Navy Signing Bonus- The enlistment signing bonuses for the Navy.

Navy Signing Bonus

Like many other military services in the country, the Navy is also entitled to signing bonuses as a recruit into the military. Generally, the military offers incentives to people who would love to render their service to the country and help protect its territories. Indeed the navy guys are needed in the country for the exceptional service they render and how they keep the country safe. Therefore, some incentive programs have been established to attract several applicants to join the Navy. More so, like in corporate organizations, the use of signing bonuses is meant for enticing candidates to apply for a job at a particular office. Let’s know about Navy Signing Bonus.

The Navy, over time, has experienced a shortage of personnel desiring to join the military, and with this shortage, it is quite difficult for the Navy to carry out the nation’s assignment effectively. However, the solution designed to help the Navy gain more attention when it comes to recruitment is introducing a signing bonus which is expected to be a lump sum of cash gift after the training has been completed. Besides, there are some areas in the Navy where the signing bonus paid out to the applicant is huge and can also be recurring in continuous training after joining the Navy.

How can you get qualified for the navy sign bonus?

Typically, not all the sectors of the United States navy award signing bonuses to the recruited officers; some sectors are left as they have been in the past, but some sectors which are most critical to the success of the Navy get to benefit from the signing bonus. With that being said, perhaps you are fluent in a particular language that isn’t English; you are entitled to some specialized bonuses if you enlist in the Navy. Besides, you might even be eligible for more than one bonus with the Navy, depending on the role you have chosen to play in the Navy.

Generally, to become eligible for the navy signing bonus, there are some terms and conditions you would need to agree to before you are considered for the bonuses. You must have to agree to a long-year service which is often above a year of active service. In addition, there are some programs with the Navy which require you to be enlisted for at least five to six years of active duty before you can be considered for the bonuses that are assigned for those roles.  Meanwhile, as a newly enlisted navy who is expecting to be awarded the singing bonuses, you must understand that the singing incentives offered to the Navy depend on various factors laid down by the navy body.

The enlistment signing bonuses for the Navy.

Some job roles in the Navy require qualified hands and extremely high skills personnel to handle. Unfortunately, these sectors of the Navy sometimes witness a lot of shortage in skilled labor leaving the Navy no other choice than to attach a huge signing bonus to those roles. This is because cash gifts can be easily used to entice officers to join in those roles and perform their duty. 

  • Enlistment bonus: The enlistment bonus is designed to capture only those qualified officers to enlist in such specific duties in the Navy. More so, the enlistment bonus is only designed to attract qualified people capable of delivering the required skill set needed for such a role to make the fleet ready for the country’s service. As a personnel who has enlisted in the United States Navy, you would only receive your enlistment bonuses after completing the training and recruitment process. Certainly, you would be given the right information about the conditions and terms of employment in the Navy and other corresponding information that would be necessary during your enlistment. 
  • Eligibility for enlistment bonus: As a future sailor looking to join the finest officers in the United States Navy, you are eligible for some of these enlistment bonuses as stated by the enlistment bonus for source rate (EBSR). If your job role falls in between the listed positions, the corresponding bonuses would be awarded upon satisfaction of the requirement of such roles as an enlisted officer.  
  • Navy jobs that offer enlistment bonus: The jobs includes Air Rescue Swimmer (AIRR) $36,000, Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) $25,000, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) $36,000, Hospital Corpsman (HM) $25,000, Information Systems Technician (IT) $10,000, Information Systems Technician Submarines (ITS) $15,000, Machinist’s Mate Submarines (MM) $10,000, Missile Technician (MT) $15,000, Navy Diver (ND) $36,000, Nuclear Field (NF) $38,000, Special Warfare Boat Operator (SWCC) $36,000, Sub Electronics Computer Field (SECF) $10,000, Sonar Technician Surface (STS) $15,000, Special Warfare Operator (SO), $36,000. 

The High school graduate bonus

As a high school graduate who hopes to enlist in the United States Navy, you are not exempted from the bonus package designed for the officer in the Navy. Although the singing bonus might be somehow small compared to that of a college graduate, you are sure to also gain from the bonus package. Besides, the bonus has been designed for the yet-to-be officers who had enlisted in the Navy between the July and September 2020 batch and are expected to grade from the Navy school by 2021. With the high school diploma certificate as an enlisted navy officer, you are eligible for a signing bonus of about $3000.

The Education Bonus for college credit

As enlisted Navy personnel who have undergone a college education from an accredited institution in the United States, some bonuses are assigned for such recruits. The bonuses are paid to the recruits who enlisted after they have finished their training school and have graduated from the boot camp. Additionally, upon completing your training, you can enlist for a specialized sector of the Navy which often qualifies you for more signing bonus after successfully finishing your training. 

  • Recruits with associate degree: The recruits who have an associate degree from the college would receive nothing lower than $5000 after completing the navy school training. The same applies to a recruit who has a bachelor’s degree but would be paid to the tune of $8000 as the signing bonus. 
  • Recruits with vocational training: Meanwhile, if you have one year of vocational training and enlisted in the Navy, you are bound to receive at least $3000 as your singing bonus after the training has been completed. However, if you completed a two-year vocational training, your signing bonus is as high as $500, equivalent to an associate degree holder. 
  • Other study hours: With that being said, your studies at the college were about at least 12 semester hours, but it was less than 24 semester hours; say you studied a part-time course in the college, and you would only be entitled to $2000 as your signing bonus. Meanwhile, with about 24 to 47 semester hours in the college, you are qualified for a $3000 signing bonus from the Navy after your training. With more than 48 hours of the semester in the college, you are certain that you would receive at least $4,000, while with 72 to 92 hours in the college, you are eligible for $6000. Finally, if you have achieved the 96 semester hours and above, you would be eligible to earn the $7000 bonus.

Shipping bonuses

Aside from the high school and the college education signing bonuses that the Navy pays, recruits who have headed to the training camp between March and May in 2021 are also eligible for the $5000 signing bonus, which is applicable o the following roles listed here;

Hospital Corpsman 

Information Systems Technician 

Information Systems Technician Submarines 

Machinist’s Mate Submarines 

Missile Technician 

Navy Diver 

Special Warfare Boat Operator 

Sub Electronics Computer Field 

Sonar Technician Surface 

Special Warfare Operator

Air Rescue Swimmer 

Culinary Specialist – Submarine 

Cryptologic Technician Interpretive 

Explosive Ordnance 

Physical Screening test bonus

As a recruit into the United States Navy, if you are part of the Warrior Challenge Program and you can score a high-ranked score on the physical Screening test, you would be eligible to receive a sum of $2000 bonus. However, the terms and conditions apply because you must pass the physical screening test on your first try as a recruit. 

The Warrior challenge program is designed in the Navy to prepare recruits for unique positions in the Navy, including the Naval Special Warfare and Naval Special Operations. However, to qualify for the program as a recruit, you must remain in the Warrior challenge program and graduate from the recruitment training center before receiving the said bonus. 


Indeed the signing bonuses in the United States navy are quite enormous, but certain conditions must be made before you can be reimbursed. Some of the conditions include having your education either form High school or from college. Aside from that, you might have to complete some specialized training. 


What navy job has the highest enlistment bonus?

The highly skilled jobs in the Navy are awarded the highest signing bonuses. However, these jobs are considered risky jobs that might include Navy divers, special warfare operators, and many more. The signing bonus for his enlistment can be up to $38,000.

Who gets paid more, Navy or army?

Compared to the enlisted members, the military officers make a huge sum of money; however, their income depends on their experience and commission. 

Navy Signing Bonus- The enlistment signing bonuses for the Navy.

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