Teamwork Performance Review Phrases- Know more

Most organizations use performance evaluations to assess the performance of their employees. The overall performance of an employee can be shown through a set of phrases called ‘teamwork performance review phrases.’ The company may use those phrases once a week, month, quarter, or year.

Teamwork Performance Review Phrases

Teamwork Performance Review Phrases

Teamwork performance review phrases fall into different types according to the performance of the employees. It is because the motive of these phrases is to inform the employee about their progress, mistakes, and required improvements.

Phrases To Praise An Employee For Teamwork

  • Respect your teammates’ time and ensure that they stick to the company’s rules.
  • Appear at conferences and meetings and inform the manager about your absence in advance.
  • Listen to the teammates and understand their issues to assign them to work accordingly. In short, you assign work to the teammates according to their skills.
  • Encourage your teammates to take different roles according to their eligibility within and outside the team.
  • Get along with several employees from your and other teams irrespective of their positions. It eliminates discrimination.

Phrases To Motivate An Average Employee For Teamwork

  • Inform your manager about your absence in advance instead of doing it at the end moment.
  • Get punctual by contacting your manager every time. Instead, use the internet to search for the solution first. Then, reach out to your teammates, and then be in charge. Finally, if the issue does not get solved, reach the manager.
  • Try to complete all work in time, but you cannot. So, learn to prioritize the tasks to reduce your stress and get the required tasks done in time. Contact your in charge to understand the priorities of the tasks.
  • Reach out to your teammates or in charge if you need help instead of wasting more time on solving an issue.
  • After proper guidance, you may acquire the skills to lead your team.

Phrases To Criticize An Employee For Teamwork

  • You inform your manager about your absence at the last moment. Sometimes, you do not even inform anyone. It is too unprofessional.
  • You frequently get late and leave early. It affects the quality of your work. Further, you complete the tasks in haste and your teammates have to work on their quality.
  • You miss the deadlines frequently, and you do not reach you in charge to know the tasks to be prioritized.
  • You keep arguing with your teammates and try to impose your views on them instead of understanding that they may have different views.
  • You frequently bash your juniors.

Tips For Better Teamwork Performance Review Phrases

Teamwork performance reviews must get conducted professionally. So, one must go through the following tips for better phrases:

Realistic Phrases

As mentioned earlier, the performance review phrases highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement for the employees. So, they must contain enough research and must be true. Similarly, they must launch realistic targets that can get achieved by the employees. However, employers must not attack the personal lives of employees.

For Example, the employer cannot ask an employee to finish one week’s work within two days.


Every employee may not understand the exact meaning of the phrase. Even if the phrase has been said for one employee, it must alert the other employees too. So, using simple citations with phrases may make them clear. However, every employee must get a personal teamwork performance review.

For example, the employer may say, “An employee was once facing a similar issue. She used a graph to understand the readings and completed the task quickly. So, you may go for it.”


Comparison among the employees does not work most times. For instance, an employee living near the workplace may do overtime, whereas the one staying far away may not. Motivation and comparison are different. The latter affects the performance, confidence, and morale of an employee, and he may get underestimated.

For example, the employer cannot say, “Ms. X completed the task within a week. Why cannot you do it?”

A Firm Action

The company must end the feedback on a firm note. Getting uncertain while proving feedback shows that the company is not interested in employee performance and improvement.

For example, the employer cannot say, “Your communication skills are fine, but you must develop them.” It generates more questions. The employer must explain how his communication skills are fine by highlighting the incidents. Similarly, he must highlight the areas of improvement with potential solutions.


The employer may show disappointment if the employee does not perform well. However, humiliation is not an option because it may take the conversation on a negative note. Its effects may get worse than the comparison. None must get surprised if the employee stops respecting the employer.

For instance, the employer cannot say, “Are you stupid? You can never do it right.” It is too rude, but some employers say it.


Teamwork performance review helps the employees and the organization. They understand the strengths, areas of improvement, and weaknesses. So, the company can determine the excellent employees and even fire the non-eligible ones. A performance review is a task of great responsibility. However, employers can do it easily with the help of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Are The Different Aspects Of Employee Performance Review?

The different aspects of employee performance review are adaptability, time management, punctuality, attendance, attitude, ethics, leadership, technical skills, etc. The organizations choose the aspects for performance review.

  1. What Is a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

Employees that require improvement get the toolkit called ‘Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).’ It must be specific, achievable, and contain the required documents. Similarly, the employee must know about all potential outcomes and follow the plan.

  1. What Will Happen If The Employer Does Not Conduct Employee Performance Reviews?

Every employee performance review is required because small things matter in this case. If a performance review is absent, the employees may continue committing the same mistake, and the organization will not detect the vulnerability. Similarly, the employees may feel less valued.

Teamwork Performance Review Phrases- Know more

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