Salaries For OSHA Inspector (Occupational Safety And Health Administration Inspector)


OSHA is an administration created by the OSH act. OSHA implements its laws on the employers to provide a safe and hazard-free environment to the employees. This also includes training, education, and information for both workers and employers. OSHA gives a right to the employees to work in safe surroundings where they can come back home safely and unharmed at the end of the day. Let us know  the salaries for OSHA Inspector and factors affecting the salary for an OSHA inspector in this article.

Salaries For OSHA Inspector

OSHA occupational health and safety organization was created by OSH ACT 1970, to provide employees with the opportunity to work in a safe environment. It enables workers to file a complaint in case the workplace where they are working is hazardous or has health and safety issues. The OSHA inspector inspects the area keeping the complaint confidential. This applies to employees in the private sector as well as those in state and local governments. Throughout the United States, 22 states have OSHA-approved programs. Federal government workers are protected under federal agencies. Self-employed, family farm employees and other federal agencies are not covered by OSHA. An OSHA inspector in the United States makes an average annual pay of $49,862, which can sum up to $23.98 per hour, which is equal to approximately $959 per week and $4,155 per month. 

Based on percentile OSHA inspector in the United States makes

  • $31,501 (25th percentile)
  • $58,999 (75th percentile)
  • $78,499 (90th percentile)

This data is from Sep 5, 2022, according to ZipRecruiter. They are still collecting and scanning data of active jobs daily throughout the United States.

Salaries of OSHA inspector in the United States

OSHA inspectors cover 22 states of the United State where the salary ranges according to each state. The average salary that an OSHA Inspector of occupational safety and health administration in the United States makes is $70,698. It ranges from $40,889 to $102,979. The middle 60% makes $70,210 while top 80% makes $102,980 per annum. The highest pay rate is in state. An OSHA inspector in the United States has to pay 22% of tax in 2018. Now, this tax has exempted and an OSHA inspector could expect a take-home pay of $59,203 per year. This data is an estimate, not tax or prescriptive financial advice. 

The salary of an OSHA inspector in New York is $46,248 per year and $22.25 hourly wage. With this pay rate New York, top the average salaries for OSHA inspectors on the national level inside in the US. California comes next and Idaho in second and third position.

The lowest salary for an OSHA inspector is in North Carolina with $29,755 per annum and an hourly wage of $14.30. The low amount of salary is due to geographic location and the demand for the job.

Salaries of entry-level OSHA inspector

The salary of entry-level OSHA inspectors in the United States is $23,500 per annum. Entry level means there is a lot more space for improvement. An additional skill or change in location may increase the chance of raise in salary for an entry-level OSHA inspector (occupational safety and health administration inspector).

Salary of senior level OSHA inspector in United States

The salary of a senior-level OSHA inspector varies from $49,826 to $98,998 per annum, having eight or more years of experience. The additional skill also increases the chance of seniority.

Responsibilities of OSHA inspector 

Here is a list of the foremost responsibilities of an OSHA inspector:

  • Includes Ensure employee security throughout their workstation.
  • Train the employers and workers about any possible fatality and danger.
  • Provide on-time service on a complaint.
  • Keep the complaint information confidential.
  • Ensure that protective equipment as gloves, goggles, and masks are provided free of cost to workers.

Factors affecting the salaries for an OSHA inspector

With many other common factors that affect the salary for an OSHA inspector, education, location, industry as well as experience are the main things which have an immediate impact on remuneration. A person with an extra training certificate could probably make more than an eight years experienced OSHA inspector. Similarly, a high education degree increases the chance of being highly paid on entry level. Location and the state of industry also have a lot of impact. A higher living expenses location with a high demand for employment may limit overall average salary.


OSHA inspectors work under the OSH act 1970, which is established to ensure the safety and protection of men and women at work. This administration provides service to the citizens. They inspect an area or a working site on their own or if a complaint is reported. Their salaries vary from state to state. New York has the highest pay rate on the national average. The variation in pay rate is due to the location, cost of living, education, skill, and experience.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do users file a complaint with OSHA in the United States?

here is a list from one of which you can file a report with OSHA:

  • Use their online service and fill out the complaint form.
  • Call your local OSHA office or 0800-321-6742.
  • You can visit the OSHA office in person near you.
  • Email or fax the OSHA complaint wing.

2. what occurs during an OSHA inspection?

The inspection starts with an opening conference, a complete overview of the site, and a closing conference. Inspection may complete in a few hours or several days depending on the number of issues, area of the site, or several other factors.

3. Which skill is required for an OSHA inspector?

An OSHA inspector must have enough knowledge of industrial hygiene and how to handle biohazards. Moreover, he should make sure occupational health issues like lighting, ventilation, and all the safety regulation. An experience in inspection is a plus point for an occupational safety and health inspector. He should also earn OSHA certificates. For example

  • Environmental master certification.
  • Risk management master certification.
  • General industry-certified safety and health official.

4. which type of OSHA inspection is conducted when an immediate death occurs?

In case of immediate death or harm, OSHA is likely to conduct an imminent danger inspection. It is the priority in such cases to reduce danger and further fatality.

Salaries For OSHA Inspector (Occupational Safety And Health Administration Inspector)

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