How to get a job at Cummins? All about Cummins

How to get a job at Cummins?

In this article, we will see the answer to the question ‘How to get a job at Cummins?.


Cummins is an international corporation, which is expertise in designing, manufacturing, distributing engines, filtration & power generation products. Cummins is an American-based company. Cummins also services other related equipment like fuel systems, air handling, controls, emission controls, trucks, etc.

Cummins has its headquarters in Columbus, Indiana. Cummins was founded by J Irwin Miller, William J. Irwin & Clessie Cummins, a local mechanic. And now it has reached the global level & sells the self-manufactured products to 190 plus countries & territories.

As Cummins is a multinational company, the job opportunities are always in the lead within the different management sectors. And this makes a benefit for the newcomers or fresher’s to attain a job in a famous company like Cummins.

Cummins offers employees a different range of salaries based on the position of the employee. Below given is the approximate salary range of the different levels of positions in the Cummins-

Management sector

  1. Associate Director

Approximate Salary: $133k per year.

  1. Business Consultant

Approximate Salary: $113k per year.

  1. Business Development Manager

Approximate Salary: $109k per year.

  1. Cost Manager

Approximate Salary: $115k per year.

  1. Data Manager

Approximate Salary: $111k per year.

  1. Delivery Manager

Approximate Salary: $92k per year.

  1. Director

Approximate Salary: $162k per year.

  1. Director of Engineering

Approximate Salary: $161k per year.

  1. Director of Finance

Approximate Salary: $167k per year.

  1. Director of Operations

Approximate Salary: $138k per year.

  1. Director of Purchasing

Approximate Salary: $136k per year.

Other several job posts under the management sector are Director of Quality, Distribution Manager, Executive director, Head of Project Management, IT Manager, Information Manager, etc.

Installation & Maintenance sector

  1. Field Service Engineer

Approximate Salary: $94k per year.

  1. Senior Mechanic

Approximate Salary: $91k per year.

  1. Senior Technician

Approximate Salary: $85k per year.

  1. Technician

Approximate Salary: $50k per year.

  1. Service Engineer

Approximate Salary: $67k per year.

Other jobs posted under the Installation & Maintenance sector include Diesel Mechanic, Diesel Technician, Engineering Technician, Field Technician, Field Service Technician, Instrument Technician, etc.

Industrial Engineering sector

  1. Engineering Manager

Approximate Salary: $126k per year.

  1. Integration Specialist

Approximate Salary: $106k per year.

  1. Lead Engineer

Approximate Salary: $132k per year.

  1. Manufacturing Engineer

Approximate Salary: $108k per year.

  1. Senior Industrial Engineer

Approximate Salary: $100k per year.

  1. Senior Staff Engineer

Approximate Salary: $96k per year.

Other several job posts under the Industrial Engineering sector include System Engineer, System Integration Specialist, Test Engineer, Senior Process Engineer, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, etc.

Electrical Engineering sector

  1. Control Engineer

Approximate Salary: $82k per year.

  1. Electrical Engineer

Approximate Salary: $83k per year.

  1. Electronics Engineer

Approximate Salary: $83k per year.

  1. Facilities Engineer

Approximate Salary: $81k per year.

  1. Senior Controls Engineer

Approximate Salary: $92k per year.

Other several job posts include Senior Electrical Engineer, EMC Engineer, etc.

Accounting sector

  • Accounting Manager

Approximate Salary: $105k per year.

  • Controller

Approximate Salary: $128k per year.

  • Finance Manager

Approximate Salary: $112k per year.

Approximate Salary: $123k per year.

  • Treasury Manager

Approximate Salary: $115k per year.

Other several job posts include Staff Accountant, Treasury Analyst, Tax Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Payroll Analyst, Internal Auditor, etc.

Other work sectors in Cummins

  1. Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Project Management.
  3. Logistic Support.
  4. Sales, Human Resources.
  5. Arts & Entertainment.
  6. Marketing.
  7. Administrative Assistance.
  8. Production & Manufacturing.
  9. Civil Engineering, Mathematics.
  10. IT Operations, etc.

These all sectors also have various jobs which hold various work cultures. Employees have various options to select where they want to work too.

Needed Qualification to work in Cummins:

  1. Cummins states that they always try to uncover the vision & ideas of an employee so that the world could get the best products from the hands of our employees to the customers.
  1. Cummins has a vast captivating approach all over the world, so products of Cummins have an endless reach without the limitations of boundaries. So, Cummins always allows its employees to explore their ideas or vision by giving them freedom & flexibility. And this is the reason for the growth of Cummins in their industry.
  1. But the question arises is how to get a chance to work in Cummins? & what is the needed qualification to work in Cummins?
  1. And the answer is it is you who select the dream & passionate field for yourself. If the employee is aware of the field where they want to work. Then most of the job is done by their side. The only thing needed now is qualification. Just select the Bachelor’s degree which will help to achieve your dream job. And get the most knowledge of that field by getting an education in that field.
  1. After completion of a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree is also a better option to get to know more about that field. A Master’s degree gives a deep dive knowledge to that particular field in which you are going to seek a career. After the Master’s degree, there are many more options available to get educated about that field. It is up to the seeker to get the advanced level knowledge or to work for the company.
  1. Cummins hires freshers for their vacancies. And this is the good thing about Cummins that they offer a chance to the freshers. But, sometimes the experience can beat the fresher because Cummins sometimes seeks experienced employees. It is because the vacancy position needs an experienced employee. Like for a vacancy of senior position, freshers can never fulfill the needed criteria so an experienced employee is the only option available for Cummins to hire.
  1. So, getting 2 years or more than that will be helpful for you to give Cummins a try. And if you did these chances of you getting hired increase. Experience in your field makes a lot of changes while applying for a job.

