New Employee Introduction Email- Examples

New Employee Introduction Email Examples


A company hires several new candidates for different posts. But whenever a new employee comes in, it becomes crucial to send a good introduction email to the existing employees intimidating about the same. This email helps in building good connections, and the employees can work better. But sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find the ideal format for sending a new employer introduction email to everyone. So in this article, we will tell you the ideal format and various examples through which you can send a perfect New Employee Introduction Email.

But before that, let’s understand what is the purpose and importance of sending a new employee introduction email. 

What is the importance of sending a new employee introduction email? 

Before delving into how you should design a write employee introduction email, first let’s understand what the purpose of this introductory mail is. 

An introductory email helps the employees to know about the new entry. Although several big companies with hundreds of employees might not appreciate its importance, introducing the new employee remains vital for several reasons. 

  1. The purpose of introducing a new employee through email is that the newly hired person gets some attention and familiarity in the company.
  2. Even if the new employee is not able to meet everyone in person, other employees don’t feel hesitant to work with him. 
  3. This introductory email will thus help the newly hired employee to feel like a part of the team and the company. Ultimately it strengthens the teamwork in the company.
  4. It helps in easing the anxiety and nervousness of the new employee. When the existing employees come to know of a new employee, they can come forward to greet and welcome him. This welcome helps the new employee to push away the fear and nervousness. 
  5. The new employee will feel engaged on the very first day of his joining because people know him by name. 

Now let’s move to the guide to writing new employee introduction emails. 

Guide to Employee introduction email

  1. Salutation: When you are writing to a particular department, you can start with Dear (department name) members. For instance, if the newly hired person will join the management team, you can send an introductory email to the management department. Then the email will start with Dear Management Department members or Department Team. It depends on you whether you want to send the employee introduction email to only a particular department on the whole team. So if you are sending it to the whole team, instead of writing dear department team members, you will write dear Team members of ABC Co. (the name of your company). 
  1. Opening lines of the main body (Name and role of the newly recruited employee): Then you can tell about your happiness on the joining of a new employee. Tell the name of the employee who is joining the team and what specific role he will play. Also, rather than starting directly with the introduction of the new team member, you can set the context by telling how the company was looking for an ideal candidate. 

Make sure that you are mentioning the right name, job role, and other details about the newly hired person. Start the sentence by telling about your excitement and happiness on new employee’s joining, for more emphasis. 

Example no. 1: As you all are well aware that our company was looking for an experienced candidate for the position of Associate Manager (or any other post), our search has finally come to an end. 

Example no. 2: I am glad to let you all know that Mr. ABC has joined us as Sales Executive or any other job role. 

Example no. 3: I am thrilled or excited or glad to inform you all that Mr. ABC has joined us as Associate manager and promote our business interests further. 

  1. The positive attributes of their personality: Next, you would mention some good things about the newly hired person like friendly nature, jolly nature, hard-working and dedicated fellow, etc. 

Example: Mr. ABC has always demonstrated great customer service skills and will maintain the legacy. His jolly and helpful nature is worth praising. 

  1. Past jobs and work experience: 

To add some respect for the new member in the eyes of existing team members, it is vital to tell the relevant skills and experience that they possess. Don’t delve into much detail but add at least two or three lines about the same. 

Example: Mr. ABC, who has worked with reputed companies like XYZ as a sales executive is sure to add value to the company through his business insights and confident personality. He has also helped in increasing customers of the previous firm through his presence of mind and analytical approach. 

By mentioning the experience and previous job roles of the newly hired person you will create a positive feeling among fellow workers. Keep it two to three lines. 

Example: He has worked for two years as a sales associate with a leading pharmaceutical company, XYZ. He started his career as a cashier in an ordinary firm. But with his dedication and hard work, he got an opportunity to work with leading companies. 

  1. Show that the newly hired person is equally interested to join the company

Even if you write just a single line that the new person is equally excited to join the company and take the charge, you will create a good impression. When you talk about the skills and experience, it’s natural to believe that the company requires the person more than the contrary. But you have to create a neutral effect by showing that both require each other equally. 

Example: Mr. ABC, who will join us in two or three days is equally glad and excited to join us, as are we. 

  1. Some fun facts about the person: You can also include some fun facts about the newly hired person. This is an optional part, if you know some interesting things about the person, you can tell about them in the mail. This can help in better interaction. But if you don’t know any such thing, you can skip this part in the mail. 

