IBDP Coordinator Job Description – Salary & Duties

IBDP Coordinator Job Description

Introduction: The IB DP Coordinator is in charge of assisting teachers in training by internationally Accepted Baccalaureate philosophy, as outlined in their Principles and Requirements and Strategies to Learning and Teaching. The Coordinator will use these to create ways for staff to interact and support one another. We will discuss the IBDP Coordinator Job Description here.

IBDP Coordinator Job Description

For the academic advancement of teachers and employees and to foster effective parent and community understanding, the IB DP Coordinator will have leadership, managerial, and leadership roles. The DP Coordinator is active in the entire school’s execution of the IB programs and is also the IBO’s primary contact for Diploma Program issues. The DP Coordinator serves on the Secondary Leadership Team as well as the Senior Institutional Leadership Team for the entire school (SELT).


  • The IB BP Program is overseen directly by the IB Diploma Program Coordinator.
  • As a DP Coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that learning and teaching support the IB Learning Experience and the IB Mission Statement’s principles.
  • Mentoring staff and demonstrating good inquiry throughout the class.
  • Assuring that education and learning provide opportunities for students to develop
  • Ensure that students acquire lifelong learning and are well-prepared for the required IBDP exams by effective teaching and learning.
  • Ensure that the preparation and training of Strategies to Study Skills builds on and develops skills learned in Grade 10 in Grades 11 and 12.     

The Coordinator’s responsibilities include collaborating with various school partners who assist students in various aspects of the program, including form teachers (homeroom teachers), special education requirements, and student and college counseling services. The Diploma Program Coordinator is frequently used as the project’s face, meeting and/or conducting interviews with prospective new children and families, and explaining the curriculum to guests at the school, whether they be educators from many other schools, government members, or International Baccalaureate officials. The Coordinator must ensure that they are thoroughly informed about the latest International Baccalaureate programs before starting this job. The duties of a Diploma Program Coordinator are diverse, and new problems can arise at any time. The Diploma Program Coordinator is the primary point of communication with both educational and organizational management within the system. The Diploma Program Coordinator is the primary communication point between the school and the International Baccalaureate and is accountable for both educational and organizational management within the system. Many of the examples mentioned below have supporting evidence that can be found on this site.

The Diploma Program Coordinator is in charge of overseeing the curriculum by collaborating with and assisting educators in preparing and delivering subjects in each of the six program classes and the center of Creativity, Event, or Support Expanded Essay, and Process of Education. Planning, leading and engaging in departmental and entire staff meetings, monitoring and providing observation input to teachers, and reviewing and advising teachers on a range of educational activities to promote students’ learning are all ways to provide this support.

Administrative leadership manifests itself as the primary connection between the International Baccalaureate and the school in several settings. The system of student registration for exams and operating the yearly test sessions, which includes educating students and supervisors in the conducting of tests, being in charge of the test papers and stationery, as well as beginning and completing each examination and submitting it to the International Baccalaureate exam center

Like that of the link here between International Baccalaureate and the school, the Diploma Program Coordinator is responsible for keeping the staff and management informed about IB rules and procedures, Internal Assessment (including feedback), services, special education, course material, expected results, and exam stationery. The Diploma Programme Coordinator should be a member of the school’s leadership team. This role entails leadership responsibilities such as debating and drafting plans for whole-school topics such as long-term growth strategies, curriculum development around the school, budgets, and presenting evidence for staff appraisals. Teacher recruiting is a crucial aspect of the work. The recruiting process relies heavily on choosing a decent match for the course, school, and region.

Who is a IBDP Coordinator?

The IB Diploma Program Coordinator leads the IB DP system throughout the secondary divisions and is accountable for the project’s overall operation. For the educational advancement of staff and students and fostering effective parent and community understanding, the IB DP Coordinator will have leadership, organizational, and leadership development.

What does an IBDP Coordinator Do? 

The Ib Dp Coordinator carries out infringement analyses. These investigations aim to ensure that other businesses or individuals may not violate their employer’s intellectual property and that their whole businesses do not infringe on someone else’s IP rights. They may be interested in the preparation of patent applications in addition to investigating established IP DP properties.

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Various Duties Of IBDP Coordinator


  • All events and services related to the IB DP Program must be coordinated and overseen.
  • As a member of the leadership committee, contribute to school-wide leadership and preparation.
  • Work with the Director of Curriculum and Learning and the IB PYP Coordinator to coordinate your efforts.
  • Such responsibilities as delegated by the Secondary Principal or Head of School


  • Ensure that almost all staff members have access to copies of the IBO documents relevant to their parts of the school.
  • Create and keep a list of all completed development plans.
  • Ascertain that the school’s assessment policy develops important agreements for evaluation.
  • During the DP years, guide the production and analysis of reporting documentation.
  • Participate throughout the school’s education and evaluation committees as an involved participant.
  • Work with the principal and the program and evaluation committee to make sure the range and sequence documentation are in line with the IBO theory, fund the movement of inquiry, and realize that they are realistic documentation that endorses an investigation, concept-driven approach to teaching.
  • Establish and update guidance for TOK, CAS, and the Expanded Essay implementations throughout the subject area daily.

