What are Strong Leader Qualities and how to develop them?

Strong Leader Qualities


Are you the one who holds the inner feeling that you lack solid and practical leadership qualities? Are you too searching out for ways to imbibe this quality within yourself? Are you, too, unaware of the rates over which this strong Leadership works? Then here is the desiring answer to all the related questions popping out in your mind.Sit and go through the entire article to get answers for your question ‘What are Strong Leader Qualities and how to develop them?’

Leadership is amongst one such word known to almost the entire world but stands differently for different people. Leadership is nothing but an individual’s quality that leads people toward good deeds in simple and most acceptable terms.

What is Strong Leadership?

Strong Leadership means the art of inspiring a group of individuals to act towards the path of achieving one common goal. It is the ability to turnable first and then mold oneself to inspire and motivate people around. Leadership being impalpable is also hard to measure and to describe well. It is instead the prospect to hold a significant impact on the behavior of others.

Inspiring Quotes By Some World Famous Strong Leaders-

The world has given us many strong leaders to remember and take inspiration from all through our lives. So here below are some of the famous readers’ quotes that will always give motivation whenever you feel a little low at any point in your life. Check them out.

1. According to Mahatma Gandhi- “The voice of human beings can never reach the distance that a little conscience can cover.

2. According to Albert Einstein- “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he can receive.”

3. According to Tony Blair- “The true art of Leadership is learning to say no, rather than saying yes to every task. So it is straightforward to say yes.”

4. According to General George Patton- “Never tell people how to perform their allotted tasks. Instead, get them aware of the tasks to be performed, and they will surely surprise you with their creativity.”

5. According to Peter Drucker- “Effective leadership has nothing to do with being speeches or being liked; results, not attributes define leadership.”

6. According to Sam Walton- “Strong leaders go out of their path to motivate their personnel., It’s amazing if people believe in themselves and are aware of the things that they can accomplish.”

7. According to Margaret Thatcher- “Take a glance at a day when you feel delighted by the end. It’s will never be the one when you lounge around doing nothing. Rather will be the one when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.”

8. According to Arianna Huffington- “We need to accept the fact that we don’t always end up making the appropriate decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes. Understanding that failure does not stand opposite of success rather it’s part of success.”

9. According to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the ability to inspire other individuals to seek definite objectives enthusiastically. The human factor holds a group of individuals together and motivates them to work towards goals.

10. According to Livingston, ‘ Leadership is the process of awakening the desire to work towards attaining a common objective.’

11. According to C.I. Bernard – ‘Leadership is the quality of behavior of the individuals where they guide individuals or their activities in organized efforts.’

12. According to By Bernard Keys and Thomas – ‘Leadership is the process that involves influencing and supporting others to work effectively towards attainment of set objectives.

Nature of Strong Leaders

Strong Leaders can be visualized as a person who is-

Focal Person:- According to this, strong leaders are witnessed based on the position in a company or an institution like being a director, manager, chiefs, executive, or administrator.

Function:-Strong Leadership as a function is seen as the thing that involves the winnings of setting desired goals. 

Status Group:- This nature calls for drifting an individual towards Leadership by dint of the heredity traits.

Process:- Strong Leadership is a communicative process amongst a leader and his followers. The leader is the one that holds an influence over his teammates towards the fulfillment of their familiar desired set goal.

Must To Know 11 Principles of Leadership

1. Be Technically and Tactically Proficient

This implies a person who is efficiently aware of his responsibilities and duties and possesses efficient knowledge and information in the discipline. To imbibe the principle of Leadership in oneself, one has to try out doing the following things:-

  • Get yourself buckled up for the task of a leader but initially take steps forward.
  • Get aware of your followers’ expectations from you and give time and energy to achieve so.
  • Hold the positive right attitude for grabbing and gaining things from others who are more technically and tactically sound than yourself.