Application Process

Candidates can apply for a job in Cummins by getting to know the current vacancies available in the company. For that candidate has to constantly visit the official Cummins website where they can mention the job vacancies, a job seeker can visit the company location to have one on one interaction & seek every detail of the vacancy details & various online platforms are also available online where company recruiter posts the vacancy details by mentioning their needed criteria.

If a job seeker is eligible for that criteria then he/she can apply for that post. For more safety, he/she can also submit the courier to the company’s letterbox which consists of resume & other needy details related to a job vacancy. And constantly getting updated by visiting a company will help you to know where your resume has reached.

So, there are online & offline, two ways available through which candidates can apply for a job.

Selection Process in Cummins

Cummins works with strategy while selecting a candidate for the vacancy. So, it follows three steps which are:

Written Test

To begin with the written exam for Cummins, candidates must be B.Tech in their respective field. Candidates must have a more than 60 % throughout in his/her graduation degree.

The test section is divided into two parts Aptitude & Technical. Each of them contains 30 questions in their respective format. Time duration will be 60 minutes. The test will consist of quantitative, verbal & logical reasoning questions.

Technical interview

A technical interview is a process where the interviewer is going to ask the candidate various questions related to company background, job’s technical knowledge for which he is applying, technical problem-solving capability related questions & also can say to find a solution for problematic situations. So, this round is going to be about testing technical details & the candidate’s capability of solving the issues through a questioning process.

HR Interview

HR Interview is the last round of the interview which consists of interviewing the candidates about introduction, qualifications, experience, courses done, strengths & weaknesses, etc.

If the candidate is selected for the job post then he/she will be notified by the company. So that they can start the next steps like training, etc. But only eligible candidates can get selected in a manner he/she should meet the criteria of Cummins vacancy needs. So, candidates should be ready in all the ways like qualification, courses, experience, etc because these can increase your chances of getting hired.   


Cummins, a corporate company designs, manufactures & markets diesel & natural gas engines. These products of Cummins help to decrease the real-world challenges facing people. And this creates a benchmark for other engine manufacturing companies.

Cummins is the leading company in its sector. And these create new opportunities for future job seekers to get a job in one of the leading companies in its field. As per the report, Cummins made a revenue of $19.8 billion in 2020. In which net income was $1.8 billion. This down in revenue was because of the COVID pandemic. As this pandemic ends, Cummins will come up & once again will lead in the revenue aspect. Each & every company gets affected in the earning due to the COVID pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the tips to crack interviews in Cummins?

Answer: Cummins always hires based on the knowledge that seekers have about their company, their manufacturing products, educational knowledge & theories. This all is because Cummins always wants to get the best employee for their vacant position. The interviewer of Cummins always notices the qualities which are needed for the position are available to employees or not. So be prepared with every aspect to easily crack the interview.

2. What are the benefits of working in Cummins?

Answer: Cummins offers various benefits for their employees like dental insurance, vision insurance, health insurance, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, retirement plan, performance bonus, employee stock purchase plan, etc. Paid time off facility like vacation policy, paid holidays & maternity/paternity leave. Office perks are company social outings, transport facility, work from home policy & unique office space. These all benefit employees and comfort their work & life.

3. How does the raise happen in Cummins?

Answer: Cummins offers a raise for an employee based on once a year. But, they also give an employee a performance bonus. Once a yearly raise is because of the policy of the company. Performance bonus is given based on employee’s work ethics, work culture, behavior, punctuality, character, etc. So, remember performance is also another chance of incrementing a monthly salary other than yearly raise. So, Cummins offers a chance for every employee.

4. How to increase the chances of getting hired in Cummins?

Answer: Cummins sees a lot of things in the employee before hiring them for their vacant position. Job seekers can get to know about the job vacancy in Cummins by getting connected to job consultants, references from family or friends, online searching, etc. These all tips will help you to get to know about the recruiting process of Cummins.

5. What are the tips to crack an interview with Cummins?

Answer: Tips to crack the interview process are to gain knowledge of the company, basic knowledge of real-world theories, educational knowledge, etc. Because it depends on the interviewer what type of question he/she will ask while interviewing. Having experience in the job for which you are applying helps you to increase the chances of getting that job position.

6. What is the working shift in Cummins?

Answer: In general, Cummins has a general shift timing of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Other than general shift timing includes first shift timing which is around 7:30 am to 4:00 pm & second shift timing is around 4:00 pm to 12:30 pm. It is based on the management in which you are working that decides the work time for you. And you have to follow that shift punctually. So, these are the three types of shifts in Cummins & also in most of the companies.

How to get a job at Cummins? All about Cummins

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