Frito-lay Termination Policy- Four Steps of Frito-lay for terminating

Frito-lay Termination Policy

Frito-lay is an American food company that is now a subsidiary of the beverage company PepsiCo. Frito-lay is a huge manufacturer and seller of corn chips, potato chips (Lays), and different kinds of snack food items. Here, let’s know about Frito-lay Termination Policy.

Headquartered in Texas, United States Frito-lay has been in the food industry since 1961. Now, just like any other company in the world, irrespective of what type of industry it is there are certain rules for the employees working in such companies. 

Termination Policy of Frito-Lay

Mistakes are not tolerated by such large organizations and companies. But, companies give chances to their employees to correct them and most importantly learn from them. Similarly, Frito-lay has a progressive discipline policy that involves four major steps.

Termination becomes necessary because rather than being an asset to the organization employees tend to become a pressure. The human resource department of companies like Frito-lay makes sure that employees work to their full potential and ensure that work is done properly. 

The termination of Frito-lay has been divided into four parts. Given below are the four steps of Frito-lay for terminating an employee.

Step 1: The Verbal Warning

The verbal warning is the very first step of the termination policy and it is one of the most common ones too. When employees make mistakes for the first time then a verbal warning is given from their superior or their boss. 

The verbal warning might be information from your superior asking you to make sure that the mistake that you made should not happen again. So, whenever you receive such a verbal warning at work you need to be careful to not make the same mistake again. 

Step 2: Written Warning

Only after you did not listen to the first warning the second warning is issued from Frito-lay. In case you have made the same mistake twice then a written warning will be issued against you. Talk to the human resource department if you are having some kind of problem.

A written warning once issued from the company should not be taken lightly because things have been taken to a much serious level. Time for you to make things right and work properly whatever you are doing to earn a living. 

Step 3: Suspension

Just in case you made a mistake once again then you will be suspended because this would be the third time that your supervisor or your boss has pointed out your mistake. Mistakes can happen but you should learn from them and make sure that it does not happen again to avoid suspension or any type of warning as mentioned above.

You will be suspended maybe for a few days or it can be for a few weeks too from Frito-lay. It is their company policy to suspend employees if they make mistakes even after getting a written warning from their superior or boss. 

Step 4: Termination

The final step in the termination policy is terminating the employee permanently. If the human resource department feels that you are no good for the company then you will be terminated directly. However, Frito-lay has the discretion to offer LCA (Last Chance Agreement) to an employee who is subjected to termination otherwise.

The company does give you a chance to make things right but if employees do not do the right things then it will lead to the permanent termination of the employee. After being terminated it is suggested to look for other jobs. 


Make sure that whatever work you do for whichever organization you need to do it with utmost care. Mistakes can happen but it is significant to learn from them and not to make the same mistake again and again.

Employers, superiors, and bosses do not like employees who do not want to learn and thus these employees tend to get terminated from the job. So, just doing a job does not mean the work that you have done is right because there could be several mistakes that you have to learn from.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the four steps of Frito-lay’s progressive discipline policy?

Ans: The four steps of the termination policy of Frito-lay includes the following steps:

  • Verbal warning (step 1)
  • Written warning (step 2)
  • The Suspension (step 3)
  • Termination (step 4)
  1. Does Frito-lay company have a union?

Ans: Well, almost 82% of the company is said to be non-union. The majority is non-union throughout its operations nationwide.

  1. Is Frito-lay a good company to work for? How many employees are working for Frito-lay?

Ans: Frito-lay has got a 3.5-star rating out of 5 when it comes to the overall average working experience. The rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 is 11% less than most other companies. More than 55,000 employees are working for Frito-lay. 

  1. How much does Frito-lay pay their employees hourly?

Ans: Frito-lay workers’ salary has got almost similar pay ranges from a wide range of job types. Some of them are as the following:

  • Warehouse material handler – Range $13-$24 (Average – $17)
  • Route Sales Representative – Range $13 -$22 (Average – $17)
  • Packaging or Filling Machine Operator – Range $16 – $30 (Average – $22)
Frito-lay Termination Policy- Four Steps of Frito-lay for terminating

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