.

Accenture Termination Policy

Every employee at Accenture is expected to follow these principles. It believes that saying no to these principles is like showing disrespect to the company. Everyone in the workplace has a personal responsibility to comply with the law and act ethically. Violation of any of these core values may result in individual disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Let’s see Accenture Termination Policy.

Termination due to retaliation

Accenture has a zero-tolerance policy for any case of retaliation. The organization does not tolerate any sort of unlawful, unethical, disrespectful, fraudulent, or illegal behavior. Any form of discrimination, harassment, threats, violence, retaliation at the workplace is strictly prohibited. 

Everyone must be provided with equal opportunity to grow in their career. Any sort of disrespect or abusive behavior, bullying, harassment including physical, verbal, or mental, offensive jokes, etc. is not tolerated. Any sort of discrimination based on religion, caste, color, age, gender, etc. is strictly prohibited. Requests or offerings of sexual advances are also strictly prohibited. 

Employees must refrain from any kind of personal conflicts at the workplace. Personal conflicts are believed to harm the company’s reputation or client relationships.

Any form of unfair treatment, harassment, violent, threatening, unethical, or unlawful behavior has serious consequences, even may lead to termination of employment.

Termination due to non-compliance with laws

Accenture believes in strictly complying with the legal rules and procedures. Every employee is expected to act responsibly and comply with the laws. Violation of the laws can significantly harm the company, including financial losses, and damage to the reputation and business relationships. 

Associates must refrain from any sort of corruption or bribery activities. Employees should not offer or accept any inappropriate personal favors like gifts, loans, preferential treatment, etc., that may violate the law. Employees must not engage themselves in money-laundering activities as this is considered to be highly illegitimate. All the employees must maintain trade compliance and must not indulge in insider trading.

Any such activity related to corruption or bribery is considered an embarrassment to the organization and addressed with strict disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Termination due to confidentiality breach

It is the responsibility of every associate to protect the confidential information of the organization. Confidential information must not be disclosed to any unauthorized personnel. 

Associates must also protect the information related to technological advancements, clients, suppliers, and business partners. Data privacy must be a crucial responsibility for any individual at the workplace. Safeguarding intellectual property is also important. Intellectual property such as company assets, trademarks, trade secrets, etc. are confidential and vital for business and must be protected.

Any breach of the confidentiality policy may lead to serious consequences such as financial penalties, suspension, or even termination of employment.

Accenture believes in running the business responsibly. It expects that every associate must be able to make a proper judgment of potential risks and take decisions seeking business benefits. It encourages its associates to act responsibly and work on protecting human rights. Any deviation from the corporate policies and laws may lead to termination of employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in confidential information?

Answer. Confidential information includes vital information of the organization such as customers’ data, target margins, marketing strategies, contracts, development programs, etc.

What is the Accenture Termination Policy?

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