Sample Apology Letter To Customer- Examples

Sample Apology Letter To Customer Examples

You committed a blunder. You screwed up. But now, it’s time to take responsibility for it and clean all the mess. We’re all humans and humans are susceptible to committing mistakes. It’s okay to mess up sometimes, what counts is how you accept the accountability for it and truly apologize for your damage. It is normal to view yourself as the most horrible person in the world when you make a misstep but you should know that one error doesn’t say your identity as a whole. You may get protective, but defense can never be a good way of apologizing. You may also end up assuming that because of your one fall, you may unlock the door for more indictments, but not apologizing in the first place, sullies your professional and personal connections as well. Here is the article that gives Sample Apology Letter To Customer with examples.

An Apology Letter to Customers is a letter that you send to a company’s consumers, fessing up your mistakes and pleading for his forgiveness. While writing an apology letter, you must refrain from sounding protective, claiming alibis, or indicting the mistake on anyone or anything else. The best way to write an apology letter is to take full accountability for the oversight, truly asking forgiveness for it, admitting guilt, and promising not to reiterate the blunder. 

To find out more about writing an apology letter, keep reading! 


It is always better and rather mandatory to write an apology letter in the proper format. It strengthens your professionalism, heightens your chances to have forgiveness granted, and enables you to put your apology out there most concisely as well as precisely. 

Follow the given format to write an excellent apology letter to customers: 


The Customer Service Manager

Name of Company


Greetings (Dear sir/ma’am) 

Body if the letter 

  • State the word ‘sorry’
  • Do not blame 
  • Accept your mistake
  • Sound polite 
  • Provide solution
  • Provide discounts or vouchers to make up
  • Fix the problem as soon as you can 

Thanking you, 

Salutation (Yours faithfully/yours sincerely/ regards/best regards/warmest regards/)




Apology Letter for Poor Consumer Handling

Did your consumer let go an hour of their day being transmitted from agent to agent to solve a supposedly easy problem? Is your consumer bothered after an ordeal with a haughty and uncaring worker or supervisor?

Strategic administration advisory company, McKinsey, reported that 70% of buying events are founded on how the consumer tones they are being behaved toward. No matter who is right in a complex dilemma, it is crucial to offer the consumer a truthful apology.

While apologizing for poor consumer handling, you can write something like: 

Dear Kelly,

On behalf of [ENTER COMPANY NAME], I would like to extend my profound apologies for the unfavorable experience that you had with our customer service agent, Jake. 

I understand that Jake was incompetent in solving your problem and that when you inquired about speaking with a manager, he hung up the phone instead of transmitting your call. I understand your frustration at having not been appropriately directed to an on-duty overseer and your even bigger frustration for being on hold for 30 minutes straight only to hear the call finally hanging up. 

At [ENTER COMPANY NAME], we are proud of providing our 100% each day to guarantee that our consumers’ requirements are being fulfilled. I know that we couldn’t live up to your expectations and we extremely regret that. 

We do our best to tutor each of our agents on how to correctly deal with our consumers’ problems, consisting of how to end dilemmas that they are incapable of solving. Your problem was not tackled appropriately, and we are going to take measures to guarantee that this condition does not reiterate itself.

As of this Thursday, we are going to make our customer service agents ask for a call-back number at the beginning of each discussion in case the call dashes. We will also be keeping a compulsory survey round to make sure our agents are knowledgeable of the correct method for transmitting calls.

I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our notoriety. We are always looking for means to better our help, and your response is an incalculable part of that process.

Should you need any help in the future, please do not think twice before contacting me promptly, as I will be very glad to help you tete-a-tete with anything you desire.


Joanna Huntington.

Customer Service Manager

+1 (987) 000-1234

[email protected]

How to Write an Apology Letter for Poor Consumer Handling

  • Tell that you’re apologetic and show honest remorse.
  • Stand detailed about what occurred.
  • Verify and associate to the consumer’s emotions.
  • Exhibit what measures your organization will carry to ensure the difficulty won’t rise again.
  • Provide your consumer with your contact details for additional extents.

How Not to Write an Apology Letter for Poor Consumer Handling

  • Stand vague
  • Bring about alibis or switch charge.
  • Quit the problem unsolved.

Apologizing for a Ruined or Inadequate Item or Assistance 

A recent study reveals that achieving a fresh consumer is anywhere between 5 and 25 amounts extra costly than maintaining a prevailing one.

When we are reached by a consumer who is dissatisfied by an impaired commodity or help, replying with a professional apology that extends the consumer a hassle-free treatment is a crucial portion of guaranteeing consumer retention.

While apologizing for a ruined or inadequate item or help, you can write something like: 

Dear Kelly, 

I would like to thank you for reaching us regarding your inadequate Bright Days Holiday Photo Frame. We are very embarrassed that the product that you collected did not process as professed. We realize your dissatisfaction and ask forgiveness for any hitch that this may have induced you.

Ahead of exporting any product, it goes through various phases of excellence reviews. It is our goal to provide just the greatest value products to our buyers, and we rue that your product tumbled over our value standards.

