Salaries For Army Captain

An Army captain is a commissioned officer, which means that the American government grants them an officer’s commission. The basic salary of an army captain is $4,636.50 per month ($55,638 annually) and for drilling, they get extra pay of $154.55 per drill. Furthermore, they also get compensation for medical care, reduced airfare, housing, and others. Here we will see about Salaries For Army Captain.

The salaries of certain companies’ employees are kept a secret. The pay scale and benefits of an army officer are known by everyone irrespective of their rank. As an Army captain the other benefits include housing discounts, medical insurance, and money to help with payment of student loans.

Salaries For Army Captain

What is the salary for an army captain? 

A captain is an O-3 Department of Defense pays grade commissioned officer in the US Army. The starting salary is $4,637 per month and the Captain’s basic pay compensation increases to $7,544 per month once they have served for more than 14 years.

Salary Bands of Army Captain

Army captain salaries in the US are between $18,053 and $476,724, with a median pay of $86,594. The army captains earn on average between $86,596 and $215,896 per year, with the top 86 percent earning $476,724.

Duties of an army captain:

In the US Army, captains have commissioned officers. Following their nomination by the Secretary of the Army, they are given their commission. Although they can also serve as staff officers or spend some of their time in grade attending professional-development schools or courses intended to prepare them for greater responsibilities in the future, their primary function is to serve as the commanders of company-sized elements (about 150 soldiers). Thus, captains are the ultimate decision-makers on all issues that the company deals with or in which even a single member of the company is involved. Officially, the US Army holds captains accountable for every action or inaction that a company takes.

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They are the legal upholders of morality and order, assisted in their duty by the First Sergeant. They are also the company’s primary trainers, responsible for making sure the force is always ready to carry out its duties. Last but not least, captains have the final say in financial matters at the corporate level. They use this power to make sure the military has the resources necessary to carry out its tasks.

Roles Do Army Captains Have:

A captain’s rank in the American Army is just below a major and slightly above a first lieutenant. An Army captain is referred to in military jargon as an O-3, the third level in the hierarchy that starts with a general and finishes with an O-10. A brand-new Army captain receives a $51,019 yearly compensation.

Qualifications are required to become an Army Captain:

  • Enroll in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) in college, pursuing both degree-related classes and military studies. The lowest rank available to commissioned officers, the second lieutenant, is awarded to ROTC cadets upon graduation (O-1).
  • Graduate from the renowned U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Like ROTC graduates, West Pointers begin their careers as second lieutenants.
  • Complete Officer Candidate School in the Army. 
  • Graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Both West Pointers and ROTC graduates begin their careers as second lieutenants. Officer Candidate School in the Army must be completed. Both citizens and enlisted troops in the Army are welcome to take this route. Second lieutenants are graduates.

A direct commission is available for chaplains, doctors, and lawyers who choose to serve in their respective fields of military, law or medicine. Their career field determines their rank.

Getting the position of Captain’s Rank:

A lieutenant can be promoted to captain after serving at least four years in the Army and two and a half years as lieutenant. In most cases, promotions from the second lieutenant to the first lieutenant are unearned. It takes competition to become a captain.

To get the rank of captain, you need to serve as a lieutenant along with finishing the Captain’s Career Course. This 21-week course covers teaching problem-solving, leadership, operations, mission command, unit training, and effective communication. If you have the necessary service time and have finished the training, the Army will put you on a list of captaincy candidates. Your qualification for captain’s rank will depend on how well your career as a lieutenant has gone.

Tax will an Army Captain have to pay:

The average federal tax  for a single filer in this tax band is predicted to be 24 percent in 2018. The annual salary for army captains may increase up to $76,664, with each check equaling around $3,194 after deduction of the federal tax of 24 percent.

Comparable Positions to an Army Captain

An army captain is an O-3 military pay grade Commissioned Officer. The GS-10 and GS-11 pay grades of the federal government’s General Schedule correspond to the civilian equivalents of this military rank. The equivalent ranks and insignia for an Army Captain in the other four branches of the US military are the military Forces of Air Force Captain, Coast Guard Lieutenant, and Marine Corps Captain.

Pay Calculator for Army Captain

The basic compensation of an army Captain can go up to $7,543.50 with experience-related raises from their starting salary of $4,636.50. Additionally, they receive payment for drilling. At higher unit levels of battalions or brigades, captains act as staff officers to assist in the management, and planning of the unit.

Highest-paying jobs for a military career

All military branches—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard—receive pay depending on rank and length of service. The salary may be affected by signing bonuses, foreign duty pay, submarine or flight duty, and service  of a medical or dental officer. In the U.S. military, positions with the highest salaries often look for several years of experience, often more than 20. 

Additionally, the career pathways that provide lucrative jobs outside of the military are Air Crew Officers, Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officers, Armored Assault Vehicle Officers, and others.


In the United States Army at the Department of Defense, a captain is a commissioned officer with pay grade O-3. The monthly starting salary of an army captain is $4,637, which increases up to $7,544, with the experience and services they provide for over 14 years. Through this article we have learned about Salaries For Army Captain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What position in the US Army has the highest pay?

Currently, $121k / year is the highest known wage for a U.S. Army employee.

Q2. Which branch pays more- The army or the navy?

The branch with the salary in the respective field is the Army: $646. Navy: $750. 

Q3. Do Army captains earn a lot of money?

The salary of an army captain in the US ranges from $18,053 to $476,724, with an average pay of $86,594. The army captains earn on average between $86,596 and $215,896 per year, with the top 86 percent earning $476,724.

Salaries For Army Captain

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