Excuses To Get Out of Something You Don’t Want to Do

Excuses To Get Out of Something You Don't Want to Do

At certain times in our day-to-day life, we are forced to do something, give our word or make promises about things or events that, unfortunately, we cannot make up for, like attending a business event or making a presentation at your office acquaintance’s brunch. The reasons for this might vary from person to person but ultimately might fit into either the category of personal reason or lethargy reason or simply because you did not feel like doing or going to that situation you promised. Here is the article that gives some ideas for saying Excuses To Get Out of Something You Don’t Want to Do.

But we need to realize that the person you gave our word to might not be very happy about the fact that you are backing out of something that you, in the first place, agreed to do or more like forced to agree to. Your reason for agreeing to do the task at that moment might be anything, from stopping that person from annoying you to that task being handed to you since you cannot decline the duty due to the age of the other person. So, to avoid causing drama and being tagged as unpredictable and distrustful, you need to come up with excuses that seem real, are not overused, and should make proper sense.

In this article, we will explore a few plausible reasons one can use to get out of such situations.

1) Make use of the pandemic: Using the pandemic and corona as an excuse to get out of an outing or a meeting is, at the moment, the best excuse you have got to use, which fulfills the criteria of being real, logical, and understanding the reason for declining an offer. The individual that was planning to give you the work has to understand the situation if it has got anything to do with covid.

2) Taking care of your pet: You can always call in to say that your pet is not doing well and they just threw up and you have to take care of them because they need their parents to feel well if ever you want to get out of something you are not interested in doing. Studies show people feel more empathy for animals than they feel for humans, so you can always use it to your advantage whenever required.

3) Your car broke down: If you’re on the way to work and are already running late, and on top of that, someone you know is trying to get you to run certain errands for them on the way, you can just say your car broke down and you will be late. Furthermore, you can also add that, since you will be late, the person who was handing in his work to you should help you out with running your urgent errors.

4) You forgot about it: It is accepted to forget to do things, especially during a pandemic, wherein people are starting to get a pandemic brain, which disrupts our thinking capabilities. So, if you were asked to do a task (not a major one, of course!), you can make a mix of our busy schedule and pandemic brain accountable for it. And since it is happening to everyone, they’ll seem to get it more than you.

5) Start cribbing about your life problems: Whenever in your life, you are approached with a task by someone that you are not interested in and you just want to be left alone, just start cribbing about that individual. Crib about your life, your relationships, or even about something as baseless as running out of milk and thus annoying that person. Make him realize that you are not a fun person to hang out with and they will probably waste their time if they engage in any form of conversation with you. And there you have it. You do not have to do the thing you were supposed to do and you can live peacefully thereafter.

6) Blame it on your boss: Sometimes in life, it is understandable that you might just want to spend your free day doing absolutely nothing and sleeping in. And in any case, if someone is trying to force you to socialize and you just do not want to, no worries. You can always say that your “strict” boss has bombarded you with so much work with such a tight deadline that you do not have the time to breathe. Exaggerate it as much as you can and voila! problem solved and you finally sleep in as much as you can.

7) Fake an emergency call during the conversation: If your manipulative friend is trying to shift his workload onto you and you are in no mood to be someone else, the simplest way to get out of the conversation is to fake an emergency call. The moment they approach you, you can simply take out your phone and pretend to pick up someone’s call and just say “I am sorry. I have to take this. It’s urgent “and just walk off to a place where they cannot find you.

8) Family visiting: If you ever get an invitation to an event where you do not want to go, especially if it is your office thing or you are asked to carry out someone else’s list of work and do not know how to decline these tasks respecting the other person’s feelings, do not stress as you can blame it on your parents visiting. Everyone understands how important it is for an individual to be there for their parents, especially when they are visiting you from miles away. Therefore, you can always say, “I am sorry. My parents are visiting me after a year and I have to clean the house and make an amazing supper for them”. And boom, the work supposedly to be done by you now becomes someone else’s burden while you come out looking like a caring individual.

Excuses are not just limited to the above-mentioned ones. You can be as creative as you want to be, but make sure you cannot always make up excuses for not doing something you do not want to. It should not result in habitual behavior since lying and being lethargic both disrupt the course of your successful career paths.

Excuses To Get Out of Something You Don’t Want to Do

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