Professional Development 

  • Work with the principal to ensure that teachers and administrators have access to appropriate professional development activities both off-campus and informed of such resources.
  • Wants to attend IBO Annual Meetings and Local Network Conferences regularly for professional development.
  • As part of the school’s overall career development schedule, plan and provide seminars for staff on elements of the DP.
  • When new teachers arrive at the school, design and implement workshops for them.
  • Keeping track of workshops and school visits is a good idea.
  • Participate in organizing teams in the DP years to help teams build work units and design coaching practices.
  • Provide direction to planning committees such that divisions of inquiry have a global emphasis and a developmental language focus.

Resource Management

  • Make suggestions for appropriate tools to sustain the program.
  • Make a list of all the tools you have.
  • Identify individuals and services in the area that can help with the initiative.
  • Ascertain that the curriculum includes programs that address the needs of second language learners and the diverse ethnic backgrounds of the school’s learners.


  • Encourage teachers to talk about all facets of learning and teaching in the classroom daily.
  • Ensure that the DP basics are still at the forefront of all work done in the DP year’s portion of the school.
  • Set up coordination and cooperation processes for all team members involved in the program’s implementation.
  • Publish reports to the SIS group about the software.
  • Distribute all relevant details from the IBO.
  • Prepare and send any required documents for assessment.
  • Ensure that all of the IBO’s guidelines and protocols for the software are followed.
  • React to the IBO’s requests for details.
  • Use media, including the OCC discussion group, email communications with friends, and training sessions to reach out to the larger community of learners.
  • Work with the principal and the management team to ensure that the curriculum, monitoring procedures, and reporting are consistent across the school.
  • Collaborate with the management team to keep the learning experience and ESLRs only at the forefront of the school’s theory and practice.

How To Become an IBDP Coordinator?

A Master’s Degree is required for being an IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and training in training, management, or related disciplines. As he is required to Supporting the curriculum often entails hosting parent meetings to keep them updated on a variety of topics, including an outline of the curriculum, the essence of a program, evaluation procedures, and revision processes.

Career Opportunities for IBDP Coordinator 

Since it is necessary to assist staff in extra-curricular activities, the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator role has great career potential, and it can be easily obtained. The coordinator’s presence at such an activity helps to demonstrate its significance to both students and staff.

What are the skills needed to be a IBDP Coordinator? 

  • Personal integrity at a high level.
  • Conscious and capable of concentrating on producing tasks to a continuously high level.
  • Job ethic that is adaptable and upbeat.
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills; meticulous attention to detail.
  • Ability to work under pressure and encourage others to guarantee that requirements are met.
  • Working in a rapid, ever-changing world requires adaptability.
  • Ability to work under duress while staying consistent
  • Proactive and able to take on various responsibilities.
  • Passionate and self-motivated.
  • Ability to act on one’s own.
  • You must work well with others, be willing to support, and be adaptable.
  • Strive for continuous improvement.

What qualifications do a candidate need to be an IBDP Coordinator?


  •  A master’s degree with a focus on education, management, or related fields is desired.
  •  IB DP management and academic experience of at least 5 years.
  •  The ability to form and sustain effective working relationships with school stakeholders.
  •  Knowledge of educational values and recent trends, instruction, the IB DP program, personnel development, instructional elements, and monitoring.
  •  Personal characteristics linked to positive human and interpersonal interactions.
  •  To be a successful member of a Management Team, you must have strengths of joint decision-making skills.
  • Ability to motivate workers to enhance teaching and hold training sessions.
  • Ability to delegate tasks, manage expectations, and function efficiently under duress. Pay attention to the smallest details and stick to deadlines.
  •  Show a high degree of dedication and professionalism.
  • Excellent command of the English language, both published or spoken.

How much does an Ib Dp Coordinator earn?

In the United States, the average salary for an Ib Diploma Programme Coordinator is $62,000. In general, Ib Diploma Programme Coordinator salaries in the United States range between $49,600 to $74,400, with a median income of $62,000. Ib Diploma Programme Coordinators throughout the center earn $62,000, while the top 67 percent earn $74,400. This is not to say that an IB DP coordinator can also earn more. The PayScale range between $49,600 to $74,400 depends upon your experiences and qualification in other countries.

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IBDP Coordinator Job Description – Salary & Duties

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