Do You Get A Raise After 90 Days At Walmart?

Have you come across the phrase ‘ a chain of stores and hypermarkets’? Well, that’s Walmart. Walmart is one of the leading retail brands across the globe, with headquarters in the United States. The more they expand, the larger the workforce, and in turn, they engage in consistent recruitment. Many newly hired individuals or people seeking to work at Walmart want to know if they get a raise after 90 days. So let’s find out the appropriate response. Although employees at Walmart have varying opinions concerning the raise after 90 days, Walmart says that you are entitled to a raise after 90 days.

Do You Get A Raise After 90 Days At Walmart?

Do You Get A Raise After 90 Days At Walmart?

After the applications and interviews and Walmart feels that you are their ideal candidate, they will put you on probation. The probation period is 90 days at Walmart, and it’s a time for the organization to see how you fit in. 

So you will resume your duty post and work for 90 days. Your performance during the probation period determines if you will continue working at Walmart. The company takes advantage of the probation period to orientate new employees and integrate them into the system. Employees who respond to training and synchronize are retained after 90 days.

How Can You Pass The Walmart 90 days Probation Period?

The key to a successful probation period at Walmart depends on two factors- how you display your competence in the position in which you are to take and how well you display basic work culture.

Now, to the first factor, let’s say you are employed as a cashier. You must prove to the management that you have all the skills as claimed during the hiring process. Look further into the unique cashier requirements as outlined by Walmart and fulfill them. Give the management practical experience so that you can handle the job. 

The second factor is focused on workplace behavior and ethics. Irrespective of your skill, the management will prefer to work with someone who best fits their ethical, cultural, and workplace standards or policies. These include;

  • Workplace morals
  • Punctuality to work
  • Relationship with co-workers
  • Not being absent 
  • Showing collaborative character
  • Open-mindedness to criticism
  • Response to training
  • Behavior towards customers
  • Communication skills

A perfect blend of both factors should see you through the probation period. 

After 90 Days At Walmart: Does The Raise Come?

The after 90 days raise is a topic that triggers different responses, especially from current Walmart employees who have long completed their probation period. Some say they did not get the raise after 90 days, while others say they got theirs. Here is the thing.

After the probation period, your stand in the company becomes firmer, and you are entitled to an employee package, which is a raise and a discount card on products. So the raise can come immediately after the 90 days or span up to 6- 12 months. From reports, the raise is up to 20 cents and can be more depending on position and circumstances.

What’s The Salary At Walmart?

The salary structure at Walmart is reasonable and depends on the positions. Here is some relieving news- Walmart does not pay lesser than $11 per hour, irrespective of the position. Let’s outline some positions and their salary.

  • Walmart store managers are high earners with up to $140,000 annual salary 
  • Cashiers earn up to $18 per hour
  • Assistant managers earn up to $60,000 per year
  • Stockers earn up to $21 per hour 

The salary structure of Walmart is based on yearly raises and experience. More experienced persons and roles earn more compared to roles requiring minimal experience. There are full-time and part-time roles at Walmart, with full-time employees working up to 40 hours a week and part-time employees working up to 20 hours per week. 

When Is It Ideal To Request For A Raise As A Walmart Employee?

In most cases, you don’t need to ask for a raise as it comes on its own by Walmart policies. However, if you feel you are due for a raise and it’s not coming, you could tender a humble request. As a new employee, requesting a raise is ideal when you have spent at least six months working at Walmart. 

Have you wondered why employees do not get a raise despite passing the 90 days of probation and spending up to 6 months? It could be the shortcoming of the company, or it may be the fault of the employee. 

Walmart has a tradition of evaluating your work at times. So it’s possible the employee isn’t getting a raise due to her incompetence or falling short of the company’s rules and procedures. However, if you feel you have worked perfectly, you can request and draw the management’s attention.

What Do You Gain Working At Walmart?

If there is one sure thing, Walmart offers employees impressive perks and benefits. Walmart is dedicated to creating a friendly environment with a positive impact on the emotions, finances, health, and career of employees.

Career Growth

Walmart has served as a platform for several business owners today. Employees can start at the minimum level with entry jobs and scale up to managerial positions. This is possible because Walmart’s management offers promotions to employees.

Walmart’s College2Career Program is another positive injection toward career progress. The program offers training and an easy transition into Walmart’s workforce.

Good Pay

With a minimum hourly wage of $11-$17, employees surely get reasonable compensation for service. Everyone, irrespective of position, gets reasonable compensation, and the more experienced positions can earn a fortune. For example, managers can earn up to $200,000 yearly.

Valuable Insurances

Walmart offers several insurance plans such as business travel accidents, critical illness, etc. Almost an exclusive insurance package. 

Medical Coverage

Walmart cares about the health of employees and, as a result, provides medical coverage at reputable health organizations. Walmart also helps out in cases of severe health issues that require surgery or specialists. 

Paid Time Off and Well Being

At Walmart, employees do not work beyond regulated shifts. The management sets out time for work and rest to keep employees in shape. The paid time off is effectively organized to give employees time for themselves. 


Employees can shop for a variety of products at discount rates. 


Walmart indeed has a 90 days probation period, after which successful new hires are qualified for a raise. However, in some cases, the raise may come after 6-12months of being an employee. If you are a new hire or seeking a job at Walmart, focus more on having a successful 90 days probation period, then the raise will come. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is A Raise Negotiable?

Yes, especially in Walmart. 

  • Does Walmart Pay For Holiday Work?

Yes, Walmart pays for every hour an employee works.

  • Does Walmart Academy Exist?

Yes, it is a training platform owned and controlled by Walmart. 

  • Does Walmart Cover Tuition Fee Under Live U Better?

Yes, Walmart will cover all tuition fees. Live U Better is a chance to gain a professional certificate.

Do You Get A Raise After 90 Days At Walmart?

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