How To Get W-2 From CVS?

W-2 is now available online for the majority of enterprises. Form W-2 a Wage and Tax Statement. Companies should send by the end of December to each worker and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The taxes deducted from paychecks as well as employees’ annual salaries are reported on a W-2 form. One whose employer deducts taxes from their paycheck and reports them to the IRL is known as a W-2 employee. Let us see how to get W-2 from CVS.

How To Get W-2 From CVS?

How To Get W-2 From CVS?

Tax Form Management, TALX corporation service, has been chosen to send tax forms to the CVS payroll office, On choices, you’ve made while accessing the W-2 statement online. To obtain your year-end tax statements online, one must subscribe to electronic delivery.

Users can choose benefit packages, enroll in or update their current benefits, and change their payroll information by logging in to the portal. 

To reach the Tax Form Management web interface, you’ll need the follow following steps.

Here are the steps to get w-2 from CVS

  • Website address
  • CVS employee ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Pin 


Logging Into myHR CVS: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Open the browser, navigate to
  • Log in as the representative of the staffing firm
  • Don’t have an account with a database
    • Go to homepage
  • Look for register a new user
    • Enter the date of birth
    • Last four digits (Social Security number)

Choose a username and a PIN that is unique to you. Your login information could be seen on the homepage. 

  • Login to myHR CVS using the username and PIN you just generated.

CVS Pharmacy 

  • To view or print your W-2 in CVS go to W-2 and Electronic Consent

If You Are a Former Employee of CVS

    • Use the official link above
    • Access the CVS Former Employee Portal official login page
    • Link will open on new tab
    • Continue reading the instructions
    • Now enter username and password
  • Provided by 
    • The CVS Former Employee Portal

You’ll get a notification saying, Successfully logged in. You logged into the CVS Former Employee Portal. You will now get your Form W-2. 

Reasons For The Employers To issue Form W-2

Form W-2 is an annual payroll Form that shows how much tax was taken from an employee’s paycheck the year. The information can be put to use in filing federal and state taxes.

So that the employees begin filling out their yearly tax returns. Companies must issue W-2s to their employees. As the end of the year appears, photocopies of W-2s with the Social Security Administration must be filed by the employers. Alongside, Form W-3 (a transmittal summarising the W-2s), so the governments may verify the correctness of tax returns.

Last Dates of 2021 – For Better Understanding

The chart below shows the 2021 deadlines for filing and issuing W-2 Forms for the employees by the employers. Due dates for filling and E-filing to the Social Security Administration were all on the same date. 

Form W-2 Last Date 2021
Issue W-2 Forms to employees 31st January 2022
Fill SSA (Mail)31st January 2022
Fill SSA (Electronically)31st January 2022

Due dates for providing copies to employees, Electronic filing, and paper filing to the Social Security Administration were all on the same date, 31st January 2022.

The deadline for filing Forms with the SSA (Social Security Administration) was also on the same date, whether filed on paper or online.

Businesses are told to give copies B, C, and 2 of Form W-2 to their employees by the end of January 2022.

The deadline for filing taxes was April 15th, 2022.

Penalties For Late Filing of W-2

Employers must send W-2s to their employees and file those with the Social Security Administration (SSA) before the W-2 due date, or face severe fines for late submissions or incorrect information. 

The penalties are from $50 to $530 per not filed W-2 tax Form. Penalties are directly dependent on how late the paperwork is submitted. 

Extension of W-2 

If the company feels that it will miss the deadline, it can ask for a 30 days extension by filing Form 8809 (Application For Extension of Time to File Information Returns) from the IRS. The company is not allowed to file a second extension.

Form W-2: Employees Receive Three Copies

  • One for personal records
  • The State Tax Return
  • The Federal Tax Return

Form W-2 must be attached to state and federal returns, to establish tax withholding claims.


Form W-2 is an important form that should be sent by the employers to the employees before the due date. By following a few instructions employees’ can have a copy of Form W-2 and fill out taxes before the due date. To obtain yearly tax statements online, one must subscribe to electronic delivery. Users can choose benefit packages, enroll in or update their current benefits, and change their payroll information by logging in to the portal. 


What is the use of Form W-2?

Form W-2 is formally called the Wage and Tax Statement. Employers are required to send Form W-2 to both the IRS(Internal Revenue Service) and the employee at the end of every year. On W-2, employees’ annual wages and the total tax deducted are reported. 

When do employees receive their W-2?

By the end of the year, the employees should receive their W-2s. 

If the employer provides before January end, taxpayers have enough time to prepare their forms before the income tax deadline.

Is Form W-2 important?

Salary, bonuses, commissions, pensions, and other earnings are present on Form W-2. 

IRS (Internal Revenue Service) utilities W-2 as legal verification of income. Court hearings and Financial aid applications ask for W-2 to verify.

What to do if you don’t receive a W-2?

First, reach out to the employer. If the employer doesn’t respond within fifteen days after the deadline for W-2 filing. Contact the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) at 800-829-1040.

The IRS will contact employers to request the W-2 Form.

You will also receive a Form 1099-R or Form 4852: Substitute for Form W-2.

What is the role of the IRS?

 (federal government’s revenue service) IRS is in charge of collecting taxes and enforcing the Internal Revenue Cord.

When and why is Form W-2 rejected by SSA (Social Security Administration)?

If the following requirements are met then the Form W-2 is denied

  • Social security tax is greater than zero
  • Social security wages and tips are zero
  • Medicare tax is higher than zero

Electronic and Paper salary reports for home employers. Form W-2 and W-2c are rejected if the following requirements are met.

  • Complete social security salaries and tips are lower than the annual earnings
  • Medicare salaries and tips are below the minimum wages

Leads to holding back social security and Medicare tax.

How To Get W-2 From CVS?

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