2. Know More About Your People Around and Work for Their Good

This one has a vital role amongst all the other strong leadership principles. Yes! One must be acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of every member in the team and should be allotted tasks and situations to handle based on that. To get mastery in imbibing this principle, one must-

  • Hold Practice about fairness. 
  • Be Easily available to approach and communicate with.
  • Should appreciate and reward every team member equally
  • Encourage mass participation
  • Give priority to the well-being of others rather than to yourself.

3. Know Yourself and Preach Self Improvement

A Strong leader must be aware of his strengths and weaknesses by considering the leadership traits. One must always have all the doors that lead to improvement open. The principle can be preached by adopting practices mentioned below:-

  • Call for the honest opinions of your near and dear ones.
  • Generate genuine interest in people and their problems.
  • Gain experience by case studying.
  • Always take the best foot forward to hold an honest, straightforward, and fair evaluation of yourself.
  • Adopt a specific plan towards the attainment of any set desired goal.

4. Be a Role Model

A genuine strong leader adapts and showcases courage, intelligence, integrity, and emotional and mental balance in himself before demanding any expectations from others in the team. From the physical appearance to the mental and emotional ability you hold in handling any situation, all just get portrayed to your followers, and your followers are your true reflection. So always be an example that everyone looks up to. The best ways to set an example are:-

  • Never give heed to any favoritism.
  • Have an optimistic approach.
  •  Be on your toes to perform the task that you want your teammates to perform.
  • Impart duties and avoid unnecessary supervision every time.

5. Keep Your Personal Well Updated

Being a strong leader, keep all your team members informed about the happenings around, and give rewards wherever needed. This will make them more interested in their job and develop a sense of inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm to do it in the best possible way they know and can think about.

6. Make Sure To Supervise For the Accomplishment Of the Task

A Strong leader should ensure that whatever and wherever any task is allowed to the teammates is clearly understood, supervised, and accomplished correctly. 

7. Make Appropriate Fair Decisions At Right Moment

A Strong leader must have the capability to judge the situation quickly and be capable enough to take the fair preferred decisions without getting emotionally drained in it. There should not be any showcase of lack of confidence, confusion, and hesitation while completing the required decision over the situation.

8. Be an Efficient trainer For Your Teammates

A strong leader always passes on his knowledge, practices, and experiences to his followers to develop efficient future leaders for the country and the society. Moreover, he always makes sure to know about the strengths and weaknesses of everyone in his team and makes no stone unturned to improve them with time.

9. Inculcate a Sense of Responsibility Among Teammates

The Strong leader always takes responsibility if anything happens wrong and in no case plays the blame game. Instead, the strong leader tries all his best to resolve the problem and take steps not to get those mistakes done again in any case in the future.

 10. Develop A Sense Of Responsibility Among Team Members

A strong leader makes every possible effort to make his team members take responsibility for every task they perform. This encourages the members with a sense of courage and confidence and imbibes the zeal to do the job more responsibly and effectively.

11. Proper Knowledge About Technical And Tactical Command Capabilities

A strong leader must be aware of his capabilities to affirm his command. Go on to allot challenging jobs to your team but before doing so, make sure that they are efficiently prepared for it.

10 Effective Traits of Strong Leadership

It is a worldwide belief that a person gets leadership traits from birth itself. Still, to this concept of such individuals around, Leadership is one trait that can be attained with time and continuous efforts and Practice.

