Salaries For Phlebotomy And Ekg

Among the most sorted out jobs in the world EKG and phlebotomy are. The jobs are prevalent mainly because of the high payment (salaries) professional earns. The job market is only going to get more competitive for those in the EKG and phlebotomy career as baby boomers age. So, you need to know a lot about EKG and phlebotomy. let us know about that the Salaries For Phlebotomy And Ekg.

Salaries For Phlebotomy And Ekg

You may be trying to pursue or switch careers in EKG and phlebotomy. You may have an idea about the field payment (salaries). Phlebotomists have an average salary of $24,409 in the United States of America and $34,801 in San Francisco. The salary of EKG and phlebotomy technicians differs depending on the location of the city or state that you are located.


Phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood samples or introducing fluid into the body through the vein or capillary by piercing the skin and puncturing the vein.


EKG is an electrocardiogram. It is a medical device that is used to study the heart, read its electrical signals and monitor heart conditions.

Differences and Similarities between Phlebotomy and EKG

The people who perform phlebotomy are called phlebotomists and the people that handle the EKG are the technicians.  The phlebotomist handles the veins and the capillaries, while an EKG technician specializes in how to use the EKG device. The similarities between the two fields are that they are specialized in carrying out diagnostic tests.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

How Difficult Is It to Get a Degree in EKG?

Obtaining a degree in EKG is going to take quite a long time. It will need a person to study hard. Since EKG is related to the use of electronic devices and digital instruments, the diagnostics part is not just the main branch of EKG but it is the most difficult area to work too.

Symptoms of EKG and Phlebotomy on a Patient 

Symptoms like heartache and chest pain are the most common diseases that need phlebotomy and EKG treatment. Since EKG is the use of a medical device to measure the heart and phlebotomy involves the withdrawal of fluid through the body vein. 

Wages of a phlebotomist and EKG technician 

Considering the rigorous training received, the phlebotomy technicians receive an average annual capital of $47,824. The average salary per hour a phlebotomist is paid is $22.99, which is approximately $23.00. An EKG technician receives average annual capital of $40.700. 

What is the Cost of Federal Tax Required for a Phlebotomist and EKG Technician?

Considering the wages received by an EKG technician per annum, this is $40.700. An EKG technician is expected to pay a federal government tax rate of 22% of the annual wages following the estimated average federal tax in 2018, which is the same 22%. A phlebotomist is expected to pay a tax of 12% of the annual wages received $47,824 to the federal government, and they are expected to take $329,917 per year as a yearly wage after the payment of the tax with each paycheck which is approximate to $1,373.

Does A Phlebotomist Receive High Wages Than An EKG Technician?

Looking deep into the two specialized careers, a phlebotomist’s wages are far larger than an EKG technician’s.  Since a phlebotomist receives an annual wage of $47,824 while an EKG technician receives a yearly wage of $40,700. This is not the major part to consider when observing the difference between a phlebotomist and an EKG technician’s annual take-home wages. The tax is also an important point to look into. A phlebotomist receives $329,917 as take-home yearly wages after the payment of the 12% tax to the federal while an EKG technician receives approximately $40,700 per annual without the payment of the federal tax of 22%.

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Phlebotomist and an EKG Technician

Different factors might affect how much you earn as a phlebotomist or an EKG technician. Although the location of your workplace might be a factor affecting your salary, one of the major factors that might determine your salary is your years of working experience. The working experience you have will affect what you are paid per hour. Technicians with a minimum of 1 to 4 years of experience are paid an average of $14.05 per hour, while those with over 20 years of working experience are paid an average of $17.95 per hour.

Associations That A Phlebotomy And EKG Technician Can Register With

The National Association for EKG technician professionals (NAPTP), is a very nice group that an EKG technician can join. NAPTP is a well-recognized group by NHA, ICE, and AMCA it is very well accepted in the highly recognized nations of the world that deals with healthcare associations. While the National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals (NAPTP) is a well-known group that was founded in 1998 and is the most dedicated group that encourages phlebotomy technicians to get nationally certified to work in the medical healthcare field. 

Does Being An EKG Technician Qualify A Person For A Medical Career?

EKG is a professional career that qualifies a person into healthcare without any previous experience retained in the field. With EKG, there is room for opportunities for EKG technicians once they get themselves in the center because of their ability. Considering the ability of the EKG technician in handling medical tool or device help and gives the technician more advantage to carry out their duties without much stress.


The phlebotomist and EKG technician specializes in the medical field. This article concludes that technicians receive a high salary compared to similar jobs in the field.

Approximately the phlebotomist receives an annual wage of $47,824 with a 12% payment of federal tax, while an EKG technician receives a wage of $40,700 per annum with a 22% payment of federal tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take To Complete A Phlebotomy And EKG Program?

For those that are focused on their study, it shouldn’t take more than one or two years.

What benefits do phlebotomy and EKG enjoy?

Flexibility and stability. Phlebotomists and EKG technicians can work in any facility where diagnostics tests are carried out like clinics, blood donation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories.

Salaries For Phlebotomy And Ekg

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