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How I went from marketing intern to Head Business and Product Development at Stefanka, a clothing fit software on the rise.

Christine Pelletier holds an interior design degree and was a finalist at the Sico New Talent Excellence Award, held during the Montreal International Design Show (SIDIM). She then completed a Bachelor degree in Commerce at Concordia University, in Montreal, with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Management. She has extensive international experience as […]

Read the story of Jennifer Barker, Senior Business Development Strategist At SEMGeeks

Jennifer Barker is the Senior Business Development Strategist for SEMGeeks. She focuses on developing and nurturing multi-dimensional digital marketing, design and web strategies for companies to increase their digital footprint. Jennifer holds a BFA in multimedia design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She entered the tech world in the late 90’s and had the chance […]

How an email helped Tristan Walker get Business Development job at Foursquare

Tristan Walker | LinkedIN This is Tristen Walker’s story to land a job at FourSquare 16 July 2009 i sent my very first email to dennis and naveen (wow i was such a nerd! ha). naveen sent a reminder to team foursquare today and i thought i’d share it on my blog. Man, how times […]

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