Prayer Coordinator Job Description – Duties And Salary

Prayer Coordinator Job Description

Prayer is a call to communication with God. We will discuss the prayer coordinator job description here. It is a platform upon which all our requests are transported to Him. It also anchors the depth of our relationship with God. Are you passionate about praying? Do you have the zeal for developing and strengthening others around you in the place of prayer, then this job could be the best place for you to kick off from?

A Prayer Coordinator is expected to pray for the church or group he works with and instill a lifestyle of prayer in the members of the church or community he /she lives in. As a prayer coordinator, you will oversee chain prayers for spiritual development, preparation of prayer bulletins, and manage prayer sessions where necessary. Are you a genuine child of God with wonderful prayer life, and you want to strengthen yourself by building others, then this job is for you. Let’s go through what is expected from you as a Prayer Coordinator.

Who is A Prayer Coordinator?

A Prayer Coordinator is an individual charged with the responsibility of praying for the church and developing a lifestyle of prayers in the church members. Since prayer is the lifeline of our relationship with God, Prayer coordinators are expected to help individuals pray by designing prayer bulletins and submitting prayer requests. As a prayer coordinator, you will need to know how to pray, not just religiously but genuinely, so that others, through the help of Christ, might be challenged and learn from you.

Why do Churches or Christian Movements Need Prayer Coordinators?

A Prayer Coordinator is needed in Christian gatherings to champion the church’s needs and members on the wheel of prayers. He/she is to encourage and organize effective, fervent prayers in the life of every member. Churches need prayer coordinators because while the leaders are busy with church administrators, they can’t handle the duty of prayer alongside. In addition to this, Prayer Coordinators are men/women who stand in the gap and represent territories or organizations spiritually. For every church to function normally, they need to have one interceding for them.

Prayer Coordinator Job Description

What would you need to function in this capacity? Let’s take a look at some of the qualifications:

What are the Qualifications of A Prayer Coordinator?

To work as a Prayer Coordinator, you must be genuinely born again. You must have an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ which should be evident in your lifestyle. You must also possess the following:

  • Commitment to the growth and advancement of God’s Kingdom.
  • Knowledge of God’s call upon your life.
  • Understanding of God’s call and working in your life as a leader.
  • Ability to Pray, praise, and worship sincerely.
  • Ability to discern the ways and the leading of the Spirit per time and season.
  • Knowledge of the depth of God’s words and an understanding of the channels of prayers.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in love and listen patiently to the needs of the brethren.
  • Several years of experience as a praying believer. You must not be a new convert who is still learning.
  • Commitment to the lifestyle of humility and holiness. As a prayer coordinator, you will need to possess a High School diploma or any other certificate to relate with every member of the church in love effectively.
  • Ability to exemplify servant leadership and inculcate the consciousness of prayer in the life of others while advancing the course of their spiritual relationship.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Prayer Coordinator?

Before taking a Prayer Coordinator job, it is crucial that you know what the church expects from you. First, possess an understanding that your service is to God first and not to man, so possess the attitude of always putting Him first in all you do as you serve in this capacity. Second, understand that your relationship with God daily is critical to your success on this job, in other words, while you go about your duties, don’t get carried away with your responsibilities and forget to sustain your relationship with Him. Having understood this, let’s introduce you to your duties and responsibilities. They include the following:

  • Pray for the church: As a prayer coordinator, the church’s success is largely tied to the level of your prayers. You are expected to prioritize praying for the church you work with and its members.

  • Introduce a spiritual growth model to the church: Scriptures made us understand that the gathering of saints together is solely for fellowship and spiritual development. As a Prayer Coordinator, you will need to develop strategies that will accommodate the spiritual needs of the people. These strategies must ensure that the people witness a level of growth in their prayer life and relationship with God. So you must be experienced to carry out this responsibility.

  • Build a Prayer team: As much as you are expected to pray, you are also expected to have a team that will hold hands with you in prayers. You will select these individuals prayerfully and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  • Instill the life of prayer in others: Your prayer life should greatly influence church members’ lives. So you will need to establish platforms that will promote the prayer life of members of the church. You will also need to train and encourage them as they journey to God.

  • Prepare Congregational Prayer requests: As a prayer coordinator, you will need to prepare bulletins that will cover the individual needs of the church members and the collective needs of the church. These bulletins will be printed out and distributed to the leaders of the church. It will include the prayer needs of individuals in the church.

  • Teach Prayer lessons: In some churches, you may be expected to give certain prayer principles that worked in the bible days and the ones that currently work for you as an individual. You could teach bible lessons on prayers while communicating the need to pray to church members.

  • Implements the vision of the church: As a Prayer Coordinator, you will work with the church leadership in advancing the vision of the church by ensuring that all levels of prayers are at work in the life of members.

  • Organize weekly prayer meetings and prayer conferences: You will be expected to call the people to pray through the organization of weekly prayer meetings and conferences. These conferences will strengthen the people in the place of prayer.

  • Prepare Prayer Budgets: For the success of every conference, you need to create budgets. These budgets are to cover the need during the period of these budgets.

  • Champion prayer walks and movements: In times of global or local crisis, you are expected to call the people to the place of prayer by organizing a series of prayer movements to ensure that the community at large stays safe in the presence of God.

  • Monitor the prayer life of church members: You will need to ensure that members are not sleeping in the place of prayers. You may need to place calls to check on the brethren’s welfare and inquire about the challenge where necessary.

Note: These responsibilities are the general duties of a Prayer Coordinator, in some organizations, it may not be limited to these.

How Many Hours Would I Work As A Prayer Coordinator?

In some churches, this position is a full-time position, and you may need to be available at every given time, solely giving yourself to the lifestyle of prayers. At the same time, other Christian organizations may require that you are available between 5 to 10 hours a week.

How Much Do I Earn As A Prayer Coordinator?

This job position is usually a volunteer position, and compensation is usually given at the discretion of the church leadership. It is more of selfless service to champion the move of God through a church platform. However, some organizations give you the privilege of earning an average of $30,000 per year and some other benefits for your family members.

What Does The Hiring Process For A Prayer Coordinator Entail?

This is a highly sensitive position, so you will need to be recommended by your local pastor. After that, you will be scrutinized by the church administration and called on to interview the team.


  • Are there different types of prayers? Yes, there are different types of prayers for different organizations.
  • How can I increase my prayer life? Your prayer life can be increased by maintaining a level of consistency in your relationship with God and your work.
  • How long can a Prayer Coordinator Serve with a Church? A Prayer Coordinator can serve for as long as 2-3 years or more, depending on his/her impact in the church. But, the minimum they can serve with a church one year.

Prayer Coordinators serve in highly sensitive positions because of the duties they carry out in the church. If you believe you are qualified, then you should go for the job.  

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Prayer Coordinator Job Description – Duties And Salary

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