Salary For Estate Manager

An Estate manager takes the responsibility of supervising, and also taking care of every activity that takes place in a private estate. They see to all repairs taking place in an estate building or maintenance. Estate managers have the required skill that enables them to manage the budgets of an estate.let us know about that the Salary For Estate Manager.

Salary For Estate Manager

The salary of an estate manager in the United States of America is about $85,801. Although, the salary changes depending on your location, and it’s between $71,000 – $98,500. There are a few things that can affect the salary of an Estate manager such as your certifications, location, education or skill. 

The Expected Salary Of An Estate Manager In The USA

Their works in the United States of America receives a salary payment of about $110,300 every year. For an hourly salary, you will receive $53,00 every hour which sums it up to $2,122 each week or $9,191 each month.

The highest salary an Estate manager can receive every year is $204,000, while the least is $22,500. Most Estate managers’ salaries are always between $76,500 and $170,000. You could receive a higher salary based on your current location or years of work experience as an Estate manager.

Cities In The USA That Pays Estate Manager Good Salary

There are about ten cities in the United States of America that pay an Estate manager a good salary every year. Some of these cities are San Francisco, CA, Atkinson, NE, Bolinas, CA, and many more. Some receive a salary payment of about $110,300.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Estate managers who live in this city earn a good salary and also live a good life despite the economic situation of the country. 

Although, for you to enjoy spending your salary as an Estate manager, it’s good you stay in a place where the cost of living is not high.

Below is a table showing the different cities in the United States of America and the salaries Estate managers receive every year and hour.

Cities Yearly Salary Hourly Salary 
Marysville, WA$127,764$61.43
San Jose, CA$124,188$59.71
Atkinson, NE$137,521$66.12
East Hampton, NY$125,437$60.31
San Francisco, CA$131,378$63.16
Frankston, TX$124,079$59.65 
Stone Ridge, NY$124,913$60.05
Bolinas, CA$130,509$62.74
Belmont, CA$128,421$61.74
Ramblewood, PA$126,187$60.67

Other Jobs That Are Related To Estate Manager 

The other jobs related to Estate manager are about five. Individuals who do these jobs also receive a good salary every month.

Below is a table showing the related jobs you can go for, and the expected salary;

Related Jobs Hourly Salary Yearly Salary 
Real Estate Director$88.46$122,999
Asset Management Real Estate$56.77$118,072
Real Estate Partner$74.74$155,467
Real Estate Professionals$59.13$184,000
Vice President Estate$68.78$143,072

Skills Required in Estate Management That Can Influence Your Salary

As an Estate manager or someone who wants to become one, there are skills you must acquire that will influence your salary positively.

The following are the skills you need as an Estate manager

  • You must be able to communicate effectively as an Estate manager. This is a vital part for an Estate manager else you will lose your clients. You will always stand between the owners of the building and tenants or contractors. For you to attract more salary to your pocket, it’s good you communicate properly. 
  • You need to be well-trained in how to organise people if your want an increase in your salary. Remember there will be lots of projects for you to handle at the same time as an Estate manager, so you need to work on your organizational skill so you can be effective.
  • You should also be able to work on yourself so you can relate to people, and also work with them. You will need this skill when the need comes for you to deal with an unscrupulous client. If you can work on your interpersonal skills as an Estate manager, then this will help you build a good relationship with your clients.
  • You must also know how to handle critical situations by resolving them amicably without problems with your clients.
  • You need to work on your leadership skills so you can lead your team members well in order to achieve great results. 
  • You should also be able to adapt to whatever change may arise in the market without allowing it to affect what you ought to do. 
  • It’s compulsory for you as an Estate manager to know how to market a property at strategic points where it will attract people fast. 

With all these listed, if you can work on yourself as an Estate manager then you can be sure of earning a good salary. The more skill you have as an Estate manager, the bigger your salary becomes. 


The average salary that you can receive as an Estate manager in the United States of America is about $99,941. The highest salary record of an Estate manager is $514,212. Your level of exposure or skill in this profession will increase your salary.

If you are already working as an Estate manager, then never give up, but rather put in more effort on developing your skills. This way, your salary will always be on the high side as you will constantly get referrals from people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Tax Can You Pay As An Estate Manager?

From your salary which you receive every month or year, you are expected to pay at least 24% of it as your tax. 

Does an Estate Manager In California Earn Good Salary?

This depends on the people you work with as an Estate manager in California. Some earn good salaries than others. 

What Is The General Salary Of An Estate Manager In The United States of America?

The general salary you can expect as an Estate manager is $85,801. It can also be between $71,083 – $98,425.

Salary For Estate Manager

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