Target Returns Hours-Know More

The Target Corporation is a United States general merchandise corporation. It is also the patron of Shipt and Roundel companies, and almost all the people come under its range as its stores are scattered in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia. Brian Cornell joined Target as its CEO in 2014. Target’s headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota came into being in 1962 under The Dayton Company. ​The tagline of Target is ‘Expect More, Pay Less’, and Target strictly follows it. let us know about that the Target Returns Hours-Know More.

Target Returns Hours-Know More

Target Returns Hours

Target can take returns from its customers from 7 am to 10 pm, through Target’s Guest Services on the weekdays, Monday to Saturday, whereas on Sunday, the timing is from 8 am to 9 pm. But these hours are not the same in all the stores, as they may be subject to Holiday hours.

During off-peak hours, you can easily return or exchange something with Target, when the store has a comparatively smaller number of customers. Making a return at the time of closing of the service desk is also not a good return hour time at Target store. It would be helpful for the staff as well yourself, as they would be able to adhere to the store policy of closing on time, and you will be saved from the stress of being told to come the next, or another day.

Measures for returning to Target Out of Guests Services Hours 

If you are not able to go to any Target store from Monday to Saturday for making the returns or send it via Target Guest Services, you have Sunday for the action hours from 8 am to 9 pm. Target locations can be seen online at But these hours are not the same for all the stores and the holiday hours also vary.

 Items that can be returned or exchanged

  • You have 30 days only instead of 90 days to return or exchange electronics and entertainment items.
  • You only get 14 days to return or exchange the drone.
  • If you have to return gasoline-powered stuff, you get 90 days to return it, and that too only in the stores, after the entire gas is taken out.
  • You can return opened or unopened food within 90 days of purchase provided you have a receipt.
  • Protein powder even opened, can be returned.
  • Even other food items can be returned. At Target, you have the choice to buy grocery items with the return offer after the trial and return them if you don’t approve. 
  • To avoid any situation of fraud Target reserves the right to deny, or refuse a refund on opened items. Though, they are not specific about the circumstances for denial.
  • You can return beauty products also to Target within 90 days of purchase, even if those items have been opened and used.

Items that can’t be returned

  • You can’t return items like open 
  • Music items, films, video games, or software items are not open to return within 90 days. They are only open to returning for a similar thing.
  • Similarly opened airbeds are far from returning offers only an exchange offer for them you have.
  • Target company is not there to take back any items sold to customers of other countries.
  • For returning clearance items a price adjustment in case the price of the item has dropped, you can’t negotiate.

Target Owned Brands Return Policy

There are over 40 Target Owned Brands, that you can return within one year of the purchase date, whether the item is opened or used, Target takes back its exclusive brands. Try not to lose your receipt for making your return easier.

Your return window is much smaller for the electronics and some other items. For the electronics and entertainment items, it’s only 30 days. For Apple products, it’s only 15 days, and for Mobile Phones, it’s only 14 days.


Target offers a full refund for most items within 90 days and an extra 30 days if your payment is made through Red Card. And, you get up to a year to change your mind on Target Owned brands or registry items. You can confirm whether any item you have bought can be returned, or not by finding a return policy date at the top of the receipt. You need to ensure that the item is not opened, has not been kept with you for longer than 90 days, and is not damaged before you return it. Target can limit returns without a receipt as a part of its fraud prevention program. 

  • What is the return policy for the cash purchase?

For the cash return, move to another Target location and return.

  • What’s the return policy for a member?

If you are a member, and you input your phone number or scan your barcode for every purchase, don’t worry about a lost receipt.

  • Can the makeup products be returned to Target?

Yes, you can return makeup items within 90 days of purchase, even if you have open

+ed or used them.

Target Returns Hours-Know More

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