Is Zappos A Good Company To Work For?


Zappos is an American online shoe and clothing retailer that was founded in 1999. It’s known for its wide selection of shoes and clothing items and its exceptional customer service. It was among the first companies that embraced the idea of selling products online and now, it is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. The company is also well-known for its unique corporate culture that puts a strong emphasis on employee happiness and well-being, which has attracted many customers and employees. Let us see is zappos is a good company to work for or not in this article.

Is Zappos A Good Company To Work For?

In 2009, the company was acquired by Amazon, but it still operates independently with its separate management, culture, and strategy. The company is recognized for providing an easy, fast and convenient shopping experience, with a range of features such as free and fast shipping, easy returns, and 24/7 customer service.

Is Zappos a good company to work for?

Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer, is generally considered to be a great company to work for. The company is known for its unique company culture, which emphasizes employee empowerment and customer service. Zappos has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to work by various publications, and many current and former employees have spoken positively about their experiences working at the company.

Zappos company culture:

Zappos, now an Amazon company, has a reputation for offering its employees a range of benefits and perks aimed at promoting employee satisfaction and well-being. Some of these benefits include:

  • Unlimited vacation days: Employees are encouraged to take as much time off as they need to recharge and refresh.
  • Competitive salary and benefits: Zappos provides employees with a competitive salary and benefits package, including health insurance, 401(k) matching, and more.
  • On-site perks: Employees have access to free snacks and drinks, on-site fitness classes, and other wellness activities.
  • Employee development and advancement opportunities: Zappos encourages employees to grow and develop within the company, and offers various training and development programs.
  • A unique culture and work environment: Zappos is known for its unique company culture, which emphasizes fun, positivity, and collaboration.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan, discounts on products

However, it’s always a good idea to research about the company and its policies before working there. Many employees recommend reading the book “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, to get a sense of the company’s culture and values.

Zappos is known for having a unique and innovative approach to employee welfare. The company offers a variety of benefits and perks that are designed to help its employees live happy, healthy, and balanced lives.

Initiatives by Zappos for its employee’s welfare:

  1. Wellness program: Zappos provides on-site fitness classes, healthy snacks, and stress-management resources as part of a wellness program that helps employees take care of their physical and mental health.
  2. Work-life balance: The company has a culture that emphasizes work-life balance and employee happiness, with the goal of creating a positive and supportive working environment.
  3. Employee assistance program: The company offers an employee assistance program that provides support for mental, emotional, and professional support.
  4. On-site perks: Zappos has a number of on-site perks such as a fully-stocked kitchen, game room, and ping-pong tables which can be used by employees for breaks, relaxation and for bonding with their colleagues.
  5. Subsidized parking or free public transportation reimbursement: The company offers these benefits to encourage employees to use alternative ways of transportation.

Overall, Zappos is known for valuing its employees and promoting a positive and supportive work environment. This approach has led to many employees praising the fun and collaborative work environment and the benefits offered by the company. Please note that the specifics may change over time and the above should be considered a general idea of Zappos culture.

Zappos management team:

Zappos has a management team that is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations and ensuring that its goals and objectives are met. The composition of the management team may change over time, but currently, the main members of Zappos management team are:

  1. Kedar Deshpande – CEO
  2. Stephanie Tilenius – COO
  3. John Demsey – Chief Experience Officer
  4. Hsieh, Tony – Special Advisor
  5. Jeff Espersen – Chief Supply Chain Officer
  6. Arun Rajan – CFO
  7. Christina Smedley – Chief Marketing Officer
  8. Steve Hill – Chief People Officer
  9. Steve Bautista – Chief Product Officer
  10. David Teicher – Chief Content Officer

The management team is led by the CEO and COO who are responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the company. The rest of the team is responsible for specific areas of the business, such as finance, marketing, human resources, and product development. They all work together to ensure that the company’s goals are met and that its employees and customers are taken care of.

  1. How does Zappos treat its employees? 

Zappos is known for treating its employees well and providing a variety of benefits such as unlimited vacation days, flexible working hours and remote work options, a wellness program, on-site perks and much more.

  1. What is Zappos company culture? 

Zappos is known for having a unique and innovative approach to a company culture that emphasizes employee happiness, positivity and work-life balance. It is often described as fun, supportive and collaborative.

  1. How does the customer service at Zappos? 

Zappos is known for having excellent customer service, which is a major part of the company’s brand. Customers can contact Zappos by phone, email or live chat, and the company’s customer service representatives are known for being friendly and helpful.


Zappos is known for having a unique company culture that emphasizes employee happiness and customer service. Many employees have reported positive experiences working for the company, praising the supportive and fun working environment. Additionally, the company has a reputation for treating its employees well, offering benefits such as unlimited vacation days and on-site perks. However, like any company, it may vary depending on the team, position, and individual perspectives. Zappos is considered a good company to work for by many people. The company has a strong company culture that focuses on customer service, employee empowerment, and work-life balance. Zappos is known for its flexible work schedule, employee perks and benefits, and opportunities for career growth. Some former and current employees have praised the company’s management and leadership, while others have reported that the company’s culture can be demanding and intense. Overall, most reviews are positive, but like any company, opinions can be mixed. 

Frequently asked questions:
  1. How does Zappos ensure a positive customer experience? 

Zappos is known for its exceptional customer service, which includes features such as free and fast shipping, easy returns, and 24/7 customer service. The company also places a strong emphasis on providing a positive and convenient shopping experience for its customers.

  1. How does Zappos approach sustainable and ethically-made products? 

Zappos is committed to sustainability and ethically-made products. The company has a team dedicated to researching and sourcing sustainable products, and also has a recycling program for customers to send back their used shoes. Zappos also offers a variety of eco-friendly and organic products.

  1. How has Zappos adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Like many companies, Zappos has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing health and safety measures for its employees, such as remote work and social distancing protocols. Additionally, the company has made changes to its supply chain and logistics to ensure the safety of its customers and employees during the pandemic.

Is Zappos A Good Company To Work For?

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