Claires Careers -Process, Salary, and Benefits

Claires Careers - Job Application Process (with Screenshots), Salary, Benefits

In this article, we will see the Claires Careers with their application Process, Salary, and Benefits

About Claire’s: 

Claire’s is a US-based retail store of accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics previously known as Claire’s Boutique and Claire’s Accessories. The company was founded in 1961 by Rowland Schaefer and is successfully serving its customers worldwide. One can find a retail store of Claire’s in various locations. The products are primarily focused on teens and tweens. The customers are impressed to see the availability of fashionable designs of various accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics. 

Claire’s has a separate section for kids below 7, their section is named Claire’s Club which features princess-themed accessories and jewelry for the girl child. Besides it, other accessories and jewelry are meant for teens and young- adults to meet their fashion trends.

Job Description 

Claire’s offers full-time and part-time employment opportunities for individuals who are looking to seek entry-level or corporate positions at the company. For some professions, you might need talent and skills such as sales associates, key holders, and many more. Also, in some professions, you might need special qualifications like being an assistant store manager, manager, director, concession manager, and other job profiles. 

Careers in Claire’s:

Assistant Store Manager

Key Role

  • You will be responsible for the functioning of the store in the absence of the Store Manager. It will be your duty to increase the sale of the store. 
  • You should assist other employees to encourage them towards their career development. 
  • All the sales goals should be met by time.
  • You must have the efficiency to boost sales and look after day-to-day activities at the store. 
  • You must ensure that the stores are fully merchandised. 
  • Salary: An assistant store manager is paid $15 on average, the salary ranges from $10 -$21 per hour. 

Key Holder

Key Role

  • You need to ensure that sales goals are fulfilled.
  • You need to communicate with the store manager and assistant sales manager. 
  • You should create a healthy and friendly atmosphere to strengthen the customer and employee relationship. 
  • Assist other employees to ensure that all the deliveries and merchandising are done properly. 
  • Salary: At an average keyholder is paid $10, usually the salary ranges from $8 -$14. 

Concession Merchandiser

Key Role

  • You have to oversee that products are received on time and are stocked in the store appropriately.
  • You should check all the products after delivery. 
  • Ensure that the concession area is clean.
  • All the extra products should be stored in a proper place.
  • Regularly visit the concession area.
  • Salary: A concession merchandiser is paid approximately $13.32 per hour. 

Store Manager

Key Role

  • Ensure great customer service.
  • You should encourage the smooth functioning of the store. 
  • All the customers must be treated appropriately.
  • You will be the head of the store, so you need to give directions, recruit and fire the employees. 
  • You should possess great leadership qualities.
  • Salary: The store manager is paid $51,017 per year, the salary may fluctuate as per the performance and location. 

Accounts Payable Clerk

Key Role

  • The main role of the accounts payable clerk is to provide clerical services at all levels.
  • You have to manage the accounts that are payable to different vendors and firms.
  • You have to ensure that accounts are cleared on time and accurately.
  • Basic knowledge of accounts and computers is needed for effectively keeping the record.
  • All the transactional duties and processing of money are in the hand of an accounting payable clerk.
  • You have to do multitasking and maintain the weekly report of accounts for accurate details. 
  • Salary: An accounting payable clerk makes $17 per hour on average. 

Part-Time Manager

Key Role

  • They will be responsible for the operation of the retail store in the absence of the management team or co-workers. 
  • They should assist customers by solving their queries and finding the best product for them.
  • All the stock deliveries and maintenance are managed by a part-time manager. 
  • Creating an enjoyable and great experience for the customers by making their shopping memorable. 
  • Should have prior knowledge about the product line in which the company is dealing. 
  • The products in the store should be arranged in a way that attracts a huge crowd, thus increasing the sales. 
  • Salary: The part-time manager can make around $10 per hour. Usually, their salary ranges between $9 -$12 per hour. 

Application Process

Claire’s provides a wide range of products including accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics keeping in mind the needs of youngsters. Along with providing products they also provide various services and for smooth functioning, a company needs a set of employees at different levels. For a corporate-related job position, you need certain experience and skills. Though you can apply for retail store jobs through offline mode, for corporate jobs, you should prefer applying online as it is easy and time-saving. So here is how you can apply for the job at Claire’s.

Step 1: You need to visit the official website of Claire’s Career. 

Step 2: There you will find a list of different countries where the retail stores of Claire’s are operating. 

Step 3: Once you select the preferred country, you will find various job openings in the country.

Step 4: You can select the job as per your preference and qualification, there you will find the ‘Apply For Job’ option. But before that, don’t forget to read the details related to the job profile.

Step 5: Once, you will select the ‘apply for job’ option a page directing you to enter the username and password will appear. 

Step 6: In case, you don’t have any profile created then click on Create an Account.

Claires Careers

Step 7: As soon as you click the button, you will need to fill in certain basic details including username, password to create your profile. 