Example: Mr. ABC likes to play guitar, and in his free time, he even writes some beautiful songs. We look forward to hearing their melodious voice at the company get-togethers. 

Example: Team I would also like to tell you that Mr. ABC is also a great poet and loves to write poetry in his free time. We hope to hear some great poetries from him in his free time. 

  1. The key responsibilities that they will handle: Tell briefly about the job duties that the newly hired person will perform. Example: The newly hired person will look into all the managerial aspects, and all the repairing work will be his duty. So, all the employees have to report to him about any safety issues in the equipment or if any particular equipment is not working properly. 
  1. Concluding part of the main body of the email: Once you have mentioned all the above things in the mail, you will move towards the concluding part. In this, you can again write that we are pleased, excited, or happy to have Mr. ABC on board with us. Lastly, invite the members for the welcome of the new team member. 

Example: Once again, I would congratulate you guys on a new team member. I request you to join me, and other senior members in welcoming the new team member. 

Example: I would request the employees to come forward and interact with Mr. ABC in the coming days and give them a warm welcome. 

Introducing a new employee to the clients

When a person is hired for an important position, it becomes crucial to inform the clients about the same, besides informing the employees. So, you can write an official email to the company clients to inform them about the hiring, in the following manner: 

  1. Salutation (client name): The first step is to write the client name to whom you are writing this email. You can either start by writing the name directly or add a dear sir before the name. 

Example: Mr. ABC or Dear Mr. ABC. 

The choice of whether you want to write the full name or only the last name depends on the common usage. If the person likes to be called only by the last name, you can use that. Otherwise, mention the full name. 

  1. Tell the purpose of the mail and why informing him is vital: 

Then you have to tell the client that you are a valuable member of the company and therefore we can’t forget to inform you about the new employees that the company has hired for the top positions. 

Example: Being a valued member of our company, it becomes vital for us to let you know of some of the crucial appointments that have taken place in the company recently. For keeping you informed about the same, I am writing this email to you. 

  1.  Introduce the new member and tell about the job role and full name

Now comes the most crucial part of the email is to introduce the new person and what job he would be taking. Show your excitement and happiness about the new recruitment. Then tell them the name. You can first write the job position and then specify the name or do the opposite. 

For Example, We are excited to welcome to our team, Mr. ABC. He will head the sales department of the company from now on. The second method is: We are glad to inform you that Mr. ABC has joined us on board as the Operational head of the IT department. 

  1. Tell about the experience and skills in a precise manner:

Then you have to show the client that you have made an ideal selection. For this, you have to briefly write the experience and the skills of the newly hired person. 

Example: Mr. ABC has experience of almost seven years in the industry. Before joining us, he had enhanced the customer experience and sales in reputed firms like XYZ. (The details in this section will depend on the resume of the hired candidate). 

  1. Tell about the likely impact of the new appointment (if the post will remain vacant for few days etc.) 

In certain situations, the newly hired person, instead of a direct appointment is provided some training. During this training, an alternative person will handle the clients. In such a condition, tell the client about the same, and give the name and contact of that interim person. 

Example: Mr. ABC will be sent for a two-week training after which he will join us. Meanwhile, Ms. CDE will assist the clients. Her contact information is attached herewith.

  1. Appreciate the client for his patience and support and conclude the email

If you have told them about likely impacts, don’t forget to thank them for their patience, support, and understanding. Example: I hope you would understand the training process and be patient and supportive during the time. 

Even if there’s direct recruitment, you can say that we hope you will find the same experience, even enriched than before, while working with the newly recruited person. 

Lastly, you will conclude the mail by asking them if they have any queries. Give them a piece of contact information at the end to address the queries about the newly hired personnel. 

In the end, write your name, designation in the company, and the full company name. 

Answer: Examples of new employee introduction emails to help you understand the format

1st Example:

Dear Management team members, 

I am pleased and excited to welcome Mr. ABC (write the full name) to the team. Mr. ABC will be our new associate manager (the job role that the person, is hired for) and join us in a few days. He will be responsible for the supervision of all the team members. He will ensure that the work is going smoothly, and if the team requires any particular equipment, he will be the nodal contact person. (In this way, you will enshrine the job duties and responsibilities on him). 

