How To Manifest On Paper?

The Power of Manifestation

The power of manifestation is pretty popular these days and is popularly believed to work. Manifestation is considered to be the process of thinking of what you want and using the energy of the universe to make it happen. For instance, you might want to reach someone on time and you can manifest that there is no traffic on your way. This might make it come true and you will be able to reach your destination on time. Let us know ‘How To Manifest On Paper?’.

How To Manifest On Paper?

How To Manifest On Paper?

Manifestation is usually done in a person’s mind and this can be a fun thing to do. But this can be difficult since it is not an easy task to concentrate on one thing and since manifesting on paper might help a lot. This might require time and effort. And you might be confused about how to manifest on paper too. But no worries, we have your back! All you have to do is follow the below-given steps and try to make your thought and dream a reality. 

There are many ways to manifest on the paper itself and it all depends on the person that you are. If you are a good writer, or just prefer words, you can manifest with words. If you are more of a visual person, you can doodle or sketch to manifest your thoughts. Here are some tips and ways for you to manifest your thoughts on paper for them to become your reality. 

Find the right environment

This is especially important as you would have to concentrate hard and a noisy environment would not help you. Get away from all your distractions and seat yourself in your favorite and calm place. It can be anywhere where you can work without disturbances. Your bedroom, a park, your terrace, a library, or even under the bed would be amazing! If you plan on manifesting your thoughts often, it would be better to keep a journal of your thoughts and it would be nice to flip through it once in a while. Being alone when doing this in a clean and neat environment is suggested and set the ambiance the way you would like it. It can be dimming the lights, changing the color of the lights, the temperature of the room and so many other such things. Be comfortable where you sit and get ready to manifest your thoughts!

Be clear about your need or want

If you are not very clear about your need or want that you want to manifest, think about it for a while and then start your manifestations. Have as many details as you can and remember to manifest them all. For instance, you might want to think of having a promotion in your job that pays you at least 15 percent more than your current salary. This would be better than thinking of development at your workplace. This is because when you get specific, it is believed that the chances of it happening are more, and manifesting this will also help you in getting exactly what you want rather than what is similar to what you want. If you are new to manifesting, it can be tough to manifest bigger things. It is advisable to start with manifesting something small and then moving your way up the ladder of manifestation. It is said that you can manifest anything in your life, from people to careers and relationships. But be careful with your thoughts as you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself or anybody else with this technique. 

Find a way to put it down on paper

This is the step you must do before you take out your stationery to manifest what you want. If you want to draw, decide what you are going to draw. If you are planning on writing your intention, think about the way you are going to do that – is it a poem, story, script, or essay? Have a rough idea about how you are going to go about the job and make sure you are not confused about it when you get into the task at hand. You can take a lot of time to decide on one way but when you do decide, do not go back and rethink your decision. It can be confusing as one way might seem better in one aspect and another way in another aspect. And the only advice for this situation is to go with your gut instinct. 

Visualize your idea

Close your eyes and think about the idea and how you are putting it down. Give it a concrete shape and color to be a little more specific with the details. Interact with it and give it even the tiniest of details that you want or need. Concentrate on the image in your head and give it a lot of details. Rather than giving it the color blue, give it the shade of International Klein Blue. try to visualize it from all perspectives and angles possible and be specific in each of these angles. This is worth it and when you finish your manifestation process, you will see why.

Tell the universe what you want?

You can tell the universe what you want loudly and this can put the energy out into the universe. If you have read the book alchemist, you might be aware of how the treasure is achieved eventually and all the protagonist lies on are the signs of the universe. If you are a believer in energies, the manifestation process is just for you, and well, if you don’t believe in energies that the universe has, you can experiment with it out. You might want to put your need, want, or desire out in the world for the cosmos to know it. This better is a clear and precise description of your wish. 

Write or sketch your doodle down

Do this in the simplest of ways, like one single sentence or one single doodle. This is just to give the start and to summarize the intention shortly and subtly. This will be the one thing that leads you into your deeper description and could act like a one-glance description of your desire. And then you can delve into the details. For instance, your one-line summary could be ‘I want a bicycle’ and you could describe the desire eventually. You could describe the color, the make, the type, and other such things. But the one sentence that you write would be the main idea of your desire and it is important to be able to sum it up in a line. 

Form mantras for you to always remember your desire

Whatever your desire is, you can compose short and catchy mantras and slogans for your manifestation to be a little more powerful and successful. This will help and will be fun too. You can manifest this mantra even later on in your thoughts and it would be a simplified and short version of your desire. Meditate on the mantra and that will help with your manifestation and concentrate on your desire. You also have to have faith in your capabilities on achieving your goal and there should be zero room in your mind for self-doubt. 

Work towards your goal

Manifesting your thoughts will have an impact but working towards what you want is the effort that you ought to put in from your side. The universe shall do its part of directing the energies of the cosmos in the way of your goal but you have to do your part as well. You cannot hope to achieve a goal when you don’t put work into it. Only when you hope and work towards a goal can you achieve it. It is important and sometimes works when you forgot that you had manifested and you rely entirely on your hard work to get to your goal. This would help as even if your manifestation doesn’t work, you do have a solid base of your work with which you can hope to achieve your heart’s desire. It can also be counterproductive if you focus too much on your goal and start doubting yourself eventually. So the best way to hope to achieve your goal is to manifest and forget about it so that you work on your goal.


Manifestation is great and a lot of people believe that it works. You can try it in various ways but one of the most common and easy ways is manifesting your desire or goal on paper. You have now read the ways and the things to remember when you manifest on paper and now it’s time to try it out. You can also try the other available ways but you ought to remember that it does not always work. Also, manifest only for things that will not cause any sort of harm to anyone including yourself. You can now try manifesting your small goal and then move on to bigger ones. Try it and if it works, suggest it to your friends too. 

  • Does manifestation always work?

Manifestation does not always work but it is proven to be successful most of the time. There are some instances that it may not work, yes, but do not be discouraged.

  •  What are the things that I can manifest about?

You can manifest getting high scores on your test to have the stock market tilt in your favor. But as said before, if you are trying it for the first time, start small and then work your way up the ladder. 

How To Manifest On Paper?

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