Amazon Interview Prep Call- How to Prepare?

Amazon Interview Prep Call

Before any virtual or face-to-face interview, a preparation call concentrates on delivering an introductory session to the company and its stakeholders. It provides an opportunity for the candidate to know and understand things beforehand. This call between a candidate and a recruiter before the actual interview or meeting is crucial and exceptionally beneficial for the candidate. It not only helps prepare the candidate but also furnishes confidence, motivation, and comfort. Let’s know about Amazon Interview Prep Call.

Amazon’s interviews are directed on leadership principles and it uses the STAR procedure for answers. The recruiter gives a sample interview question that assists the candidate to prepare. The prep call is more like a dry run of the interview. Amazon’s interview process can be gruesome so the prep call helps the candidate a lot. The recruiter may ask you a few fair questions and furnish you with tools and resources to boost you. A recruiter will contact you by sending an email or via LinkedIn. 

The interview takes place in two steps those are: a screening call with the HR or internal recruiter and then the second one with the hiring manager. There are two important components you need to prepare for are the technical questions and the behavioral questions. The prep call helps you boost your morale. It may be conducted as a mock interview or as a session with the recruiter where he asks the candidate a few questions and then the candidates may clear their doubts regarding the interview or know things about the company. 

Once the prep call is done the candidate can prepare well for the final interview. The hiring process in amazon can be broadly divided into five processes, and it may take from one week to four months for the process to end, depending on the position and team. Depending on the position you’re being interviewed for, you may be asked to complete a technical or non-technical assessment, you will be asked to answer behavioral questions, or complete a writing assessment.

About the company and the interview tips, Inc. founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, is an American multinational coalition that concentrates on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is counted as one of the Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry. It is referred to as one of the most beneficial brands. 

 It began as an online store for books but slowly and gradually it kept expanding and sold a variety of products like electronics, software, video games, clothes, furnishings, food, toys, and jewelry. In 2015, Amazon outperformed Walmart to be the most valuable and profitable retailer in the United States. In August 2017, Amazon amassed Whole Foods Market for US$13.4 billion. By 2018, Amazon Prime that is Amazon’s two-day delivery service exceeded 100 million subscribers throughout the world.

For the interview, one must prepare for the behavioral questions and prepare an answer format keeping in mind the star method. One must make sure to provide every detail asked for and focus on ‘I’ whenever you talk about a situation. It is very important to know and explain well why one wants to join the company. Study thoroughly about the leadership principles. One should also research and know about the amazon work culture well before the interview. Be confident and clear about whatever you speak and ask the panel if you have any doubts. These are the few tips that will help you prepare well for the final interview.

The hiring process in Amazon

The process of hiring in Amazon is long-winded and complicated. The candidate has to undergo a series of interviews, screening calls with HR, written tests, and meetings. The whole interview process can extend from three weeks to three months. The time may vary according to the position. There can be around two to nine interviews depending on the role you have applied for.

How to prepare for the prep call?

Preparing yourself well before the actual interview is always a good option. You get a prep call from Amazon before the actual interview. The prep call is like a mock interview with a slight change. In this one, even you get to ask questions from the interviewer regarding the company or other questions related to it. You should grab this opportunity to prepare yourself for the real one. This also gives you a chance to understand how the questions might be framed during the interview. After the prep call, you will be asked to give the actual interview.

Confidence is the key to success and might increase your chances of getting selected. So, even if it is an interview over call make sure you sound confident. To boost up your confidence, you may prepare for the questions which you feel can be asked. Whenever the interviewer asks you a question, pause for a while and deliver your answer smoothly.

Prep call is therefore a helping hand which aids you to get ready for your actual interview. It can help you gather information about Amazon so that you can prepare yourself for the final shot. You should keep your questions ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What type of questions can you ask in an Amazon prep call interview?

-Some of the questions that you might ask in an Amazon prep call interview are given below: 

How does a typical day at work is like?

What qualities do you look for in an employee?

What all things should I keep in mind for the interview?

Do I need to keep some documents with me for the interview?

2) How much time does the prep call lasts?

-It may take around an hour for the prep call to end.

3.) How much time does it take in the hiring process of Amazon?

-The hiring process of Amazon is lengthy and intricate. The average period in the US is around 23 days. The time may also vary depending on the position. There are several rounds of interviews along with the screening call with the HR, meetings, and written tests.

Amazon Interview Prep Call- How to Prepare?

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