Marines Signing Bonus- The main purpose of Signing Bonus

Marines Signing Bonus

Joining the United States Marine Corps comes with many benefits that many people aren’t aware of. Military jobs are one of the dangerous jobs in the world, which has made many people stay away from applying for the job. However, to encourage United States citizens to join the Marine Corps, various incentive programs are available when joining the organization. Yes, the incentives are designed to help US Marines retain their finest officers and keep them motivated as either a new enlisting member of the Marine or a returning to the military. Let’s know about the Marines Signing Bonus.

Attracting top-performing talents has become one of the priorities of the marine organization, which has seemed to be the way to keep its officers on active duty. Besides, some sections of the marine corps have witnessed the heavy influx of signing bonuses, which sometimes might total to about $90,000. The likes of ground combat force and other special forces in the Marine are attracted with huge signing bonuses from the military. Cash incentives and many other bonus packages are how the Marine Corps is compensated, incentivized, and encouraged to keep working for the government. Generally, a signing bonus is a lump sum of funds either in cash or as a yearly payment made to anyone joining the marine military corps, either newly or re-enlisting. 

The new Marine Corps recruit signing bonus

As a recruit in the US marine, you are considered as the new officers in the military. Therefore, the government is ready to motivate you with a cash signing bonus as a way of appreciation for joining the Marine Corps. Of course, many people started the training as well as you did but most of them have dropped out of the military training. Completing your training and requirements as an in-demand military occupational specialty (MOS) certifies you to be entitled to a cash signing bonus from about $2000 to about $8000. Besides, as a recruit, there is an opportunity for you to earn extra bonuses if you agree to sign for extended military service or you are ready for some other ship-out activity on some dates that are considered special or inconvenient for the entire team. Say Christmas time. 

The main purpose of the USMC Signing Bonus

Certainly, there are some specific reasons behind the implementation of signing bonuses for the Marine Corps, although there are other corporate bodies and non-governmental organizations that adopt the signing bonus methods to entice high-performing candidates. The same goes for the marine corps, as the incentives are designed to enhance their comprehensive package of salary and service as a men’s benefit for joining the Marine corps. Based on the Marine Times report, the United States Marine Corps uses the signing bonus to help its recruitment attract strong combat officers and modernize its ground force to make it compete with other powerful government military sectors. Most of the time, the recruitment is also designed to attract men and women with exceptional skills and help the Marine Corps fulfill its primary military mission in the country. 

The purpose can easily be achieved if the applicant into the military services is ready to be committed and interested in serving the country. But more so, with the rigorous training undergone the military enlisted must be compensated for their love for defending the country. 

The Enlistment Incentive program is designed for the Marine Corps.

Through several enlistment programs into the Marine Corps, the recruits were given an incentive in cash as their signing bonus. Besides as recruits, if they were determined and interested in joining some section of the Marine Corps which is termed Marine Corps Critical MOS, are awarded a signing bonus upon completing their military and recruitment training. 

However, based on the marine corps bones awarded to the recruit officers, the highest bonus so far has been $8000, which is awarded to the officers who undergo the electronics maintenance training with the Marine Corps, or officers who enlist for the biological radiological, chemical and nuclear defense which they are paid $7000. 

Marine Corps interested in the musical section of the military would have to compete with their musical skill to obtain a spot and be paid about $6000 as their signing bonus. On the other hand, tech-related jobs in information and communication offer the Marine Corps the opportunity to get paid a $5000 bonus, while the likes of motor transports and many other less technical aspects of the Marine Corps get paid about $4000.

Other Marine Signing Bonuses

Some other signing bonuses are awarded to the Marine, although this bonus is dependent on the role and how critical the job requirements of those marines would be. Moreover, the bonuses aren’t limited to the Marine going to the special fields alone, the MOS list. Other recruits can benefit from the bonus; they only need to enlist for the shipping out service, always within a specified time frame. The signing bonus is most often about $1000. 

During your training, if you did choose to be in the six-year enlistment in the infantry corps of the Marine, you are offered a bonus of about $5000. In exchange for the bonus to be offered, you as a recruit must agree to remain in the position for a specified period. Generally, the bonuses that are available in the Marine Corps are subject to change at any time, while as a recruit into the Marine Corps, you might either have to pay the bonus in full or in part if you do not fulfill any of the terms and conditions associated with the signing bonus. 

The Training and Education Bonuses for the Marine Corps.

There is an opportunity for you to get paid more than once as a recruit through the education and training bonuses awarded to the Marine Corps. These bonuses extend beyond the regular signing bonus you are paid after you have finished your training. There is valuable knowledge and hands-on training the marine gain while in active service, and this training might come in the form of education or vocational training, or other forms as assigned by the military. Additionally, as a way for the military to better serve the country, there are several exciting MOS training including pilot training, logistical operation, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, and much other training offered after the recruitment phase. 

Officers interested in becoming a professional in any of the specialized fields are directed to attend the college and undergo the educational training and the leadership skills to be acquired. In addition, there are opportunities to benefit from the College Funds, Tuition Assistance, and many other educational benefits that are given for officers to pursue their college degree. 

The reenlistment MOS Bonuses

The Marie strives to retain its officers who have special capabilities and leadership skills that have been very useful to the military. To achieve the military goals and keep the military in the right shape with some elite officers, the Marine Corps offers financial rewards to have the reenlisted officers transferred or reenlisted to the section of the Military Occupational Specialties. Based on the marine time’s report, it was gathered that the bonus packaged prepared for any reenlisted officer in the Marine at the highly technical fields and other dangerous jobs like the EOD bomb handlers are entitled to earn up to $90000 in bonuses. 

The 2020 bonus package offering in cash was open to the high-need jobs ready to serve at the infantry squad. For instance, the marine sergeant was eligible for about $57,000 as a bonus for reenlisting and deciding to move into the MOS 0365 infantry squad leadership program. However, as an officer in the infantry, you must be committed to at least 48 months of service in specialized duty. Therefore, with the bonuses assigned to you as a reenlisted marine corps, you would have to perform the specialized operations when due and follow all the terms and conditions of your new engagement. 


Signing bonuses for the Marine Corps can either be in the form of training incentives or education incentives which is a way to help encourage officers who have dedicated their time, life, and expertise to serve the United States. Of course, the incentive varies from one section of the Marine to another but the good thing is that the bonuses are designed to encourage the officers to join the Marine Corps. Attracting good and skilled officers is crucial to the success of the Marine Corps as a military unit in the United States; however, the majority of the United States citizens wouldn’t want to enlist in the force based on their reasons. 


What is the marine salary?

According to the zip recruiter report, the marine salary varies but on average, a marine officer can take home about $57 101 as an annual salary. Here are some other breakdowns

Annual Salary Top Earners- $101,000

5th Percentile- $70,000

Average- $57,101

25th Percentile- $34,000

Does the Marine make good money?

The base pay for any enlisted member in the Marine in the first six months after training is often less than $20,000 per year, but some top earners have advanced ranks and have gained quite a good experience.

Marines Signing Bonus- The main purpose of Signing Bonus

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