Does Labcorp Pay Weekly Or Bi-Weekly? – Learn More

LabCorp Payroll: Does Your Employer Pay You Weekly or Bi-weekly?

Are you an employee of LabCorp? If so, you may be wondering how and when you would get paid? It’s important to know when you can expect to receive your paychecks to budget properly and plan for expenses. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the payroll policy of LabCorp and help you determine whether they pay you weekly or bi-weekly.

Does Labcorp Pay Weekly Or Bi-Weekly? - Learn More

How Often Does LabCorp Pay Its Employees?

LabCorp gives the salary to its employees on a bi-weekly basis. All payments are made either by direct deposit or by check and delivered to employees on the same day, usually twice a month. Employees are paid for the time worked in the preceding two-week period. LabCorp follows federal labor laws and other regulations when setting pay schedules, so it is important to check with your local laws to ensure you are receiving fair and legal compensation. 

For example, if your pay period is Monday through Sunday, your paycheck should be available by the following Wednesday. Employees can access their pay stubs online as well as view their electronic W-2 forms. LabCorp offers a variety of payment methods, including direct deposit, check delivery, and electronic payments.

When do you get your paycheck If You Work for LabCorp?

At LabCorp, employees typically get paid bi-weekly, on Fridays. You can check the pay period dates for your specific job on the MyLabCorp portal. The exact time that you receive your paycheck depends on the payroll system your employer uses. In most cases, you’ll receive direct deposit payments into your designated bank account before 10 a.m. on Fridays.

If you’ve paid by check, LabCorp typically mails checks on Fridays and they’ll arrive within three to four business days. If you need to access your paycheck quickly, you can sign up for LabCorp’s “Invoices Online” feature which enables you to print out a copy of your paycheck directly from the MyLabCorp portal.

It’s important to note that, if you quit or are fired from LabCorp, you’ll receive your last paycheck within seven days. This is the standard timeframe in most states, though some may have different laws regarding final paychecks. Additionally, unused vacation or sick days will be included in your last paycheck if you have any left.

Direct Deposit and Electronic Payments

If you are an employee of LabCorp, you can take advantage of the company’s direct deposit and electronic payment options to receive your payroll. By opting into a direct deposit or electronic payments, you can ensure that you will receive your paycheck on time and securely.

Funds are directly deposited into your designated bank account. It is free of charge and eliminates the need to visit the bank. Electronic payments are also available through LabCorp, which allows you to receive payments via debit or credit cards. 

When setting up direct deposit or electronic payments, you will need to provide your banking information such as routing numbers and account numbers. You can find this information on your checks or your bank’s website. Once set up, you will receive notifications when money is deposited into your account. 

By using direct deposit or electronic payments, you can eliminate the worry of waiting for a physical check to arrive in the mail. Direct deposit and electronic payments are also more secure than paper checks, as they cannot be lost or stolen.

Check Delivery Options

When it comes to getting paid, LabCorp offers several different options. You can receive your pay via direct deposit into your bank account, or you can choose to have a check sent to you. If you opt for check delivery, you can select one of two options. You can either have the check sent to your home address, or you can pick up your check from a designated LabCorp location. 

If you choose to have the check sent to your home address, it will be mailed out on the same day you are paid. The check should arrive at your address within a few days of being mailed. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you must ensure that your mailing address is up to date to receive your payment. 

If you prefer to pick up the check yourself, it will be available at your designated LabCorp location by the close of business on the day of payment. You must bring a valid photo ID with you when you pick up the check to verify that it is yours. It is also important to note that there may be delays in receiving your payment if you do not pick it up by the end of the workday. 

Overall, LabCorp offers several convenient options for receiving payment, including direct deposit and check delivery. You can choose the payment method that best fits your needs, ensuring that you get paid on time and without any hassle.

What If You Quit or Get Fired from LabCorp?

If you choose to quit or are terminated from your position at LabCorp, it is important to understand what the process for payment may look like. Generally speaking, employees who quit their position at LabCorp will receive their final paycheck on the same day they leave employment. This final check will include any remaining wages that have not yet been paid to the employee.

Employees who are terminated from their job at LabCorp will receive their final paycheck within 72 hours of termination. This check will include any wages due that have not already been paid to the employee. In addition, if applicable, any accrued benefits or vacation pay that has not been used or cashed out will also be included in this final paycheck. 

It is important to note that LabCorp will not make any deductions from an employee’s final paycheck for things such as income taxes or Social Security taxes. All taxes due for the period of employment must be reported and paid separately. 

If you have any questions regarding your final payment from LabCorp, you should contact the company’s payroll department directly. They will be able to provide you with detailed information about your payment and any applicable taxes.


Overall, LabCorp pays its employees weekly or bi-weekly depending on the pay period. Employees who get paid weekly receive their wages every Friday, while bi-weekly payments are made on the 15th and last day of each month. In addition to traditional payment methods, LabCorp offers direct deposit and electronic payment options for employees. LabCorp also provides options for check delivery if needed. If you quit or get fired from LabCorp, you will still be paid promptly and any accrued vacation days will be given to you. Understanding how often and how you will be paid by LabCorp is important to ensure that your wages are properly managed and accounted for.

Does Labcorp Pay Weekly Or Bi-Weekly? – Learn More

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