PetSmart Termination Policy – Know More


PetSmart is an established brand that owns a long chain of superstores all across the united states. It sells a wide range of pet products such as food supplies, pet toys and accessories, pet services, and small household pets such as dogs and cats. It is all privately American owned. Let us know ‘PetSmart Termination Policy’.

PetSmart Termination Policy

Till now, PetSmart has established a total of 1650 in united states, Canada and Puerto Rico. It was founded in August 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States by it’s founder Jim Daughtery. It’s main office of operations is still in Phoenix, Arizona. 

PetSmart Services 

Some of the special pet services offered in their stores are full grooming, dog daycare, veterinary care via an in-store clinic included inside the store, and dog and cat training. It also allows you to drop off or pick up dogs or other small pets for adoption. It has another in-store facility for adoption which is a non-profit operation of the company.

PetSmart is the perfect place to pet parents to bring their pets to be taken care of. In-depth info on the services offered by the company is as follows:- 

Grooming services are the most sought-after one among the local customer base. 

The grooming services include: 

  1. Nail trimming and nail grinding 
  2. Ear flushing
  3. Trimming of fur and sanitary trimming included
  4. Pedicure 
  5. Services to brush out the pet’s teeth and breath freshener
  6. Services to get rid of Fleas and tick

PetSmart termination policy 

A termination policy is a guideline that the employee cannot violate in the workplace and if they are caught doing so then according to the policy then the person responsible for the violation would be either suspended according to the time in the policy or will be immediately terminated from the company and it would lead to the permanent designation from whatever position they hold within the company’s corporate infrastructure. 

The course of action taken by the management would solely depend on the violation committed by the employee. 

How does the termination policy at PetSmart work and how is it implemented in the workplace?

First of all, the termination of an employee is decided to be final according to the violation that the person in question was accused of. 

To decide whether a person qualifies for termination the process is divided into 3 levels. 

The first level:- 

At the first level, an employee is given a write up which is called an “initial write up”, this entails that the violation is not considered to be of a serious degree and calls for a small discussion on the issue and would lead to a temporary suspension or a permanent termination according to the discussion. The employee can be recommended an action plan to follow for improvement of their behavior. 

The second level:

Another level of the termination policy is called a “formal warning or write up”, this means that an official warning is being issued to the employee accused of the violation in discussion and that the violation is considered to be a serious issue within the company and requires strict actions. This can only lead to a permanent termination issued by the management. 

The third level:-

Lastly comes the final level is named “Final warning or final write up”. A final warning is considered to be final. Since it is the last level of the policy the issue is taken to the management and they issue a termination of the employee effective immediately. This kind of termination can be written for a violation such as a health code violation,  violation of the workplace, or stealing. 

Although there is a long list of a violation listed in the termination policy of PetSmart which is impossible to list in this article there are some that can be named and described in detail. A few of the violations are as follows:- 

  1. Violating intellectual property rights:- Intellectual property rights include trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets, and inventions.

Protecting these rights is an important policy and any employee indulging in any activity that threatens this policy is put under investigation and will qualify for termination.

  1. Protecting confidential information:- A company has all sorts of records in its system and these records can belong to anyone, it can be a customer or it can be a business partner. To whoever the information belongs it should be the responsibility of a company to safeguard such delicate and personal information.

If any member of the company tries to use the information for wrongful acts or if they start to leak this private information to outside sources the company’s reputation can be ruined and it can also become a hindrance in their operations. 

If an employee is accused of being involved in such actions, he or she will face the consequences and will immediately be terminated. A lawsuit can also be filed against the accused employee by the company.

  1. Stealing:- The company has very strict workplace rules and it is intolerable at the PetSmart stores. If an employee is caught stealing any of the store items or caught stealing, the general will be issued a final warning and an action plan or if the management decides, he or she can also be permanently terminated from the company.
  1. Safety protocols:- The company proudly itself on providing the best care and comfort and hygiene for the pets and ensure the pet parents that they can their pets are in the best hands. 

If the employee does not follow the proper protocols outlined by the company in the workplace or regarding the products and services provided, this can lead to a lawsuit against the company and to avoid such accusations the management will take strict actions and issue a termination of the employee accused of the violation.


PetSmart has become a good name in terms of giving households pets luxurious relaxing services and the highest quality of products whether it be food supplies or other accessories. With its expansion, it is providing many opportunities for people to work closely with animals and take care of them. 

PetSmart has very strict policies regarding their work and their workplace, any kind of misdemeanor or misconduct is intolerable the same can be observed from the point mentioned above. Although the company does provide an American-owned for directly terminating their employees the management can decide to do so if they see the action as plausible and necessary. 

This article has provided all this formation about the permission policy of PetSmart. 

PetSmart Termination Policy – Know More

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