We have got on forth and exported you a new Bright Days Vacation Photo Frame, which should reach your designated location in 3-5 working days. When you collect it, please return the impaired frame in the enclosed carton.

We get that readying for the vacations is a time-sensitive case, and will be delivering you a voucher for $10 off your next purchase to make up for the difficulty.

Thank you again for bringing up this problem to our awareness—please don’t flinch to call for any more troubles.

Hannah Huntington,

Customer Service Representative

How to Apologize for a Ruined or Inadequate Item or Assistance

  • Clarify why the ruin/ravage was a rare incident.
  • Deliver the consumer with an easy and quick alternate.
  • Estimate how dissatisfied the consumer is – if required, give the consumer a token of care, such as a rebate, to exhibit that you care about their commitment and gratification.

How Not to Apologize for a Ruined or Inadequate Item or Assistance

  • Force the consumer to take additional actions on their own that you could handily assist them with, for instance replacing an order.
  • Make the customer frustrated and regretful of buying from you. 

Apologizing for Impeded or Bad Delivery

There are many systems in which a consumer might obtain a product that was exported late or badly. Maybe a commodity that was noted as “available” on the website is really out of merchandise. Maybe a storm impeded delivery. 

Asking forgiveness for terrible or impeded delivery expects you to be very civil and generous. You need to sound very apologetic for your blunder because only then will you be able to earn full support from your consumers. Show them that you are embarrassed and are glad to take care of the shortcoming and make sure nothing like this ever occurs again. 

Dear Alice,

We are extremely apologetic that you yet have not obtained the Candy Burst Child Ceiling Fan that you bought from us on our website this preceding Friday.

The need for this famous product has outperformed our probabilities, and our merchandise is drained. However, we will attain a fresh cargo of fans next Monday, which we will accelerate to our buyers.

We realize that as a devoted consumer when you carve an investment you hope to obtain your item quickly. We recognize that we have disappointed you and for that, we are extremely embarrassed.

Please notify us on whether you would like to continue with your order and wait or would you like to cancel the order altogether. You can connect here at any moment for live delivery and assistance updates. Again, we regret this complication.


Christopher John,

Customer Service Representative

How to Apologize for Impeded or Bad Delivery

  • Clarify why the delivery was postponed.
  • Exhibit that you understand and care about the complication that this may have resulted in.
  • Provide the consumer with a program to get them their commodity as quickly as probable.
  • Contain a connection to delivery updates and tracking.

How Not to Apologize for Impeded or Bad Delivery

  • Stand unclear about the reason for the delivery holdup.
  • Stand unclear about when the consumer will obtain their delivery.

Apologizing for Billing Problems

Billing problems can be extremely irritating for a consumer who has made an order with your business. Yet, it is an incredibly widespread mistake. Should a billing matter come up, make it obvious to reach your consumer as quickly as it gets to your awareness.

Apologizing for billing problems requires you to be extremely polite and cordial. You need to sound truly regretful of your mistake because only then will you be able to receive full support from your customers. Show them that you are apologetic and are willing to take care of the flaw and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. 

Dear Kelly, 

Thank you for reaching consumer assistance. We are incredibly apologetic that you were charged doubly for the identical item. We realize that the blunder was on our back, and it is not a misstep that we take casually.

According to our technological division, the mistake was because of a computer hitch in our automated billing procedure. As an outcome of this problem, and to stave off this from occurring in the future, fresh updates are being prepared in the procedure. In the meanwhile, we have paid back you the full proportion of one of the payments, or $53.55 plus toll. Please allow 4-5 working days for the proportion to show again on your card.

We wish that this will be adequate to amend the mistake and deal with any difficulty this may have affected you. Thank you for pulling this to our awareness—it will enable us to rectify our procedures and strategies.

We very much regard your support. If any other problems require to be dealt with, please don’t flinch to reach us.


Lisa Davenport,

Customer Service Representative

How to Write an Apology for Billing Problems

  • If feasible, clarify the reason for the billing mistake.
  • Give the consumer a timely compensation if twice charged.

How to Write an Apology for Billing Problems

  • Relinquish relation to or accountability for what occurred.
  • Inquire your consumer for data that you don’t require.
  • Ask the customer to send you sensitive information online.

Apologizing for an Item Recall

From bottled food items to iPhone 11 Pro recall, commodity recalls are a widespread basis of both general and customized consumer apology letters.

Must your company have a commodity that requires to be recollected, use these example letters as plans to know what to do and what not to do when formulating your letter of apology?

Dear esteemed consumer,

At [ENTER COMPANY NAME], our goal is to give our consumers only the newest, greatest excellence bottled seafood items. That being let out, our prime preference is the security and gratification of our consumers while expanding our commodities. I grieve to confess that our most current cycle of bottled tuna fell low on that guarantee.

Unfortunately, our cycle of tuna issued with the extinction dates March 2018 through June 2018, have been seen to include hazardous mercury degrees. The fish that we custom are snatched wild and not tended, and we examine our commodities broadly before rendering them usable to the community. We are extremely apologetic that this cycle of containers has fallen beyond our excellence norms.

