The New Employee Announcement Email Template -Here Are The Samples

If you or your company is hiring a new employee for your work, here are some very helpful New Samples Of The New Employee Announcement Email Template for you. After all, no one doesn’t likes to get a warm welcome or a little token of loving words before starting up a new job and getting into a hectic schedule. A small and beautifully written announcement email. Is all that needs to get a new joiner to get comfortable with the new surrounding. Hence this little gesture can make a lot of change in your companies image. Let us learn about “The New Employee Announcement Email Template -Here Are The Samples”

The New Employee Announcement Email Template

There are tons of New Employee Announcement Email Template easily available on the internet. Although very few of them are good with comfortable wordings. Rather all of them are mostly the same with a heavy professional tone. Therefore we offer you the best samplings of the New employee announcement templates.

What Makes A Samples Of The New Employee Announcement Email Template The Best?

Who doesn’t want to get a warm welcome before joining a company or a job? Therefore the employee announcement emails are the best things you can offer to a newcomer or a fresher. Even we ourselves would like to get something like that before starting a new venture with a certain company. Hence it is necessary that the email be written in a good and friendly manner. Altough we do suggest using a little professional tone but not make it sound too bossy or commanding. There are lots of factors that one should keep in mind while writing the Employe Announcement email. 

Why Do We Need To Write Employee Announcement Email?

The trend of writing employee announcement emails is not very old. We can say that it has started recently especially after the covid outbreak. During the covid outbreak when there was lockdown imposed everywhere in the world. No one was able to attend the office or get to feel the office environment and meet their colleagues. Just like that companies that were appointing new employees were unable to give them a proper welcome via meeting them personally. Similarly, the joines too were not getting any special feeling by joining a new job with barely any encounter with any office desk, table or the colleagues. The whole process of an online interview, video call, online workings, and meeting a short and sweet welcome email can do wonders. 

It also helps in informing other colleagues about the new joiner and reduces the load of individual greetings. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

 It is necessary for everyone working under the roof to know who will be joining them and what will be his responsibilities.

It informs everyone about the personal details of the joiner like Name, Position, Joining Date, Past Job, Past Company, Email, and Personal Interest too.

Who Needs To Write An Employee Announcement Email Template?

It is not necessary that these kinds of emails will be written by only big companies hiring highly skilled employees. Rather such an email can be written by anyone who is hiring a new employee. It can be a small company, a small group working on something, a big company, a group starting a new partnership, a small scale based company, Internships, and more. There are no restrictions in using the Announcement emails. Even if the Company is as small as with only 2 or 3 members, it can still be a good idea to use such templates to welcome new members.

Points To Keep In Mind While Writing A New Employee Announcement Email?

Mostly these emails are used to written by an HR/ Human Resource Manager/Officer. It is suggested that HR or whoever may be writing the email should keep it original. Your original thought and love can make it extremely beautiful in your own way. However, one may need a little guidance or suggestion with the vocabulary and topic that should be added. Here are a few suggested points that one should keep in mind while writing the email:

Make it sound positive, friendly, joyful, and welcoming to the receiver.

You may use a little tone of professionalism while writing. This will lay a good impact on yours, over the receiver.

Include all-important personal details required to introduce someone.

Include Name, Position, Company/Branch/Department, Responsibility, Date Of Joining

Don’t make it too lengthy or bland; this may seem a bit off or too much to the readers.

You may include one’s personal interest and prior professional experience.

Make it sound joyful in a way that the receiver feels special about it.

It shouldn’t just be short and sweet but also informative to others receiving it.

Sample Templates Of New Employee Announcement Details.

Here are four simple and beautiful sample templates of New Employee Announcement Details for you. These samples may help you in making a perfect email for your workers and company. After all, being an HR, you are somewhat the representative of the company at the lower level. Therefore you should be able to draft an impressive email, which will have an effect on the company too.

Example 1

Dear Colleagues

I am deeply delighted to announce that Mr/Mrs_ _ _ _ _(name) is going to join our team as an _ _ _ _ _ (position)from date_ _ _ _ _.(date of joining)

To inform all that Mr/Mrs will be holding the position of _ _ _ _ _ (job name) and will take up the responsibility of _ _ _ _ _ (work)under the department/ Branch, namely_ _ _ _ _ (branch). We are extremely happy that another beautiful and hardworking soul is going to join us very soon. It would be an honor for us too. Prior to our company Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ _(name) have also worked for the very profound company _ _ _ _ _ (companies name) under the position of _ _ _ _ _ _, in _ _ _ _ _ Department. Mr.Mrs_ _ _ _ _ is a very hardworking person with a jolly personality and calm nature. I request everyone to wish a warm welcome to Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ _ and help him/her in her new venture with our company _ _ _ _ _ _. In case of any queries, you can contact Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ _ via his/her Email or Contact number, which is shared below. 

