Salaries for United States Marshal

There is a law enforcement section of the federal courts, and that is the United States Marshals. They are the major agency that regards fugitive operations in the United States. This agency also serves federal courts by protecting court officers, and the court itself. They also assist with prisoners and secure transport. They also serve warrants to erring citizens. The United States Marsal is also in the care of arresting sex offenders and federal fugitives that have failed to comply with directed measures.Let us know more about Salaries for United States Marshal in this article!

Salaries for United States Marshal

The United States Marshal Salaries 

According to research, the average earning/salaries for a Federal United States Marshal is $74,789 net/year. This is equivalent to $6,232/month, and $35.96/hour. There are United States Marshals that earn as big as $200,000/year, and there are also Marshals that earn as low as $20,000/year. It is dependent on multiple factors, but the primary is the geographical location and estimated population. Apart from this, experience and level of skill also matter 

Determinants of a United States Marshal Salary Scale 

Different factors determine the salary rate of a United States Marshal. The most prominent of these factors is location. There are some cities in the United States where public officers earn higher than their counterparts in other cities. In some of these cities, the salary of a United States Marshal is higher than that of the national average by some whopping thousands. Here are some of the factors that would cause differences in the salary scale. 

  • Skills 
  • Level of experience 
  • Geographical location 
  • Estimated population 

The United States Marshal Salaries Scale

There are different grade levels for United States Marshals. The official starting state is grade level (L-07). There is an average base salary of $40,000. This might vary depending on location. United States Marshals in Pennsylvania, Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles can average as high as $50,000 monthly. The factors mentioned above are what determine the differences in the salary scale. 

Top-grossing States

After carrying out due diligence, there are multiple cities in the United States where the salary rate for a United States Marshal is significantly different from other states. Most of these states have an average that is higher than the national average. Topping this list are California, Massachusetts, and New York. Cities in these states have Marshals that earn an average of $80,000 yearly. Cities like Vacaville, Fairfield, Lynn, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, and Costa Mesa. 

Requirements for a United States Marshal 

To qualify for the position of Deputy United States Marshal, different conditions must be met. The recruitment process always takes between 6 months and a year. Selected candidates must attend a required 17-week training program. The location of this training program is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center within 160 days of application. Here is a list of some of the requirements. 

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the United States.
  • The age bracket must be between ages 21 and 36. 
  • The candidate must have a relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. 
  • At least 3 years of relevant job experience. 
  • Completed structured interviews, background checks, and medical examinations. 

In addition to these, the academic and experience qualification includes; 

  • One year of L-5 experience, demonstrates skills, abilities, and, the knowledge required to diligently carry out duties. 
  • Plan and execute criminal investigations, using approved firearms, and serving court orders to erring individuals. 
  • Relationship with apprehended suspects, prisoners, and criminals.
  • Knowledge of the law, search and seizure procedure, and statutory requirements. 
  • Reports preparation for criminal and civil proceedings. 

Academic Qualifications

There are some academic requirements for the candidates. They must show proof of superior academic prowess. They must have obtained a GPA of 3.5 and above for all their majors, and a GPA of 3.0 and above for undergraduate studies. Candidates that do not possess proof of significant academic prowess can provide proof of graduate study in a law enforcement-related course for a minimum of 12 months. Courses like criminology, psychology, sociology, and criminal justice are under this category. Deputy United States Marshals are eligible for promotions into L-08 and L-09.  

Financial and Non-Financial Compensations

Apart from the financial compensation, some certain perks come from carrying a bag from the United States. Though it also comes with its flaws, it can be said that the advantages outweigh the flaws. Some of the benefits include; the Federal Employee retirement Scheme (FERS), the pension plan, thrift savings plan, and social security. Deputy United States Marshals have a retirement age of 50 years. They can also retire after 25 years of active service to the United States. However, the mandatory retirement age is 57. They are also entitled to other benefits among which we have sick leave, family and medical leave, annual leave, life insurance, and an employee assistance program.

Related jobs that earn higher than Federal Marshals 

Other related jobs earn higher than a Federal Marshal job. They are all in the same range, but they earn 15% higher than Federal Marshals. Fire Marshals for both remote and onsite roles earn higher than a United States Marshal. Air Marshals also earn higher than a United States Marshal. 


This guide explicitly explains everything that you need to know about United States Marshals, their salary scale, the determinants of the salary, how to improve the salary, and the requirements to become a United States Marshal. It also explains the benefits that United States Marshals enjoy. There is also a section that compares related jobs to a United States Marshal that earns higher than a United States Marshal. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the pay range for United States Marshals?

The highest pay for a United States Marshal is $85,000 per annum, while the lowest is $38,000 per annum. They have an average annual pay of $60,000 after deductions. The salary scale depends on several factors, and these factors have been listed in the guide. 

How to increase salary as a United States Marshal

There are different ways to improve your pay as a United States Marshal. You can consider a career switch, improving on your current level of education to make you eligible for further promotion. You can also go for other professional courses and certifications to regularly upskill yourself. This would keep you relevant in the industry. 

Salaries for United States Marshal

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