How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

Walmart, headquartered in Arkansans, is a multinational retailer that specializes in management, eCommerce, merchandising, and transportation. It offers products and services only to the Walmart membership cardholders called members. No matter who the interviewees are, the store conducts related background checks. In this article, we will see about ‘How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?’.

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

A background check is required for Walmart because a multinational retailer cannot trust the candidates by only looking at their resumes. We will read about the completion time, conditions, and terms related to the Walmart background check and the drug test.

Walmart Background Check

The candidates must go through the hiring process. The candidates that get the job must go through a background check. These candidates must go through the instructions provided by the store related to the background check before permitting them to continue with it. They must fill the form with the correct details. In case if the candidates mess up with the form filling, they must reach the Associate Vetting Hotline immediately.

The following are more details related to the Walmart background check:

Completion Time

Generally, a Walmart background check takes ten business days to complete. However, the time required to finish depends on how complex the candidate’s background is. The store might take 15 days to complete the background check if the candidate has worked abroad. Similarly, some candidates get their background checks done between one and seven days.


The team does not take the same time to conduct a background check of every candidate because it depends on several factors. The time required to complete the checking depends on various aspects about the candidates, such as criminal history, personal characteristics, number of states and cities they have worked and lived in, credit history, character, employment history, education, general reputation, and more.

Related Terms

Candidates expecting a result of their background check from Walmart must check their emails. Similarly, they can check their selection status through Associate Background Screening System (ABSS).

Different terms related to the hiring status are:


Sometimes, the candidates take a long period to allow the store to conduct background checks. The HR department must consider different conditions during a background check. So, if the candidates run out of time, they get a canceled remark. They can contact the hiring manager if they are still interested in the position,

Eligible For Hire

It is the expected remark leading the candidates towards employment in Walmart. They must get contacted by the hiring manager for further details.

Review Eligible

The background check becomes eligible for review if it has some discrepancy and the hiring manager requires the candidate to explain it. The hiring manager must contact the candidate within a business day.

More Information Required

It means the candidate must provide more details as asked by the store. The store is interested in hiring the candidate but requires more information. The hiring manager must contact the candidate within a business day.

In Process

This status gets visible when the candidates log in to their accounts to check their background check status. It means the application got submitted, and the agency requires some time for the checking process and arriving at a conclusion.

Third-Party Vendors

Walmart appoints third-party vendors to conduct a candidate background check on behalf of the store. Similarly, the store can contact the references or search for the candidate details on the internet. Considering it, the candidates must allow the store to use their related personal information.

Grounds For Disqualification

The following are some grounds for disqualification in Walmart background check:

  • Criminal history related to violence, molestation, drugs, and financial frauds.
  • Felons under conviction.
  • Fake identity, education, and employment history get mentioned during the hiring process.
  • A poor credit score.

Background Check And Drug Test

The Walmart Background check is not the same as the drug test. Candidates passing the background check must also pass the drug test to get hired. So, the candidates that did not give a drug test cannot expect to pass both.


Conducting a candidate background check is a part of the hiring process for most large-scale organizations. Walmart follows the rules followed by most companies. However, the checking period may vary according to the candidate’s history. So, they get recommended to keep checking their emails and visiting ABSS. Some background checks take more time, while some take lower.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Walmart Call The Employees For Orientation?


Yes. Walmart calls the new employees for orientation only if they pass the background check and drug test. It occurs after a day of getting selected. However, it does not mean that the new employee has secured the job. It means the store has only allocated the employee to the position but may dismiss him if required.

  1. Can Candidates Dispute The Walmart Background Check?


The candidates have a right to dispute their background checks. They must contact Walmart to get the contact details of the third-party vendor that conducted the background check. The third-party vendor must resolve the errors produce the appropriate report within 30 days.

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

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