Best companies to work for software engineer

Software engineers(who apply software engineering techniques to design, develop, preserve and examine computer software) are in high demand presently because of their relevance in today’s digital world. That makes it one of the highest-paying digital skills. Moreover, among the technological companies, standout ones provide the best workplace for software engineers. Let’s know more about best companies to work for software engineer

best companies to work for software engineer

The Best Companies to Work for Software Engineers are Google, Microsoft, Meta, NVIDIA, Salesforce, Apple, Adobe, Amazon, SAP, and Netflix. The rating is on a scale of one to ten (1-10) is mentioned in this article.

Need Of A Better Workplace

These workplaces have great professional development opportunities, good compensation, great trust, fairness, nice leadership structure amongst other qualities and this makes it heart for software engineers.

Among thousands of companies, we have identified the following as the best companies for software engineers to work with. The choice one makes is dependent on his or her preferences, one may value payment more than other factors and another may value personal development above other factors. However, this rating takes note of the aforementioned qualities and gives a general rating of software engineering companies. 

Best Companies To Work For Software Engineer

The following are the best places to work for a Software Engineer:

1. Google – Rating: 9.0/10

Average salary: $150,000/year

With several worldwide employees above 100,000, and employee benefits which include insurance and equity components to workers makes it is one of the best places for software engineers.

2. Microsoft – Rating: 8.9/10

Average salary: $120,000/year

The company has more than 10,000 employees and hires over 10,000 engineers in various areas of the world yearly, including North America and Europe. It provides a great opportunity for worker development which makes it a great working place for software engineers.

3. Meta – Rating: 8.8/10

Average salary: $168,000/year

Meta provides insurance, maternity, and paternity leave opportunities, and also attractive financial packages to workers which makes the company desirable for software engineers worldwide. 

4. NVIDIA – Rating: 8.8/10

Average salary: $211,000/year

With its employee-friendly policies, competitive salaries, and lots of benefits, NVIDIA has become a famous workplace among software engineers.

5. Salesforce – Rating: 8.7/10

Average salary: $102,500/year

Salesforce currently has over 10,000 employees. With a great leadership structure that supports innovation and a host of benefits, Salesforce is globally renowned as a great work platform for software engineers.

6. Adobe – Rating: 8.6/10

Average salary: $90,000/year

Adobe is known to have a friendly workspace for employees that cares for workers’ health, creativity, and development. This makes it a known place for software engineers to work.

7. Amazon – Rating: 8.6/10

Average salary: $130,000/year

With health benefits, immigration assistance, maternity and paternity leaves, and a host of other benefits, Amazon is a global workspace and one of the best places for software engineers to work.

8. Apple – Rating: 8.6/10

Average salary: $143,800/year

Apple is a company with over 10,000 employees. Apple gives benefits which include Roth 401k, and health insurance to their employees. That makes it a great workspace for software engineers.

9. SAP – Rating: 8.5/10

Average salary: $115,000/year

SAP’s comprehensive health benefits and custom workstation make it one of the globally recognized workspaces for software engineers.

10. Netflix – Rating: 8.5/10

Average salary: $173,800/year

Netflix employs more than 15,000 software engineers yearly. The company’s flexible work hours, free transportation, remote operation opportunity, and various additional benefits make Netflix a desirable place of work for software engineers.

Best Places To Work For Software Engineers

Globally there are places most suitable for software engineers to work. These areas are dependent on factors such as payment level, serenity, and other factors. We will look into some countries and cities best for software engineers to work and live.

If software engineer needs high payment, they should consider moving to countries like the United States of America, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. If a software engineer is looking for a serene or calm country to live and work in, such worker should consider working in places like Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Netherland.

How Do I Become A Software Engineer?

To become a software engineer, one has to acquire the skill. It can be acquired in the following ways:

1. University degree: One can acquire software engineering skills by getting a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, software engineering, or other relevant courses available across higher institutions globally. The duration of such a program might vary from 3-5 years depending on the institutions.

2. Internships: There are various internship opportunities currently provided by local and foreign organizations where one can learn software engineering skills or advance in the skill. These internship opportunities are both physical and online. The internship provides practical knowledge of the skill both for high school graduates and self-learners.

3. Self Learning: One can engage him or herself in online courses on Software engineering on platforms like Udemy and Coursera. One can also take up home projects on software development and gradually get good at the skill.

Required IT Skills

As stated in this article, IT skills are in high demand in our present world and there are other skills similar to software engineering which one can acquire. Below are some of these skills and what they focus on:

Cyber security: This IT skill has to do with the protection of data in computer systems and networks from theft or damage

Data Analysis: This skill has to do with analyzing and is used in monitoring activities in an organization’s data.

Cloud Computing: This has to do with developing various cloud infrastructures and maintaining them.

Machine Learning: This skill has to do with the development of systems that adapt or learn by applying algorithms and statistical models. It is a part of artificial intelligence.

System and Network Administration: This ensures computer systems and computer networks function smoothly in an IT team.


Just like we stated earlier, the choice of a company to work with depends on the preferences of a software engineer. When choosing a place to work, one has to research the conditions and operation policies of various companies. This article shows the 10 best global companies a software engineer can work with and aims to assist software engineers in making their choice.

Best companies to work for software engineer

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