Zappos Amazon Employee Discount

The name Zappos strikes a chord; we are talking about a retail shoe giant in the US. With shoe sales remaining the core, Zappos has expanded into clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. The big question is Do Zappos employees enjoy discounts on these products? We’ll find out soon enough. Zappos Amazon offers employees a 40% discount to shop for various products. Undoubtedly, Zappos has become a top retail brand for shoes and accessories. However, people find it confusing when Zappos is associated with Amazon. So let’s have a quick throwback to how it happened. Zappos was originally a standalone online retail unit for shoes and accessories. This status lasted ten years since Zappos was established in 1999 but sold to Amazon in 2009. Upon the sale of Zappos to Amazon, Amazon never tampered with the features, prowess, and operations of Zappos. In a nutshell, Zappos is a subsidiary of Amazon. Let us see “Zappos Amazon Employee Discount”

Zappos Amazon Employee Discount

Zappos Amazon Employee Discount

Zappos offers discounts to its employees. This is a great catch for employees as it allows them to bag a wide range of shoes and accessories. You’ll find products from reputable brands like Nike, Uggs, Jordans, New Balance, etc. 

Zappos offers a 40% discount to employees to shop for various products. Beyond the 40% discount is free shipping the next day. So you shop, and Zappos delivers the next business day for free. Reports have it that Zappos employees also enjoy discounts from Zappos-affiliated online stores. 

Zappos Employee Benefits- What Are They?

When people seek a place to kick-start a career, they desire a place with career growth potential, time flexibility, a work-friendly environment, and more. Zappos ticks several of these boxes, and its employees show no regrets. 

Health Benefits

Healthy employees create productive teams. Zappos believes in this school of thought and has invested in impressive health schemes and programs for its employees. 

Let’s start with Zappos’s onsite wellness service. As employees work, there is a standby medical facility in case of emergencies. Adding to that is the on-site gym where employees can exercise towards body fitness—lots of yoga for those who love to stretch and meditate. 

Employees enjoy exclusive medical packages that include eye and dental checkups and treatment. It also involves weight management programs and cares for severe health issues. 

Paid Time Off

Paid time off is a major perk at Zappos. Paid holidays are a part of the paid time off. Zappos recognizes holidays such as Christmas Day, New Year, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc. 

Aside from the paid holidays, there are paid vacation packages. That is free days different from national or international holidays. Zappos has a vacation policy- employees that have worked between a year to four years are entitled to twelve days of paid vacation in a year. Employees that have worked from five years to nine years are entitled to seventeen days of paid vacation yearly. Lastly, employees that have worked ten years and more are entitled to twenty days of paid vacation in a year. 

Sick days are not left out of the package. Every employee, when ill, is entitled to a minimum of five days of paid sick leave. Of course, there are also provisions for cases of childbirth and the demise of a loved one. 

Memorable Zappos Happy Hour

Zappos sets a time for all employees to brainstorm on the organization’s issues. Although it sounds corporate and official, it’s always a fun program. Employees from different stations connect, make friends and build life-changing networks. It always proves to be a great time out for employees with a lot to eat and drink 

Favorable Work Hours

All employees are coordinated to work their shifts, and there is no room for burning out. There is a break time between work hours and a place for a quick nap. 

Meal At Work

Zappos cares about employees’ stomachs. There is enough to go around and, of course, varieties. We are talking about snacks, coffee, sandwiches, fruits, beverages, etc. As you work, you’ll be fed by Zappos.

A Platform To Give To The Society

Do you love to volunteer? Or wish to make an impact in your community? Zappos offers the platform needed. Zappos organizes volunteering and charity programs in which employees are the key players. 

Insurance And Retirement Plan

As an employee, you must work to plan for the future. Well, Zappos give a helping hand in securing the future. The first step is the impressive retirement plan- the 401k plan secures the bag for the future.

Zappos understands that its staff must be educated on finances and self-development. As a result, she devised a mentorship program to build and groom employees for better development. Zappos also offer assistance to employees who wish to further their education. 

Then, there is the insurance- life and disability insurance, all secured by Zappos for its employees.

What Positions Are There At Zappos?

Are you looking to work at Zappos? That’s a pretty good idea, as there are good positions available to kick-start a prosperous career. 

Warehouse Worker

With a vast distribution of warehouses and fulfillment centers, Zappos Amazon seeks more hands. A warehouse worker will fit into any of the following duties.

  • Receive incoming products
  • Process incoming product
  • Shelf products
  • Pick orders
  • Pack orders
  • Management or keeping records of product flow

Sales Representative

As a sales rep at Zappos, you are the face of Zappos concerning sales. You will interact with customers, get feedback and see that customers have a quality experience and product satisfaction. 

Technical Project Manager

Whatever outlined projects are scheduled at Zappos, you’ll play a role in managing such projects. You must plan, analyze and follow up on the project execution.

Retail Store Team Member

For this role, you’ll be part of the essential operation in the store. These include recording inventory, restocking shelves, attending to customers, etc. A store team member must be friendly and full of life.

Sales Director

This role needs you to coordinate and manage sales operations. It includes mapping sales strategy and potential customers, organizing customer meetings, etc.


Zappos Amazon employees discount is a valid policy. It involves a 40% discount for a variety of products. Beyond the discounts, we have shared several impressive benefits Zappos employees enjoy. If you desire to work at Zappos, then it’s not a bad idea. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Amazon Reward Cards Work At Zappos?

Yes, it works. Zappos is a subsidiary of Amazon, so there exists an integration.

  • Can I Get A Military Discount On Zappos?

Yes, and it’s usually a 10% discount.

  • Did Zappos Offer Employees $2000 To Quit?

Yes, it did with the intent of testing loyalty, commitment, and dedication 

Zappos Amazon Employee Discount

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