Our Team welcomes Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ 

Email ID: [email protected]

Contact No. 94587363xxx

Thank You.

Example 2


I hope this email finds you in good health and shape, amid this covid situation going on around the world.

I am extremely excited to inform you that we have a new joiner with us, namely Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ _ (name). He/she will be joining us from the date _ _ _ _ _ (date of joining) as our _ _ _ _ _ (post). He will be taking up the responsibilities and duties of _ _ _ _ _ (work)under the position of _ _ _ _ _( post). He will be joining the department of _ _ _ _ _ (branch). Please accompany me in giving a warm welcome to Him/her. Let us help Mr/Mrs to get comfortable with the working environment here. Before professionally joining use, Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ (company name) used to work for an MNC in _ _ _ _ _ (workplace). He worked under the post of _ _ _ _ _ for five years. Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ has graduated from the well-known college of _ _ _ _ (college name)with the degree of _ _ _ _ _ (degree name) in the year 2015. Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ is an optimistic and enthusiastic person with a soft nature, and he is a highly experienced person in this field. I expect everyone to help Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ _ in his shift from the previous work world to a new one. We are glad to have you on our team with us. We all expect to learn something from you and hope the same for you. It is bliss to have you with us. If anyone wants to greet or contact Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _, they can refer to the details attached below.

Thank You.

Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _

Email: [email protected]

Contact No: 93884384xxx

Example 3

Greetings to all, 

This is to inform everyone that a new member will be accompanying us on our journey! Let us all together welcome Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _(name) to our team. He/she will be joining us from the date _ _ _ _ (date of joining). Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ will be joining us as a _ _ _ _ _(post). He will assist in the department of _ _ _ _ .(branch) Mrs/Mrs _ _ _ _ worked as a _ _ _ _ for four years in a famed MNC in Las Vegas. He is an enthusiastic, hyperactive, and jolly-natured person. Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ completed his/her graduation from a well-known college in subject _ _ _ _. He/she has a keen interest in going golfing and singing karaoke. He/ she also attends cooking classes as a stress reliever and believes in hard work for success. He/She also actively participates in a charity run and other volunteering programs. His/Her favorite book is “The Alchemist” and “To Kill A Mockingbird.” It is a delight to have you in our team, and we hope that we get to learn new things from each other and work efficiently together as a team. We are really looking forward to you like our new _ _ _ _(post). Please guide us with your knowledge and experience. If anyone wants to contact Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ personally, they can have the contact details attached below. 

Thank You.

Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _

Email: [email protected]

Contact No. 949743xxx

Example 4


I hope that everyone is doing well and is in good shape. This email is in context to the welcoming of our new team member who just joined us.

I would like to introduce you all to our newest member who got selected for the open post of _ _ _ _ (post) shot by our company. Please escort me in greeting a warm welcome to very talented Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ to our company. I will request everyone to help and accompany our new member in his/her new journey with us. Help us to make him/her be comfortable with our working and environment. Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ is a young, active mind full of enthusiasm and popping ideas. Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ is a football lover along with this he /she also like to go fishing on off days. Mr/Mrs believes in patience as the key to success. He/She personally likes to cook and serve and is delighted to join our company. He/She assures that He/She will work hard and with full dedication. He/ she wants to turn his/her precious time into something productive. Mrs/Mr _ _ _ _ is quite experienced in the field of _ _ _ _ as he/ she has worked in the same profession as a _ _ _ _ for a known MNC in Auckland. His prior work experience is of _ _ _ _ years. He/She also like to read and tells us that _ _ _ _ is her favorite book, and _ _ _ _ is her favorite hobby to do in her free time. She/He graduated in the year _ _ _ _ from the prestigious University of _ _ _ _ with the degree of _ _ _ _. I guess now everyone must have gotten an idea about our new joint. Hoping that everyone is happy to have him/her with us, please make Mr/ Mrs _ _ _ _ comfortable with the working around and help her to cope up with her new duties and responsibilities. If anyone wants to contact, greet or enquire something from Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _, they can look over to the contact details attached below. Again I would like to welcome Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _ to our company. Lastly, Thank you, everyone, for your support and precious time. 

Details Attached Below

Name Mr/Mrs _ _ _ _

Email ID: [email protected]

Contact No: 8439439xxx


These were some of the best short and sweet examples of New Employee Announcement email templates. You can use these templates if you also have someone new to welcome in your company or somewhere else. You can use these as an idea and make your own creative and beautiful email. These little things can really impact your company’s image, reputation, and personal image as an HR or any other post.

The New Employee Announcement Email Template -Here Are The Samples

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