Mr. ABC had previously worked as a sales executive in XYZ Firm and possesses exceptional communication, organizational and analytical skills. (In this way, you will tell about their experience and skills to the company). 

I hope you all would provide a warm welcome to the new team member and take the call to interact with them on their first day. 


Mention your name and your position at the company. 

2nd Example: 

To all the employees of the QPR firm, 

As you all know that we were looking for suitable candidates for the expansion of our team, we received several applications. Out of all these candidates, Mr. ABC has made it to the final round and got hired for the position of Sales Clerk in the company. He will join us positively by Monday (date and day). Mr. ABC has earlier worked with reputed firms (you can write a few names as per the experience of the newly hired employee) and added value through his customer service. 

In the present job role, he has to assist the customers in making sales-related decisions. Also, he will see that the goods are displayed properly to attract customers. The job duties are incomplete without cooperation from you all. 

So, I hope every one of you would join us on Monday to welcome Mr. ABC for the job role and help him in associating with the company culture. 


Your name and position. 

3rd example of Introductory email (In case of hiring multiple employees, you can write an introductory email as follow): 

Dear XYZ employees, 

I would like to share with you the immense excitement of the hiring of new employees for various job positions in the company. For the position of clerk, Mr. ABC and CDE and hired while for the job of the cashier, we welcome Mr. EFG. The three have cleared all the selection stages with their deep knowledge and impressive abilities. Mr. ABC has experience of two years in this job while CDE is a fresher. Talking about Mr. EFG, he had worked as a cashier for one year before joining us. 

The three will join us on Monday (also mention the date). I look forward to a warm welcome from all the existing employees to these new employees. 

With regards

Your name and your position. 

Example of introductory mail informing about a newly hired candidate to a client

Dear Mr. Raman (the name of the client)

Since you have been an important asset to the company at all times, we would like to inform you about the recent changes that took place in the company’s composition. We are pleased to inform you that Mr. ABC has joined us as a new Sales executive. Mr. ABC, who is an MIT graduate has a rich experience of seven years in this field. He has worked with reputed companies and helped in uplifting their sales. From now onwards, all your sales-related questions and suggestions will be handled by him.

He will join us by Monday (Also mention the date, if possible). I hope you enjoy the same customer satisfaction while working with him as the company has always ensured. 

In case of any queries about the new appointment or the related aspects, please feel free to drop us a mail on the given id, or you can contact the undersigned. Our team would reach out to you as soon as possible. 


Mr. PQR 

(Manager or any other position, XYZ Co., place of the company)

Final words: 

Introducing a new employee to the company members, team members, and even reputed clients help in making strong connections. Since meeting in person is not always possible, an introduction mail about the new employee can be sent to a different person. You can draft a perfect introduction email for introducing a new employee through the steps listed above. The samples would further help you get clarity on these emails. So, next time when you have a new employee on board, don’t forget to refer to this page. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Ques 1: Are there any statistical proofs on how welcoming a new employee through introductory emails can help the company? 

Ans: yes, a good onboarding process and an introductory mail help a lot to the company. It shows that your company is organized, and you value every employee. The data reveals that this single step can help in increasing the retention of employees by almost 82%. Also, productivity gets boosted by almost 70%. 

Ques 2: What are some vital points that should be kept in mind, while writing an introductory mail? 

Ans: you must ensure that the email is polite and shows acceptance and welcome of the new employee. The happiness must be evident. The tone should be gentle, and the selection of words should be done carefully. Besides this, you can follow the above guide to draft a nice introductory email. 

Ques 3: What are the other things, besides an introduction email, that you can do to introduce the new employee to the team? 

Besides sending an introduction email, it’s advised to introduce them personally, too. The reason is that the newly hired person has to ultimately work with these people, and must therefore know about the team members. 

You can even keep a small get-together in the form of a lunch. Welcoming them, with a first-day gift will further make their day special. You can either gift them an onboarding kit or a signed card from each member welcoming the new employee on board. 

Ques 4: What are the things that you should pay close attention to while introducing them personally to the team are? 

Ans: While introducing  a client, you should make sure that

 a. The pronunciation of the name is correct. 

b. you mention the role that they will play in the company. 

c. You are also telling about how other employees can interact in a better manner with the newly recruited employee.

New Employee Introduction Email- Examples

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