Disney Culinary Interview Questions with answers

Disney Culinary Interview Questions

As kids, all of us have for sure dreamt of getting a job at Disney, and they do have a lot of programs for different professions and internships. Want to know more about these programs? Then you sure have to go forward and read this entirely. Disney has a lot of culinary programs teamed up with many universities. So if you are passionate about being in the culinary department at Disney and want to know the possible questions and tips to ace the interview, you should go through this article. Here are Disney Culinary Interview Questions with answers.

The one question you’ll be asked in any type of interview is:

Tell us about yourself

This question might sound very cliched, but this is where the interviewer makes an impression on you. And as dull as it may sound, first impressions are always the best impressions, so you have to be careful while answering this question, make sure you don’t over-elaborate or respond in a hurry and miss the most important things. Here are some tips for you to answer this question perfectly.

  • Tell them your name.
  • A brief background check
  • Your degree and school you graduated from
  • Past experiences, if any.
  • What you do at the moment and one or two of your hobbies.

You don’t have to stress out too much. Just tell the interviewers what you have in your mind as soon the question is asked and be assertive when talking.

The Disney culinary program has a certain number of requirements, and you have to make sure you meet all of them to qualify for the first part of the whole process. Don’t worry, and we have briefed the requirements for you.


  • You need to be a part-time or a full-time student of a culinary arts school, with a degree in some stream of culinary arts and those who have graduated in the past 12 months of applying.
  • You should also meet your school’s requirements for the application, which you already might know.
  • You should be receptive to Disney’s appearance standards. Any intentional body modifications like tattoos, piercings, brands should be completely taken care of before attending the interview. If you want to know more about this requirement, you can always check it out on the official Disney website.
  • You have to be at least 18 and possess an unrestricted work authorization.

Possible culinary interview questions

  1. What are the different cuts on beef?

Tell them everything you possibly remember about the different types of cuts on beef, for example. So you can say, “there are five cuts that I know of, and they are rib eye, New York strip, top sirloin, tenderloin, top sirloin cap.” you can also go ahead and elaborate a point or two if you think you’re efficient enough.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses in the field?

Being honest with this question is the best thing you can do, briefly explain your weaknesses but try and stress your strengths more. Also, try to assure them you can always turn your weaknesses into your strengths. This is a question that is asked to test how honest and accepting you are of yourself.

  1. Tell us how much Wine and beer knowledge you have?

Wine and beer knowledge is a must for a person applying for the Disney culinary program. In addition, you have to be able to recommend a wine that is the best pairing with the food that one orders. So we suggest you polish your skills from this very minute if you think you require it.

  1. Why do you want to work for Disney?

This is a very individual perspective question, and it should be answered carefully rather than just putting out your raw ideas or reasons before the interviewers. However, you can start on your passion for cooking, how you came across the program, and how you can see yourself developing with the help of this program or the opportunity given.

  1. Why are you interested in cooking?

This is also a very individual-based question and is not that hard to answer. You just need to tell them briefly your story of how you started to get interested in cooking and then redirect it into how it has biome your career choice.

  1. How do you avoid accidents in the kitchen?

“Always be careful and as attentive as possible, keep my view all around and not just focused on one thing or place. Be able to assess the kitchen atmosphere, it might be between the staff or just how things are going on in general”. This was just an example of how you could answer; you can always answer it your way or add more to what we provided.

  1. What is the first thing you would do while following a recipe to make a particular something?

As we said before, a culinary interview revolves around your individual abilities to make the kitchen more efficient. Therefore, to get the job, you have to be able to answer these questions with the most interesting yet practical answers.

  1. What would you do if you ran out of an ingredient that is required for the menu?

“Think of all the possible ways I can get it in time. If it’s an ingredient that can be made from scrape, I will try my best to make it as fast as possible. I will check with the other staff to know if there’s any possible way to get it when required. But I will also check in advance to avoid this happening in the first place”. For this question, the key is to assure them that you have the management skills and think of some solution to keep the routine undisturbed.

Dress to impress, meet the requirements, polish your skills as much as possible, and be there on time. If it’s a phone interview, then be sure to keep your voice confident and assertive.


Those were the most probable questions we could assemble for you. But, always keep in mind to improvise them when you know what you’re talking about and keep it simple when you’re unsure. Culinary arts is a career choice that requires a lot of patience, and the opportunities are limitless. The Disney culinary program is one of the best opportunities to learn new things and develop new skills, although the program may require you to promise unusual shift hours. But, getting into it can be an excellent start. 

Disney Culinary Interview Questions with answers

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