Stocks Warren Buffett Owns Ranked- Know More

Warren Buffett has been one of the most astute and highest profit-minting investors in the past many decades. He’s been very well known for his choice of stocks and the stability of his portfolio as well, so much so that some have taken to calling him “the finance influencer”- the one who was influencing stock prices way before the likes of Elon Musk came about. He’s also someone that millions take investment advice from and he is treated like the all-encompassing figure of unreachable stature with his forecasts of the market. Let us know more detail about ‘Stocks Warren Buffett Owns Ranked’.

Stocks Warren Buffett Owns Ranked

While discussing a man like Buffett who is regarded very highly in the stock market circles, it is only natural for people to want to know about his portfolio and the stocks that are part of it. Buffett, through his company Berkshire Hathaway, owns a lot of companies’ stocks. Some of them are the United Parcel Service, Proctor and Gamble, Citigroup, Kroger, Bank of New York Mellon, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Activision Blizzard, DaVita, Moody’s, Kraft Heinz, Coca-Cola, Bank of America and Apple. 

The list does not end here- he is said to own stocks in as many as fifty companies. But listed below are some of his best stock investments ranked in ascending order. Read on!

Stocks Warren Buffett Owns Ranked

Through his company Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett has invested in a lot of diverse stock options. However, here are ten of his top holdings in the market, ranked from 1 to 10:

  1. Apple: A lot of Warren Buffett’s biggest holdings are in the long-term. Apple, the manufacturer of products such as the iPhone and the MacBook, is one such investment in his portfolio. Buffett owns around 5.6% of Apple’s stocks and it is valued at a whopping 147 billion USD. As far as his portfolio goes, Apple shares account for 41.8% of his investments. Under the able guidance of the company’s CEO Tim Cook, Apple has provided great long-term returns and value to its investors- which is something Buffett values. He has invested in Apple since 2016.
  1. Bank of America Corporation: Ranked second in Buffett’s investments is his holdings in the Bank of America Corporation. Berkshire Hathaway owns around 12.9% of the stocks of Bank of America and its holding is valued at around 35 billion USD. It constitutes almost 10% of Buffett’s investment portfolio. This is a leading US financial services company and has been catering to the needs of its patrons with utmost diligence. Buffett has held their stocks since 2011.
  1. Coca-Cola: This iconic beverage brand has been a long-time mainstay in Buffett’s portfolio, with him holding stocks of this company from as early as 1988! Buffett owns around 9.2% of Coca-Cola’s shares and the value of this stock is said to be 26 billion USD. Coca-Cola constitutes 7.3% of Berkshire’s holdings. Coca-Cola is an iconic soda brand which sells soft drinks, snacks and sports drinks too. It is the oldest stock in Berkshire’s portfolio and has been providing a stable and dependable return on investment to all its investors for a very long time. It is also said to be a solid stock to buy for beginners and old dogs alike. 
  1. Chevron Corp: Buffett’s fourth best investment is in Chevron Corp., where he owns close to 8% of shares. His holding is valued at 26 billion USD and constitutes 7.3% of Berkshire’s Portfolio. Chevron is a well-known energy company with a diversified range of operations and is also the 2nd biggest energy company in the USA, with the first being ExxonMobil. The company is known for being proactive in different stages of the sale of petroleum products. Chevron is a relatively new investment by Buffett- he first bought shares of this company in late 2020. 
  1. American Express Co.: American Express, or AmEx as it is fondly called by customers, is a well-known service provider that specializes in credit cards, banking products, merchant services and travel-related services. Buffett’s investments in American Express began with preference shares, not equity. However, he converted it later into equity in 1994. American Express makes for 6.6% of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio. His stocks are valued at 23 billion USD.
  1. Kraft Heinz Co.: Sixth on this list are Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings in Kraft Heinz, the iconic ketchup and cheese producer which also sells drinks, snacks and more. The company came to be when a merger of Kraft and Heinz took place in 2015. He first invested in HJ Heinz Co, in 2013 and his investment in KHC represents 3.5% of his total holdings. His stock is valued at 12 billion USD.


While these are very few of the companies that Buffett owns, they are also his highest return providers on investments. Apple is favoured by him and is therefore made to be a very good investment option for many across the globe. Buffett’s investment decisions have brought him great rewards and profits- and it could do the same for you.

Stocks Warren Buffett Owns Ranked- Know More

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