What is the Virtual Executive Assistant Salary?

Virtual Executive Assistant Salary

As you all know, this uncertain breakdown of the pandemic because of COVID-19 has made our real lives moreover into virtual ones. Right? Of course, you will all have the answer in agreement with this statement. Undoubtedly this pandemic has resulted in significant loss of human life all around, but if you look towards the other side, this indeed has also generated many new job opportunities. Amongst those opportunities, one such opportunity is being a Virtual Executive Assistant. In this article, we will see all about Virtual Executive Assistant and its salary.

But are questions like-What a Virtual Executive Assistant does? What are the skills required to be a Virtual Executive Assistant? What would be the payoff of the Virtual Executive Assistant, bothering you? Just relax and take a deep breath! Yes, we are all here, as usual, to give your mind a sense of relief by providing you with all the satisfying and reliable answers to concerning questions. But, fortunately, all you can do on this is to take out some of your precious time from the set schedule and thoroughly review the article.

Who is A Virtual Executive Assistant exactly?

A virtual executive assistant is one such person that lends services to various businesses or entrepreneurs residing in remote areas. Generally, people hire A Virtual Executive Assistant to make smooth and more efficient functioning of their company.

Duties and responsibilities of a Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual executive assistants can take care of tasks that would ordinarily require human effort. In addition, they can automate work by handling various administrative tasks, research, and scheduling.

A virtual Executive Assistant can offer you multiple never-ending lists of the services of which some are mentioned below

  • Any Easy to handle digital marketing task
  • Preparation of report
  • Managing Emails, calendars, and even appointments
  • Personal duties like booking restaurants and hotels
  • Managing Events
  • Managing Social Media Platform
  • Creating A CRM database
  • Lending support via live chat
  • Give reminder services
  • Create company’s account over various trending social media platforms
  • Track and Schedule Pind
  • Draft Email Newsletters
  • Product Reviews
  • Handle Press Release
  • Drafting and updating websites pages from time to time
  • Explore news ways and adapt them to make the company stand out of the box
  • Review and document the client’s account and many more. 

Required Educational Background

For being a virtual executive assistant, the essential qualification that you need to possess is a high school diploma. Yes! But now, as the competition is getting a pace in the market, employers may ask for either a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. On the other hand, some employers and the bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree may ask for relevant experience. 

Skills To be A Successful Virtual Executive Assistant

Besides possessing the required degree and knowing it is equally essential to maintain the right skills to have a bright future. So to help you out understand the skills needed for this destination, some of them are mentioned below are.

1. Skill of Word Processing

This is a fundamental task that every virtual executive assistant is being asked to perform. This task in detail includes the work of data entry and typing. So to do that, you do not need to have the capability of typing 80 words per minute but also have the skill of maintaining the accuracy level.

2. Efficient Writing as well as Oral Communication Skills- 

As a virtual executive assistant, you are in need to hold good coordination with your clients. The mode of coordination many of the times is via mail or fax. So to make this coordination work smoothly, you need to have a capacity for writing, sending, and managing reports well, and also, you should be able to make effective presentations. One should always communicate with clients well, irrespective of whether the mode is oral or written. And if at all you lack this point, then also we have a solution for you. Yes! You can quickly improve so by joining any of the online writing courses available. 

3. Computer Handling Skills

 No virtual task is possible to perform without the use of a computer, is a well-known fact. Right? So the efficiency in computer skills is a must. Right? These skills included proficiency in working on MS Word, Excel, and many MS Office software. Besides all these, you have to be good with the knowledge of the Internet to aid your clients with the service for their websites and database systems.

4. Self Discipline and Motivation

Virtual handling of the tasks requires proper discipline to work. It is not about getting the things as n when you desire or feel OK to do them. An adequately disciplined regime has to be set up to work effectively and consistently. There is no doubt that the job offers tremendous freedom to work but staying motivated and self-disciplined is what takes you towards success.

5. Efficient Thinking Process and Appropriate Timely Decision Making

What matters the most when a client gives you a task of a specific virtual assistant is the art of making the right timely decision. For this, you have to have the skills to explore all the possible outcomes and solutions to the tasks and decide to choose the one that fits the shoe in the best possible way. So you need to have the skill of processing the information as quickly as possible and providing the best activities that can be performed.

6. Zeal to Learn and Explore Continuously

Never put an end to your learning and exploring new techniques and ways. To hold on to the top position and name in the concerned market, you continuously have to understand and analyze things that make your work stand out from all the competitors available. 

Virtual Executive Assistant Salary

Virtual Executive Assistant depending on the requirements can be hired as a full-time or part-time employee by an organization. The payoff received as a virtual executive assistant can be hourly, weekly, per project, or even per annum, depending on the company. 

Below are some of the standard rates and salary ranges offered depending on the skills and experience.

1. Average Pay-off Range of General Virtual Executive Assistant

A Beginner$3-$6 Hourly$6,240 – $12,480 Annually
An Experienced$7 – $15Hourly$14,560 – $31,200 Annually
An Expert$7 – $15 Hourly$14,560 – $31,200 Annually

2. Average Pay-off Range of Virtual Executive Assistant with Copywriting Skill

A Beginner$3 – $6 Hourly$6,240 – $12,480 Annually
An Experienced$7 – $20Hourly$14,560 – $41,000Annually
An Expert$21 – $45Hourly$31,200 – $52,000Annually

3. Average Pay-off Range of Virtual Executive Assistant with Customer Service Skill

A Beginner$4 – $6 Hourly$8,320 – $12,480 Annually
An Experienced$7 – $12Hourly$14,560 – $24,960Annually
An Expert$15 – $25Hourly$31,200 – $52,000Annually

4. Average Pay-off Range of Virtual Executive Assistant with Store Administration Skills

A Beginner$10 – $25 Hourly$20,800 – $52,000 Annually
An Experienced$30 – $45Hourly$62,400 – $93,600Annually
An Expert$55 – $70Hourly$114,400 – $145,600Annually

5. Average Pay-off Range of Virtual Executive Assistant with Graphic Design Skills

A Beginner$7 – $10 Hourly$14,560 – $20,800 Annually
An Experienced$12 – $25Hourly$24,960 – $52,000Annually
An Expert$30 – $45Hourly$62,400 – $93,600Annually


So, if you desire to work with things including –

  • Focus on the area you mastered in
  • Being Time-saving
  • Being more productive than others
  • Low-stress level
  • Reduced operational costs
  • More flexibility in working
  • Rapid career or business growth

In mind, then this is the field that is calling your attention. Yes! Despite offering all the above pleasures, the salary in this is no less. What do you feel about it? So with the mastery in relevant skills, this pandemic also gives this arena the attention and makes your career here. So do give this job arena a dedicated try, and we believe you will come later thanking us for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the companies that hire Virtual Executive Assistants?

Ans- Few of the renowned companies that hire Virtual Executive Assistants are-

  • Fancy Hands
  • Red Butler
  • Zirtual
  • OFFICE 88

Q2. Is being a virtual executive assistant worth it?

Ans- Yes indeed. It all calls for hard work. The more you put in the effort, the more you earn.

Q3.Is the job of virtual executive assistant in demand?

Ans-Yes! The job is highly in demand as also the pandemic because the COVID-19 has turned the real world into almost the virtual one.

Q4. Can teens also opt for being virtual executive assistants?

Ans- Yes! The job is open to people of all age groups but with specific qualifications.

What is the Virtual Executive Assistant Salary?

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