While we grieve this finding extremely, we are willing to free this line of statement to guarantee the security of our consumers.

If you have in your ownership any containers of tuna with these extinction dates, you can reciprocate them to the department store where they were bought, or send them free of cost to the given address for a complete payback:



If you have absorbed one or numerous containers of our tuna with these extinction dates, you are not required to pursue medical scrutiny, but you are recommended to not proceed any further with the tuna.

To our prized consumers who were implicated and unimplicated likewise, we are extremely apologetic. We will proceed with cultivating the items that our consumers respect, but with extra comprehensive excellence, examination to guarantee that this circumstance teams as a rare occurrence.

We would like to thank you all for your devotion over these past 2 decades that we have been in the industry—we will struggle harder to not dissatisfy and dishearten you furthermore.


Jacob Dan,

President and CEO

How to Apologize for an Item Recall

  • Make your consumer feel respected.
  • Illustrate your company’s purpose message and how this declaration pertains to the recall circumstance.
  • Provide particular details about the recall.
  • Provide inflicted consumers precise evidence on how to function.

How Not to Apologize for an Item Recall

  • Give rise to absolves.
  • Scare your consumer with startling features.
  • Provide unclear knowledge that does not give a remedy.

Apologizing for Canceling a Service or Event

Your organization must ask forgiveness for the complication that cancelation of assistance or incident can affect consumers. Like commodity recalls, cancelations can arise for a variety of reasons, such as consumer security (for instance with a flight), low consumer review or ratings (for instance with a TV program), or the scarcity of the main partaker in an incident (for instance in a workshop). 

Have a look at these conclusive instances of industry apology letters for suspending assistance or incident.

Dear Flynn,

I am extremely apologetic to notify you that our workshop, “Practising Fitness: The Art of a Healthy and Sound Work Environment ” has been revoked due to the cyclone that is laid to reach this Thursday.

Due to the hazardous and unfavorable weather conditions, we will not be able to continue with the workshop as planned. I am sorry for any complication that this revokes may have caused you. The security of our visitors and orators is our first and foremost concern.

We are expecting to be able to replan this workshop at a later date and will transmit you an email as quickly as we have figured out the details respecting this modification. For now, we are handing out reimbursements to all our visitors who were scheduling on visiting this occasion. You should discern the cumulative significance of your investment refunded to your bank statement in 4-5 working days.

We wish to thank you extremely greatly for indicating curiosity and involvement in our occasion—your investment assists us to scheme future workshops and episodes. Please click here to see our plan of forthcoming workshops this month.


Joanna Huntington,

Event Manager

How to Apologize for Canceling a Service or Event

  • Exhibit to your consumer that they are an important aspect of your corporation’s accomplishment.
  • Payback your consumer instantly.
  • Allow your more custom to understand if and when the event can be replanned.
  • Give your consumer extra alternatives.

How Not to Apologize for Canceling a Service or Event

  • Conserve the explanation for the cancelation from the consumer.
  • Abandon your customer unclear as to when and how they will be paid back.
  • Blame the mistake on your employees or to the uncontrollable fate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write an apology letter to customers?

While writing an apology letter to a customer, always say or mention the word ‘sorry’. Acknowledge you were in the wrong and propose a justification of what happened. Accept the consumer’s objectives and lend an obvious second step. Ask for forgiveness. You should remember to never make the mistake personally. Mistakes and errors happen all the time and humans are meant to commit slips. You should not take it personally rather accept your mistake and provide a solution. Also, provide your consumer with response options

Is an apology necessary in consumer assistance?

An apology develops a decent connection or conserves a prevailing one. When a consumer is disappointed, it works for them to listen to somebody admit the crisis and say they are apologetic. Apology assists to stride forward with an explanation. It is very important to maintain a robust and healthy consumer rapport.

How should I apologize to a rude consumer?

While writing an apology to a rude customer, you should not question the consumer’s experience by saying something like, “I’m sorry if our customer representative was rude”. That right there is again rude and shows that you don’t care. Also, do not blame the mistake simply on bad luck or start your sentence with an ” Unfortunately”. Take the blame, accept your mistake and give a solution.

How do you ascertain you are sorry?

To prove that you are genuinely apologetic and regretful. Admit that what you did was not okay. The first phase of making an apology is to be and sound sincere. Then you should go on to asking for forgiveness. Do not think of an apology as a battle that you have to win or lose, it should be an act of genuine concern. Do not ever blame the mistake on your employees or fate, rather you should be ready to admit guilt numerous times.


When we compose an apology letter to a customer, we are compelled to analyze and explore our goal announcement and label individuality, and to deal with how we are or are not fulfilling the consumer’s demands. Eventually, by formulating the excellent apology letter we indicate that we are ready to attend to life’s arduous moments with a smile and make consumer gratification a primary and supreme concern. 

Go through your company’s prior apology letters and have a look at how they correlate to these examples. It’s never too late to become an apology expert and make up the best way for your customer’s loss. Almost anything can be fixed with a genuine and sweet apology.

Sample Apology Letter To Customer- Examples

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