How did I set up the best Pizza Restaurant in Ireland?

Pizza Restaurant in Ireland

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Well, I’m Jonnathan Parra Venezuelan man 38 years old / Came to Ireland in March 2014 as an English student. Why Ireland? It was simple that Ireland could offer a visa and work permit, so basically, for me, the decision was clear and the fact that I was around Europe and getting new experience.

In my firsts months, I was adapting my self to the new life and trying to getting acknowledge about everything around me…. so as a student I was at school from early morning learning the language and then working in accommodation as a cleaner for few hours, so I was able to pay my rent without taking savings off my pocket!

And during the nights I was riding a taxi bike “Rickshaw” on the streets until 3 am. None of those jobs were easy, but I took advantage of speaking with many people as much as I can in the school, accommodation, and on the streets, learning faster English and getting used to Irish slang and accents!!

After few months, my English was way better, and I get a job repairing laptops and phones (I used to do that in Venezuela before), so for me, everything started to change! But with school and work, the shift was complicated, so I get another job as Kitchen Porter in a restaurant cleaning dishes and kitchen duties!!

At that stage, I was always thinking: I need to learn something of every position so I can keep going been positive always so I did that…. kitchens are tough their busy hours, so the chefs always need some help and Learning Preps how to cook a little bit it was great for me until I knew how to prepare everything in the kitchen/sauces/dough/dishes/pasta/ and with more English I get the chef position very soon because of it!!

After a while, the restaurant offers me sponsorship for a work visa as a permanent resident! I’ve refused sponsorship because I fell in love and married an amazing Spanish woman. I get Stamp 4 Permanent Resident / then changed my job in new Pizza Restaurant in the city center because I was more into Pizzas and the new Place where I was working at the owner wanted to give up the place, and I saw my chance… I was married and a newborn baby boy that was my strength and my engine to take over the place and get the bravery to do it!! I took all my savings; it was so hard in the beginning because I was out of money but with a restaurant on my shoulders…

I went to suppliers every day because I couldn’t buy a lot of merchandise, so basically was opening the restaurant, and with my sales, I had the money for suppliers the next day bought buy merchandise as much as I can! I was working every day non-stop for 7 months, nonstop, many hours!! I was scared about failing, but my family was always supporting me behind!! After 7 months, the restaurant was totally settled and running Great!! Now it’s a hilarious story!!! Now I have one of the best Pizza Restaurant in Ireland, “Checkpoint Pizza Ltd” and few more places like running the kitchen in “Tramline Venue”.

So it’s been nearly 7 years since I came here to awesome Ireland for the first time!! 3 years already with the first restaurant and doors keep opening for my family and me!! Traveling every month around spending quality time! I bought a house and a car!! And opening one more restaurant In Orlando, Fl.  And I still remember every effort…. every step…. every sacrifice…. and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them! Always learn something no matter how hard it looks. Be brave, and do all the best you can!! This is my Story! So far….. ???? Thanks a million…



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How did I set up the best Pizza Restaurant in Ireland?

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