Why Do You Want To Work For IBM? – How Should You Respond

If you are going to an IBM job interview, do you want to increase your chances of getting the job? Consequently, you are in the right position to get the answers to your question. This question “why do you want to work for IBM” is one of the recruiters’ most popular questions during interviews since it allows them to gauge how interested you are in the position and how you differ from other candidates. You have the chance right now to explain how your interests make you a good fit for the position.

Why Do You Want To Work For IBM? - How Should You Respond

How to respond – Why do you want to work for IBM?

It can be challenging to respond to this question, even though following it looks simply, especially if you are unprepared. An ideal candidate is passionate about the job and shares the company’s values and principles. Let us look at the reasons for the hiring team’s questioning about a candidate’s reasons for choosing to work for IBM.

Reasons of asking question of why candidate wants to work with IBM Company

• Firstly, the interviewer needs to know, first and foremost, that you are not interested in working for just any fast-food chain.

• Secondly, they also want to know that you expressly want to work at IBM. Your response should thus indicate to the interviewer that you are familiar with the Company IBM and that you are eager to work there.

• Thirdly, the interviewer wants to know that you have high regard for IBM and do not perceive this position as nothing more than a way to be paid at the end of the month.

How to prepare for the question?

• Don’t provide a general response that would work for any IT Company instead, provide a response that is distinctive to IBM.

• Research the company for a while before to the interview.

• Visit the organization’s website to learn more about its community involvement and Values in Action so you may present justifications for why you wish to work there.

• You may illustrate how IBM’s beliefs and community service objectives align with your own values

  • Your response should focus on what inspires you about this goal and include concrete examples of times when you personally and professionally demonstrated IBM’s values.
  • Note any position or endeavour where you used knowledge, logic, and science to enhance procedures, especially if doing so aided company expansion or improved the working environment for people who shared your area.

As you prepare for your interview with IBM, consider the following advice on what to say and what to avoid while answering interview questions. This will help you demonstrate your suitability for the position.

What You Should Not Say? 

• Being as specific and genuine as you can is one of the essential elements of the ideal response. Answers like “I’m looking for work” or “This company pays well and has outstanding perks” may put off potential employers.

• These are cliched responses that may give the impression of disinterest. Even if these responses might be accurate, it is unlikely that employers will select those individuals. They are more inclined to pick individuals that show real enthusiasm and are a better fit for the objective.

• Responses like “This is a terrific location to work and I would learn a lot from joining this team” would not be enough. This response is extremely generic and applicable to any job. Therefore, refrain from employing such responses.

What You Should Say?

  • Make sure your response is as specific as you can and includes convincing examples rather than general responses like the ones stated above.
  • Research the company online before the interview to the best of your ability. Learn about their culture, previous endeavours, and other things.
  • You can use phrases like “I want to work here because my interests and experiences are well-suited to this role as demonstrated by my prior employment at…” or “I’m excited about the potential and opportunity to work here since I fully agree with the company’s objective to…” when answering the questions.

Remember These Important Interview Tips

Before attending an interview with IBM, you should be aware of the following crucial interview advice.

1. Information about the company

The more you know, the better. Find out more information about the organisation where you will be having an interview. Learn more about their accomplishments, past projects, etc. This will enable you to interview confidently and offer you an advantage over the other applicants.

2. Maintain a professional appearance

The first impression is usually one of the most lasting. In fact, when you appear knowledgeable and competent, half the battle is won.

3. Thorough understanding of your field

Corporate interviews are becoming quite competitive, and in addition to asking standard questions on human resources, many interviewers now like to ask technical questions. Numerous inquiries on the candidate’s area of expertise are made, and candidates are expected to provide pertinent, accurate replies.

4. Know what you can offer to the company

It is significant and among the most typical inquiries during an interview. You should be aware of your skills and how they will operate well within the constraints of the organisation.

5. Be straightforward

Within minutes of beginning the interview, interviewers frequently form a judgement on the candidate. Simple questions should be answered with precise information rather than generalised, unrelated information. Be sure to be exact and direct while responding to questions during an interview.

Sample answers for candidates to answer the question –

Sample Answer 1

“I want to work at IBM because it has a strong set of principles and a clear commitment to not only its employees but also to its clients and customers. I have done background research on IBM, read internet reviews from clients, and spoken with both current and former employees. The capacity of IBM to constantly reinvent itself and open new markets is what sets it apart from other companies. IBM thinks in terms of decades—or longer—instead of the quarters or years used by other companies.. I am excited about the possibility of working here and the chance to do so because I wholeheartedly support the company’s goal of becoming the preferred destination for its clients. I consider it crucial for me to work for an organisation that supports the community. Since I believe IBM is an organisation that embodies my own beliefs, I would be proud to work here.”

Sample Answer 2

I think that my education, experience, talents, and qualities fit what you are seeking for in a candidate based on the job posting and the IBM work culture. In addition to possessing the required qualification, I am a diligent and motivated professional who works well both individually and in teams. My excellent work ethic and aptitude for problem-solving will help me succeed in this position. I am aware that working with IBM has a lot of duties, but if you hire me for this role, I am confident that I will have a positive and long-lasting influence.

Putting it all together

Be prepared with responses to the above questions prior to your interview with IBM. Additionally, it is crucial that you show up to the interview 10 minutes early, so study the location the night before. Dress appropriately by wearing dark dress pants, a collared shirt or a decent top, and dress shoes. You might also wear black jeans, a button-down shirt, or a business casual outfit. Whenever possible, bring a clean copy of your CV. Remember that you prepared for this, so show confidence and smile!

Good luck with the interview!!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What questions should I ask at the end of the interview?

The best questions are those that come up naturally during the interview. The questions that candidates can ask are listed below.

  1. What sort of training will I get?
  2. What hours will I work?
  3. How would you evaluate my performance, and what can I do to meet your standards?
  4. Which learning and development opportunities will I have?
  • How long does it take to get placed at IBM?

Depending on the position you are applying for, the interview process could last anywhere from an hour to several weeks. The structure of the interview is determined by the management. You might occasionally have a walk-in interview. However, one-on-one or group interviews are the most common types of interviews. IBM usually takes 2 to 4 days to make a job offer.

  • What should the job candidate do follow the interview?

First, make a list of everything from the interview that you want to remember and follow up on. Then, as soon as you can, send an email of gratitude to the interviewer. To make a stronger impact and ensure that the employer remembers you, follow up with a thank you mail. Thank you, emails are typically forgotten by job applicants, so those that send them stand out. A simple “thank you” can occasionally tip the hiring scale in your favour. Follow up with the company in accordance with the hiring timeline that was provided to you at the conclusion of the interview.

Why Do You Want To Work For IBM? – How Should You Respond

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