Journey of my First Startup – MIXEN

Journey of my First Startup - MIXEN

My Name is Lucas Haas. My passion is music and entrepreneurship. Those two things combined lead to the founding of my first startup, “MIXEN.” MIXEN is a young german startup that provides a digital real-time collaboration platform for music producers worldwide. Besides, I work a normal 9-5 job, which means working at least 80 hours every week. Passion, personal goals, a strong growth mindset, and many failures pathed into the life I have right now.

Journey of my First Startup – MIXEN

How was your University time?

Well, I’ve never gone to university. After high school, I went directly into education. This education had nothing to do with music or entrepreneurship in general. It was an education as an administrative assistant in public service—so typical office stuff. I finished my education in the middle of 2020. From that point on, I still work in the public service sector. With that, music, and startup, I work now weekly an 80 hours work week. It’s hard but still possible. The key here is good time management, a reason why you are doing the work, and of course, habits that support you to achieve goals.

Why did you choose a career in this field?

I’ve chosen a musician and general musical entrepreneur’s career field because it combines two things I can do very well on the one side: the musical background, of course. And on the other side, organizing things, planning campaigns, structure a Team, and Combine everyone’s strength to the unity of power, motivation, and the absolute will to win. I can combine the very Thing I love with the Things I can do best. In a nutshell – I’ve Chosen the Career because it’s my Dream IKIGAI.

What was your first job or nuggets from jobs you had that helped you get to where you are today?

No job, no university, not a single one can prepare you for living the life of a musician/entrepreneur. I think that this is not even the Point. The Point of living a self-made life is to “just do it.” Just throw yourself into this cold icy pit of water. Of Course! Be aware of all the odds that may come. But don’t overthink stuff. In the end, just start with tiny, little steps. If it works – great, if it Fails – try another way.

Can you provide some book recommendations?

I’ve read tons of books in the last 3-4 years. Of course, no “Harry Potter”-sort of books. They won’t help you in this way. I talk about self-improvement books. Here are some examples:

  • Dale Carnegie – How To Win Friends & Influence People
  • Tony Robbins – Power Principle
  • Napoleon Hill – Think And Grow Rich
  • Gary Vee- Crushing It
  • Tim Ferris – The 4 Hour Work Week
  • Robert T Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Things are changing very fast in the industry; how do you keep yourself updated. Please list techniques or newsletters, podcasts, events, etc.

I keep myself updated by just watching upcoming trends. I’m not a huge fan of watching the news, tv shows or listening to podcasts about the newest tech news and trading offers. I want to focus on my stuff. If there is something important for me (especially in my little bubble of music, startup, motivation, workout, etc.), then I’ll notice it early enough. The only input I receive is through Instagram and YouTube. For the rest – I don’t care. Maybe it is dumb. I don’t know. For me, it works perfectly.

Any advice about CVs?

Just be honest! Most of the Startups I meet since I started are not even asking for CVs anymore. Just your experience and your dedication matter! This is very nice because it’s easy to get into positions and the job you want if you are experienced. On the other hand, it’s tough as a “newbie” to start somewhere. Because nearly everywhere you Need 3+ years of experience.

Advice for someone looking for a job?

If I have to give one piece of advice, I would say: Don’t just apply for one job opportunity. When you are young, you got all the freedom needed to apply for as many jobs as you want. The more you apply for a job, the higher the odds are for actually being accepted to your “dream job.”

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

Because I don’t just justify my dreams. I chase them.

Lessons from jobs that you couldn’t get.

Accept it. Don’t think about it for too long. Move on to the next job opportunity.

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Journey of my First Startup – MIXEN

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