Claires Careers

Step 8: After creating the profile you can proceed to apply for the job at Claire’s. 

What after applying?

After applying the process is simple, you just need to wait for the response from the company. Generally, Claire takes one to two weeks to respond to a job application. If the company is in urgent need of an employee then it won’t take long to reply to an application. After contacting you they will fix an interview. The interview will be simple, just be confident and give the answer fluently. After an interview, you will receive a word from the company whether you will be hired or not. 

In case, you don’t receive a word from their end you should not hesitate in asking about the application. Still, if they don’t respond you should avoid the regular follow-up. 

How to get hired at Claire’s?

  • Age: You should be above 16 years to be a part of Claire’s.

Other General Requirements: 

  • An applicant must possess great communication skills.
  • Leadership qualities are a must for candidates applying for every position.
  • Knowledge of the product is necessary
  • Should know how to build employee-customer relations.
  • Must be career-oriented.
  • Should have a friendly and outgoing manner. 
  • One must have three years bachelor’s degrees or equivalent to that. 


The employees are given perks and remuneration to motivate them and encourage them to perform better at work. Instead of providing general benefits like a friendly working environment, there are much more benefits. In addition, the company works to offer much more benefits to its employees to motivate them to think about new ideas to benefit the company and customers. The list of benefits available for employees at Claire’s are given below:

  • Life insurance
  • Competitive Wages
  • Employee Discount of 50%
  • Discounted Movie Tickets
  • Bonus as per performance
  • Regular Contest at Store 
  • Retirement Plan or Pension
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Sick Leave

All the benefits given are useful for the employees and they liked it. 

Interview Questions:

An interview is the most important part of the hiring process. Through an interview, the employers tried to learn about candidates, they judge whether an applicant will fit in the company’s environment or not. In an interview, a variety of questions are asked, a few of which are given below: 

Ques. 1 Tell us about your prior work experience?

How to Answer: Stick to your work experience instead of mentioning something not asked. Every company looks for experienced employees, so you must be prepared with a list of places you have worked at, even as a part-time worker. But if you don’t have any prior experience then you can answer by saying that to date you were primarily focusing on your studies and would love to work now. 

Sample Answer: You have to talk about the work experience that will help get this job position. Begin the answer by saying, I have worked at (the name of the company) for (the duration you have worked at the company). While doing this job, I have learned a lot of skills. 

If you don’t have any experience then politely mention that so far you have been focusing on your studies. I don’t have any working experience so far but would love to work at your company to enhance my skills and be an asset to your company. 

Ques. 2 What do you know about Claire’s?

How to Answer: If you are applying for any position at any company, you should be aware of the products they are dealing in and also what is the concept that the company follows. You should have all the basic details of the company to highlight in the answer to this question.

Sample Answer: 

1. Claire’s is a brand that was founded in 1961 by Rowland Schaefer.

2. Claire’s store is run under two brand names: Claire’s and Icing. 

3. The company is successfully serving in more than 3500 retail stores, which primarily focus on producing fashionable products for teens and tweens. 

This basic information about the company will be more than sufficient. Though, you can always add on more points. 

Ques. 3 Why do you want to be with Claire?

How to Answer: This is the frequently asked question in an interview. Here you need to throw light on your skills and knowledge which is linked with the company. You should mention the popularity of the company which leads you to apply for the job position at Claire’s.

Sample Answer: You can begin by mentioning the love for the product, in case you have used the product then show that products are amazing.

Also, you can mention that working in a company that exclusively produces products for teens is something you always wanted. And working with a fast-growing company is desirable for any candidate. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. 1 What should one wear for an interview at Claire’s?

Ans. Typically, you should wear business casuals, casuals, or something fashionable. Though they don’t have any particular preference in this sector you should look neat. 

Ques. 2 Does Claire’s allow candidates with piercing, colored hair, and tattoos?

Ans. Yes, Claire’s does allow people with tattoos, piercing, and colored hair. You need not worry about this.

Ques. 3 Is there any uniform at Claire’s?

Ans. Claire’s does not give its employees any uniform but there are certain rules which an employee must keep in mind. You can wear a casual outfit describing today’s fashion and style. But you cannot wear shorts and ripped jeans. Also, wearing lots of jewelry and accessories is appreciable.


Claire’s is a famous brand known for its accessories, jewelry, and other products that are available globally. The brand offers nose and ear piercing benefits also for the customer worldwide. The company works specifically under two brands named Claire’s and Icing. One can find both the stores in various locations. 

Since Claire’s is a fast-growing company serving in more than 3500 stores, the brand is becoming the world’s leading brand for teens and tweens. The brand creates an exclusive collection of accessories based on different themes that attract kids and teens. Claire’s is a brand for you and your family to create memories and give smiles on your faces. By assisting its customers in every possible way, Claire’s has been the best brand for teens. As the number of stores increases, the need for employees also increases. So, you can apply for any job openings that match your profile. 

Claires Careers -Process, Salary, and Benefits

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