Salary For Dental Hygienist Assistant

A dental hygienist assistant is someone who works with a dentist and is given the responsibility of cleaning the teeth of persons who visit the dental clinic. They are responsible for conducting oral checkups on patients and x-rays. Hygienist assistants are hired in a dental clinic to help the dentist by attending to other patients with dental problems.let us know about that the Salary For Dental Hygienist Assistant.

Salary For Dental Hygienist Assistant

The salaries in the United States of America receives is about $88,918. Someone who is a dental hygienist assistant in San Francisco, they are paid a large sum of $134,250.

Expected Salary Of a Dental Hygienist Assistant

If you want to do the job of a dental hygienist assistant, you need to know what salary to expect. The least salary a dental hygienist assistant gets every year is about $49,142 – $88,066.

The expected salary of a dental hygienist depends on the level of your experience, and the skills you have acquired. One thing you should always have in mind is that the more experience you have as a dental hygienist assistant, the more salary you earn.

In the United States of America, dental hygienist assistants are very important. For this reason, they earn good salaries hourly and every year.

States In The United States of America That Pays More Salary

In the United States of America, there are about ten cities that pay dental hygienist assistants more than some cities. Some of these cities pay these medical practitioners above $33,891 which is above average. Deer Park, CA, Atkinson, NE, and Bridgehampton, NY are the cities that pay dental hygienists good salaries compared to some other cities.

The cost of living in these cities is a factor that has contributed to the increased salary dental hygienist assistants get every year.

Here is a table showing the different cities in the United States of America and the salaries dental hygienist assistant earns every year and hour;

CitiesYearly Salary Hourly Salary 
Green River, WY$39,22$18.86
Stamford, CT$37,962$18.25
Bridgehampton, NY$41,748$20.07
Brooklyn, NY$37,529$18.04
Atkinson, NE$48,429$23.28
Johnstonville, CA$38,801$18.65
Belgrade, MT$37,419$17.99
Deer Park, CA$40,175$19.32
Roslyn Estates, NY$38,085$18.31
Bellevue, WA$37,659$18.11

Related Jobs

Most jobs that person do have other jobs that are related to it. You will find some of the related jobs that pay a good salary. 

There are about 5 related jobs that you can choose from if you are a dental medical practitioner. Individuals who do this job are paid a salary of $54,668 every year, and some get $123,819 every year.

But remember, before you can be hired to do this job, you must be qualified. 

Here is a table showing the related jobs every year, and every hour salary;

Related Jobs Yearly Salary Hourly Salary 
Dentist Hygiene$111,178$53.45
Part-Time Registered Dental Hygienist$88,559$42.58
Dental Associate$157,710$75.82
Industrial Hygiene Manager$90,390$43.46
Reviewing Dentist$125,213$60.20

Factors That Can Influence Your Salary As a Dental Hygienist Assistant

If you are already a dental hygienist assistant, you must be interested in knowing the factors that can influence your salary positively. Everyone wants an increased salary payment, so the common factors that can make this possible include your experience, skills, educational level, certifications and job location. 

We will provide you with the right information on how these factors will influence your salary positively.

  • Firstly, your years of experience are one thing that can influence your salary. The higher your level of work experience, the more salary you receive as a dental hygienist assistant. 
  • Secondly, you should put in place your location. The place you reside will affect your earnings as a dental hygienist assistant.  If you work in a large medical firm, then you can earn a bigger salary.

Ways To Increase Your Salary

Now you have an idea of factors that can influence your salary, let’s talk a bit about how you can increase your salary as a dental hygienist assistant.

The following are the possible ways your can increase your salary;

  • You should increase your skills, this way you can increase your chances of earning a good salary.
  • You should know how to lecture your patients on proper oral hygiene, and also encourage them to be at the dental clinic for regular checkups.
  • You can work on your connection as a dental hygienist assistant by expanding your reach. You can achieve this by reaching out to other dental practitioners. 
  • Constant results as a dental hygienist assistant can help increase your salary. Doing this will help you get better clues on areas you should improve on.


Dental hygienist assistants in the United States of America earn more salaries than some other dentists. The average salary is $74,820 every year. As earlier stated, some dental hygienist assistants receive higher salaries than others.

The scope of work done by a dental hygienist assistant is very large which is more reason why they receive a good salary. A dental hygienist assistant ensures patients receive good treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Least Salary a Dental Hygienist Assistant Can Get In The United States Of America? 

As a dental hygienist assistant who works in the United States of America, the least salary you can expect is $26,318 every year.

How Much Tax Does a Dental Hygienist Assistant Pay?

For every salary payment, you earn as a dental hygienist assistant, you will be expected to pay a tax of about 24% of your salary every year.

Do All Dentists Earn The Same Salary?

From what you must have read in this article, it’s clear to understand that not all dentists earn the same salary every year and hour.

Salary For Dental Hygienist Assistant

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