Is Lowes a Good Company to Work for?

The America-based company Lowes is a retail company that sells home improvement products. The range of their products consists of all the things that a home might need. This includes but is not limited to carpets, lighting, and even appliances. The company that has its stores all over America and Canada has its headquarters in North Carolina. Lowes has been one of the well-known companies to start your career in an entry-level position. Students also choose this company to work part-time. This helps the student get some experience and also get the benefits that come with the job. Let’s know is Lowes a good company to work for.

Is Lowes a Good Company to Work for?

Lowe’s is a big company with its stores all over. And just like every other big company the job experience will mostly depend on the management you work under. The benefits and the pay you get at the company will mostly be similar at all the stores you work. But good job experience doesn’t just depend on them 

This article analyses the employees’ perspectives, the ones who have worked at Lowes to find out if Lowes is a good company to work for. 

Pay Scale and Benefits: 

Lowes gives its employees competitive benefits. It matches up to the benefits which are provided by any other big chain of retail shops. Employees do get medical insurance, and Lowes has the retirement plan covered. The retail store chains these days provide their employees with educational benefits which are also given in Lowes in the form of tuition reimbursement. The entry-level pay scale at Lowes on average is also competitive. Thus, from this aspect, Lowes comes across as a good employer. 

Work Environment and Work Pressure: 

The employees say that the work hours at Lowes are flexible. You can pursue your education or another job and work at Lowes at the same time. It is also mentioned by the present employees that working at the store provides a good opportunity to meet people and make new contacts. However, many employees have complained that that training is non-existent when you join Lowes. 

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It is a complaint that some stores put you under unrealistic expectations and you wouldn’t even be prepared to meet those expectations. Some customers at the store have also been said to be abusive. The management, however, cannot account for the behavior of the customer. The store is always well-maintained. 

Some employees have also complained that the management officials might not be on the same page at all times. This makes working at the store difficult. One disadvantage to flexible hours is that the schedule is changed almost daily, and company management lacks proper structure.

Career Growth: 

The employees have reviewed that the scope of career growth has been limited at Lowes. If you want a job, then you might consider working with the company. It is well-suited for an entry-level position. According to some employees, one cannot have a career by working at Lowes. So, in terms of career growth, Lowes might not be the best company to be working for. 

Availability of Jobs: 

Lowes is always under the requirement of new sales associates and employees for other entry-level positions. Thus, employees are hired throughout the year. Some employees have complaints about the same. This causes inconvenience as the everyday schedules are disturbed every once in a while when a new employee joins. Whenever you have a job requirement, you want to earn a few extra bucks then you can try applying for a job position at the company in the nearest store.

Treatment of the Employees: 

Most of the jobs at Lowes are customer-facing. Thus, the behavior you get from the customers varies. However, it has been complained by some employees that even the management doesn’t treat the employees well at times. Yet some employees also had to say that they had a great time working with friendly co-workers. The reviews of the employees vary from store-to-store thus, this aspect can be said to depend on various factors.

The employees have given mixed reviews about working with this company. There is certainty regarding the work condition only concerning the pay scale and the benefits which are offered by the company’s management on the basis of the company policy. Your experience while working at Lowes will depend a lot on the store you work for. It is better to discuss the matter with a present employee working at the store you are applying for. Store-related reviews will be more accurate. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What benefits does Lowes offer to its employees?

Lowes gives its employees medical insurance which covers dental and vision-related insurance too. The company has 401(k) retirement accounts for its employees. The company also covers the life and disability insurance of the employees. There are other benefits such as paid time off, vacation holidays, and sick leave. Employees can also avail of the perk of a 10% discount on the products available at Lowes. 

  1. For how many hours does one need to work at Lowes to be eligible for their health benefits?

If you are a full-time employee you will have to give about 32 hours per week to your job. Thus, you can work for about 90 days where you dedicate about 30-40 hours a week to be eligible to be covered under the health insurance. 

  1. What is Lowes University Training Centre?

The training center of Lowes is specifically designed by the company, to give growth opportunities to its employees. The knowledge possessed by the associates is developed regarding their customer handling skills as they are given formal education about the same. The current programs are developed for the district and the store managers however, it is expected that new programs might be introduced. 

  1. What is the dress code of the employees at Lowes during work hours?

The dress code at Lowes is usually flexible. You are expected to show up at work looking presentable. You need to be careful while choosing the t-shirt you will be wearing to work as you cannot have any logos on the t-shirt, this is the one policy that the company has regarding the dress code. 

Is Lowes a Good Company to Work for?

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