 So here we have the list of must to possess effective leadership traits:-

  • Long Visioner:-Strong Leaders always carry a long-lasting visionary. They plan out things to achieve, keeping all the consequences and outcomes of the future in mind. They are also well aware of the several continuous changes that they will have to make and adopt while working to attain the goal.
  • High Self Motivation:- Strong Leaders often hold up to the neck of the bottle of self-motivation in themselves. Besides just fulfilling set goals, strong leaders always put in their best efforts to excel.
  • Influencing Communicator:-Strong Leaders are thrilling and mind-blowing efficient communicators. They convey the instructions to the followers in a prominent, well-organized, and easiest way possible. Possessing the skill of speaking, a strong leader holds good listening ability too.
  • Public-Oriented:- Strong Leaders are generally people-oriented. They acknowledge the worth of teamwork and always consider every single team member while fulfilling any task. They make every single team member feel and realize their importance and wealth.
  • Responsible:-Strong Leaders always consider themselves comprehensible for any mistake committed and never take a narrow escape in this situation. They carry a belief that it is their accountability to fix things up instead of playing blame games.
  • Confidence: All strong leaders should have faith as they are required to make certain tough decisions during their work period. This quality of their work as an aid helps them inspire, motivate, and hold good communication with every member belonging to the team.
  • Emotional Stability:- Strong Leaders are, to the brim, emotionally stable. They do not always get stuck in any specific emotional situation, and this act of theirs plays a vital aid to them in managing their stress and pressure while at work.
  • Self-Organizing:- It is often straightforward to organize others compared to when the talk is about managing oneself. Strong Leaders always are believed to be the ones with self-managing abilities. A good, strong leader is always aware of how and how to manage or prioritize his work and time effectively.
  • Creative and Innovative:- Strong Leaders are incredibly innovative and creative in terms of doing their work. An excellent strong leader always tries his best to do a task in a well inventive, advanced, clever, and easiest way to keep every member’s interest in the team throughout the work.
  • Persistent:– A good strong leader possesses the trait of being consistent in his work. He always stays determined in attaining the desired set goal. 

How to Become A Strong Leader? 

Are you now thinking of ways that can make you a robust and effective leader? So being a strong leader has no manual guide or no step-by-step approach that can be followed or taken classes about. Yes! But have some tips for you that can make your path of becoming a solid leader simple and a little guided.

#Tip 1# Know Yourself

Always hold a start from inside. A strong leader must have the ability to understand and know about oneself, like the strengths and the weaknesses, in detail. A strong leader always holds the best knowledge about the things lacking behind and the things they need to work and grow themselves at. 

To know yourself better, here are some moral questions that you can ask yourself.

Q1. What strengths do I possess?

Q2. What can make people count on me?

Q3.What is the art that I am best at?

Q4.What weak points do I Possess?

Q5. What are the things on which people cannot count on me?

#Tip 2# Always Appreciate Your Team Mates

Just knowing yourself alone will not work. To stand a strong leadership position, it will be imperative to know your people well. If you are not aware of their strengths, motivations, weakness, beliefs, fears, then at one or the other point, you will automatically build communication gaps in between, and things will not stand as they should.

#Tip3 # Look Out For a Genuine and Right Mentor

A good mentor is someone who will show your true self and will help you to work on yourself to overcome the places where you lack. He, with his experience, will be the true guidance for you in the situation where you feel yourselves struck and are not able to find an effective way out.

#Tip 4# Don’t always stand out. Rather Be A Team Player

Going by Michael Jordan, he once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” No matter how good or strong a leader you are, standing as a team player is what’s gonna win you things and make the hardest tasks possible. To be a team player always –

  • Cherish each other’s success.
  • Be reliable.
  • Always be ready to offer help. 
  • Be open-minded.
  • Learn to appreciate other team members’ ideas.
  • Learn to trust others.
  • Be a good listener.

#Tip 5# Be definite and clear about your Priorities

To serve yourself as a strong leader, you have to make sure whatever tasks you try to perform should be aligned with a mission that is bigger and worth performing. Once you have that kind of thing, allow the rest of the team members to connect with it in the best self-motivated and oriented way they can. 

#Tip 6# Always Stay Humble

Being a strong leader does not at all mean being rude and arrogant. A good strong, successful leader is always the humble one, and the best way out to become humble is “getting your hands dirty.” Never lead by orders. Rather, lead by giving or setting examples. Never ask your people to do something that you yourself cannot do if asked. 


So guys, are you ready to become a strong leader now? Strong Leadership is never about the ruling. Rather, it is all about building a culture that would help other people grow. We know that will be long and full of hurdles, but at the same time, the end would definitely be worth all that.

What are Strong Leader Qualities and how to develop them?

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