IBM Salary Levels- Let’s Know More

IBM is an international technology operation that is one of the largest employers of labor globally, with a record of having over two hundred and eighty-two thousand employees worldwide. If you are actively seeking a job at IBM, you may need to have a vast knowledge of the job roles and the salaries they earn. This could help you make the right decisions. For all you need to know about IBM, job roles, and salaries, keep on reading. Let’s know more about IBM Salary Levels 

IBM Salary Levels 

At IBM, salaries are earned differently by job role, level of experience, and geographical location. The lowest-paying level is Band 6 (entry-level), with an average annual salary of 100,570 US dollars.

International Business Machines Corporation 

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) was established in Endicott, New York City, by Charles Ranlett Flint in 1911, when it was first named the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Computing (a confederation of four companies).

IBM is a globally recognized computer manufacturer, with its headquarters now in Armonk, New York City. IBM is a world-leading computer manufacturer, actively functioning in about 171 countries worldwide. It is known for producing and selling all kinds of software, middleware, and hardware. They are also well known for their consultation and hosting services in specialties that have to do with nanotechnology and mainframe computers.

Some of IBM’s major products are IBM cloud, the IBM planning analytics, power systems, the automated teller machine, floppy disk, the IBM mainframe, SPSS, the information management software, ILOG, the IBM AIX, alpha works, Tivoli software, the SQL programming language, the Watson supercomputers, IBM Z, IBM WebSphere, z/OS, Maximo, the IBM InfoSphere DataStage, the IBM System/360 and so many others.

Job Roles In IBM

There are well over fifty job roles at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). The department classifies these jobs. Some of these departments are the Human Resources department, Marketing department, Recruiter Department, Sales Department, Hardware Engineer, Business Catalyst and Management Consultants, and Information Technologists.

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) Salary Levels

IBM employees’ salaries vary by department, job title, and geographical location. Geographical locations because the living standards in every region are not the same, so they pay according to their standard of living. For example, in Olympia, the average salary earned is 103,619 US dollars, whereas, in San Jose, California, USA, it is 106,880 US dollars.

Also, the general highest-paid department is the sales department, with an average of 186,000 USD. In the meantime, the customer service representatives and interns are receiving an income of between 45,000 USD and 71,500 USD. It is also important to note that some jobs are paid monthly while others are paid per hour. That said, there are six salary levels at IBM. 

See The Breakdown Below

IBM Salaries By Level

1.Band 6 (Entry-level)

100,570 US dollars

2.Band 7

123,217 US dollars

3.Band 8

148,717 US dollars

4.Band 9

190,523 US dollars

5.Senior Technical staff member(STSM)

259,375 US dollars

6.Band D

402,600 US dollars

IBM Salaries By Job Roles

The highest-paying job at IBM is Account Executive Director, with an annual salary of 130,000 US dollars, while the lowest-paid jobs are customer service representatives and internships, with annual salaries ranging from 45,000 to 71,500 US dollars.

  • IBM RPG programmer

Between 85,000 and 90,000 US dollars per month

  • Cloud Solution Developer- 60 US dollars per hour

60 US dollars per hour

  • Java developer- IBM Sterling OMS

Between 110,000 and 130,000 US dollars per month

  • Data integration manager

120,000 US dollars per month

  • IBM API connect Consultants

Between 75 and 80 US dollars per hour

  • IBMi RPG Programmer (local to WMI only)

Between 70,000 and 75,00p per month

  • Application Developer IBM cloud Modernization

70 US dollars per hour

  • IBM DB2 Architect

70 US dollars per hour

  • Senior-level IBM programmers

Between 75,000 and 90,000 US dollars per month

  • IBM Cognos Analytics developer- between 122,000 US dollars to 138,400 US dollars per month.
  • System Administrator: IBM i-technical support

Between 74,000 and 141,000 US dollars per month

  • IBM Original design manufacturer (ODM) developers

Between 70 and 75 dollars per hour

IBM Salaries By Department

However, IBM generally pays well for labor. The highest-paying level at IBM is Band D, with a typical pay of 402,600 US dollars per year. The average IBM salary is about 117,000 US dollars annually. 

  • Customer care representatives and internship

Between 45,000 and 71,500 US dollars

  • Business Analyst

100,000 US dollars

  • Recruiters

105,000 US dollars

  • Hardware Engineer

110,000 US dollars

  • Information Technologists

115,000 US dollars

  • Marketing

140,000 US dollars

  • Management Consultants

141,000 US dollars

  • Human Resources

185,000 US dollars

  • Sales

186,000 US dollars


With hundreds of thousands of employees scattered throughout the globe, International Business Machines Corporation offers its employees various appealing benefits: its moderately satisfying job pay. On average, IBM earns about 117,000 US dollars per year. Workers earn differently due to their locations, job roles, and level of work experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How frequently does IBM pay its employees?

IBM is not known for delays in the payment of labor. They usually pay their employees on the 15th of each month and the last day of every month. 

2.    Is International Business Machines Corporation a good company to work at?

By general rating, IBM scores about 4.2. Specifically, in job security, it is about 4.3. But in terms of salaries and benefits, IBM is rated low at 3.5. Because of this, you can decide based on your perspective if it is a good one.

3.    Does IBM give bonuses?

Yes, IBM gives its employees some levels of bonuses. Recent research shows that about fifty-three percent of IBM workers receive some type of bonus per year. Interestingly, the same study shows that sixty-two percent of this figure comprises female employees, while the remaining fraction is made up of male employees.

4. Do IBM workers receive good benefits?

International Business Machines corporations enriched their workers with appealing benefits that satisfied various aspects of their lives. Areas like health insurance, finances, life balance, disability benefits, dental, and well-being. They also offer industrial training programs, internship programs, and apprenticeships.

IBM Salary Levels- Let’s Know More

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